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DIY Solar Systems

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Hack your solar garden lights. Solar garden lights....

Hack your solar garden lights.

How on earth do they manage to sell something with a solar panel, rechargeable battery, step-up converter, LED and the plastic and metal casing for a dollar/pound. You can't even buy the bare components for anywhere near that, in fact the solar panel alone would probably cost you five times the cost of the whole light! All_in_box. Angeregt durch das Nachbauprojekt - Nepal Haus - von Jan Warsawa, welches noch bis Anfang 2016 am Paläon in Schöningen (Südniedersachsen) zu besichtigen ist, nimmt mein Projekt - All-IN-BOX -Form an.


Das Nepal Haus verfügt im Nutzungsstadium über einen einfachen Lehmofen, der im besten Fall mit Holz befeuert wird, im schlechtesten Fall mit Abfällen aller Art. Trubadu. Aprenda a fazer um aquecedor solar para janela que também funciona como forno – CicloVivo. Open-source solar challenge. Small Scale Power Solutions - All.

Cómo proporcionar energía a las poblaciones remotas utilizando sistemas de micro-grid.

Small Scale Power Solutions - All

Haga energética: A Innovation Challenge México-Estados Unidos English Translation: Free PDF: Guía para fuera de la red sistemas de energía pequeñas PROBLEMA: Potencia de red no está disponible y es económicamente inviable a zonas remotas En México y otros países (incluso partes de los EE.UU.) recibiendo energía de la red a zonas remotas no es posible debido al terreno y los gastos y es económicamente inviable para las empresas que inviertan en infraestructura para una pequeña población de personas. SOLUCIÓN: Pequeña Escala Independientes microrredes. Automated Solar Hot Water Power Shower using Black Plastic Pipes. The main secret behind this design is the use of waste water pipes and fittings to get the pipes to run downwards at 2 degrees to the horizontal into a central spine.

Automated Solar Hot Water Power Shower using Black Plastic Pipes

The whole system needs to be self draining so that every last drop of warm water comes down into the pump at a good rate of flow so that the pump is adequately supplied. It might be tempting to use pipe of a smaller diameter to catch more heat from the sun, but this might cause the pump inlet to be restricted and the pump output pressure to be significantly reduced and it would not then be a proper 'power' shower.

Also, smaller diameter pipe would mean less water storage unless very long lengths were used, which would make self draining very tricky. Self draining is critical as we don't want to introduce cold water into the system until the person has finished showering - there's nothing worse than a nice warm shower suddenly going cold! Build A 500,000 BTU Solar Water Heater. DIY Solar Water Heater For About $30 In PVC Supplies And Paint. Did you know that 70% of your home energy cost are on water heating?

DIY Solar Water Heater For About $30 In PVC Supplies And Paint

In response to this, a Brazilian Eco Designer developed a low cost and intelligent method of reducing energy costs and preserving the environment reusing waste. He created a simple passive solar water heating using PET bottles and and some PVC pipe. According to his calculations this is an extremely low cost and safe project that you can do yourself at home. This project has become popular on the web and has been adapted to homes and even schools. The State of Panama in Brazil created a Do It Yourself downloadable PDF manual (in Portuguese) that many consumers have followed and built. Turning soda cans into solar heating panels. How to build a Solar Power Station. How to Solar Power Your Home.

Build a Simple Solar Heater. After walking into my workshop one December morning and feeling a bone-chilling 10 degrees, I decided to install a heating system.

Build a Simple Solar Heater

Given the rising costs of propane and my family’s environmental concerns about using nonrenewable fossil fuels, a solar solution seemed fitting. I’m a retired aircraft engineer, but you don’t need a similar background to tackle this project. In fact, a solar hot-air collector built into new construction or added to an existing building can be an easy and inexpensive heating solution. Following the simple principles and plan outlined here, you can heat your workshop, barn or even your home with free heat from the sun. If it works here in Bozeman, Mont., it’s bound to work wherever you are. I reviewed many solar collector concepts and decided to install a thermosiphon air collector on the south wall of the workshop. To minimize costs, I integrated the collector with the structure and used readily available materials. How It Works Performance and Economics Pros:

Heat Your Home With 240 Recycled Aluminum Cans. Heat your home with recycled aluminum cans.

Heat Your Home With 240 Recycled Aluminum Cans

It’s a simple idea, and one that many will look at and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This 240 can unit reportedly heats up to 10,000 BTUs or more according to the company and is “Maintenance free”. Homemade Solar panels. At the end, the solar absorber is painted black and placed in the diy solar panels casing.

Homemade Solar panels

The casing is covered with plexiglass that we attach to the frame and thoroughly corked with silicone. Polycarbonate / plexiglass is slightly convex in order to gain greater strength. You can see installed solar absorber without plexiglass in picture 18. Complete solar collector is shown on Picture 19, and finally, installed solar system can be seen in Picture 20. The following page shows complete specification of parts and material needed for building diy solar panels. DIY Solar Hot Water Heat Kit For About $30. The tubing is 5/8" irrigation pipe I bought at Lowe's.

DIY Solar Hot Water Heat Kit For About $30

I boughtthree 100' sections for $10 each. The concrete under is my cesspool tank cover. The glass is from a sliding door that the salesman at Lowe's gave me (he bought a new one for his home). The water comes out scalding hot, so I think plastic sheeting could be used instead of glass. Solar Panels made easy - VERY Easy! NOTE: the longer the panel that is exposed to the sun the hotter the air gets as it rises.

Solar Panels made easy - VERY Easy!

Let me explain on this page, so you understand why these panels work: At the bottom of the panel the air will enter at room temperature and be lifted through the panel (hot air rises)... as the heated air rises, it is exponentially being heated the more it travels before exiting the panel. Build a Fresnel Lens Solar Cooker for Free. The tremendous amount of heat that can be generated by bringing the light of the sun to a focal point through a lens is pretty amazing. DIY Solar Panel help - tutorials, calculators and design tools for solar power.

Do It Yourself Solar Panels – DIY Solar Panels. Turning soda cans into solar heating panels. Brilliant Newfoundlander Invents the Solution! Making a small solar concentrator - MIMA Honda Insight Modified Integrated Motor Assist. How to make your own solar cell. This article was taken from the March issue of Wired UK magazine. Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online Solar power could be the future, but it'll be a while until panels are on every roof. Fear not: while working at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, engineer Blake Farrow showed you don't need the far corners of the periodic table to put together a solar cell.

Just grab some tea-time staples. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. DIY Solar Water Heater For About $30 In PVC Supplies And Paint. Simple, Cheap Solar Water Heater is Made From Recycled Bottles. DIY Solar Powered Air Cooler for $15. There are many ways to heat with solar energy, but cooling can be a little more of a challenge. Here is a way to make a cheap and simple solar powered air cooler using a foam ice chest, PVC pipe, and a fan. The fan blows air across ice in the chest, and the cooled air is blown out the PVC pipe. The block of ice used in this example lasted for about 10 hours inside the chest.

(See the bottom video for making ice “off the grid”) DIY Passive Solar Water Heater- Vol. 2. Homemade Solar Air Heater! STEEL CAN. DIY Solar Projects Part 1: Build a Solar Heater Using Recycled Cans. A few months ago we did an article about Cansolair Inc’s brilliant solar home heating solution that uses recycled aluminum cans in a forced convection solar heating unit. These units work by pulling cool air from a room, passing it through a panel of aluminum cans that are heated by the sun, and blowing the heated air back into the room. Just about anyone can make one of these heaters, and they can be constructed from mostly recycled materials. Easy solar starter kit. My solar starter kit was a cheap little solar panel and I had a battery siting in the garage. I used a diode so the panel wouldn’t drain the battery at night.

That’s what I started with. The next item I purchased was a solar battery charge controller. This little gadget will give your battery a proper charge. It won’t over charge your battery. DIY SOLAR: Inexpensive Homemade Sun Tracker Maximizes Solar Panel Efficiency. One of the biggest limitations of static solar panels is that they are only at maximum efficiency while the sun is shining directly on them.

If panels are able to move and track the sun, they will receive greater amounts of sunlight during the day, making them 30-50% more efficient than unmoving panels. You can build your own inexpensive solar tracker by following this concept from bwitmer on Instructables. For a class project, he decided to try to build a photovoltaic tracker that was both cheaper and more sturdy than versions available for purchase. The concept he came up with is a panel mounted to a frame attached to two bike wheels, which are mounted to a larger frame.

The wheels and panel are moved by a 12 volt linear actuator. To build this tracker, you’ll need The first step of this project is to build the base and attach the wheels, then build a sturdy frame for attaching the panel. The final result is a sturdy, inexpensive alternative to the costly solar trackers you can buy. DIY Solar Projects Part 1: Build a Solar Heater Using Recycled Cans. DIY Solar Projects Part 2: Simple All-In-One Solar Water & Space Heater. One of the biggest challenges people face when looking to incorporate solar systems into their homes is the cost. The systems themselves, although (slowly) becoming more affordable, are expensive when purchased commercially and the installation costs can be even more so. DIY solar projects are a great way to take advantage of the free energy provided by the sun for a fraction of the price of a manufactured system.

Gary Reysa of Build it Solar has amassed a huge collection of solar energy projects for do-it-yourselfers on his website, including this incredible solar water and space heater in one system. He built this for about $2k out of all high-quality, readily available materials. Gary’s objectives with this design were to keep the system simple and inexpensive, make it easy to construct for average DIY’ers, use materials available in most local stores, and produce an end result that is not only aesthetically appealing but one that requires little maintenance and lasts a long time. Build A 500,000 BTU Solar Water Heater. How to Solar Power Your Home. VIDEO: How to Power Your Home w/Solar Energy – On Grid vs Off Grid. How to build a Solar Power Station. DIY Reliable Low-Power Home Solar Backup Solution.

Here are the parts which are needed: How To Build a Solar Furnace For Under $50.