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Using Open Source Design to Address Climate Change. A growing movement that combines open source design with sustainability is creating an exciting alternative to profit-driven, proprietary sustainability products.

Using Open Source Design to Address Climate Change

As we face urgent issues like climate change, the ability of open source communities to quickly and inexpensively create solutions makes increasing sense. DIY Off-Grid Solar Generator (rev 1) – Low-Cost Portable Power. Tesla Turbine, "How To Make Your Own Tesla Turbine" for Hydroelectric, Steam, or Wind. How to Build Your Own Solar Panels in Only Two Hours and Have Free Electricity For the Rest of Your Life! By Rich M.

How to Build Your Own Solar Panels in Only Two Hours and Have Free Electricity For the Rest of Your Life!

,AskAPrepper Solar is inarguably the most commonly chosen form of alternative power. Home Made Wind Turbine. Want to build a wind turbine for your home?

Home Made Wind Turbine

I have gathered several PDFs for those who want to build there own wind turbines and have links to them at the bottom of this post. They cover all types of wind turbines and issues that you may run in to such as wind speeds and noise. From reading these my self I have found that the Hi-VAWT takes all into consideration and is easy to replicate. In VENTURI horizontal axis Wind Turbines wind turbines the blades rotate and describe a circular surface. Mini Wind Turbine G2. FreeBook Download Page.

Light Clay-Straw & Solar. Hal Brill and Allison Elliot’s light clay-straw home brings together passive solar design, active solar technologies, natural materials, and an efficient layout for an energy-saving, durable dwelling.

Light Clay-Straw & Solar

Home Power (HP): Besides incorporating solar technologies, your home has some unique features. What served as your initial inspiration? Allison Elliot: The development process took several years. Key inspiration came from architect Michael Frerking’s house that was featured in a 2005 issue of Sunset magazine. We fell in love with the curved roof, and that really landed the design for us. The overall design is dominated by this curve, which evokes Anasazi cliff dwellings and our experiences in the canyons of Utah on raft trips. HP: Why did you decide to use clay-straw (or “light-clay”) as the wall infill material? Elliot: Through the years, we attended numerous sustainable building conferences, including the International Straw Builders Conference.

99mpg. Made by urself. Mobile home makeover: Before and after. Looks like "Fixer Upper" Joanna Gaines may have some friendly competition when it comes to home makeovers.

Mobile home makeover: Before and after

Amy Shock Amy's mobile home before the makeover. Gaszton Gal Los Angeles-based designer Amy Shock took a low-end $5,200 mobile home in Ojai, California, and turned it into a high-end dream house, complete with floor-to-ceiling walls of glass, a modern kitchen and a large, inviting deck. RELATED: Carmen Electra's new home is surprisingly traditional — until you step inside Amy's mobile home after the makeover. According to the LA Times, the 800-square-foot property took 12 months and about $175,000 to renovate. "The situation was attractive to me," she told TODAY of choosing to buy the mobile home.

"The idea that I could purchase the opportunity for $5K was mind-numbing to me," she said. And resuscitate she did. A graduate of the Cornell University School of Architecture and residential designer, Shock conceived the idea for the update on her own.

Building with Clay

DIY Windturbines. Solar Grill Stores Latent Heat For 25 Hour Cook Time At 450 degrees. Image credit: Derek Ham/Barbeque Lovers We've seen a DIY solar cooker built from old CDs, and we've seen plenty of commercially available solar ovens too.

Solar Grill Stores Latent Heat For 25 Hour Cook Time At 450 degrees

We've even seen one solar-powered grill. But we haven't seen many solar cooking options that can store heat for longer cooking times or hotter temperatures. Until now Derek Ham writes over at Barbeque Lovers about a solar-powered grill project he has been working on that uses latent heat storage to both extend cooking times, create hotter temperatures, and reduce the problem of intermittent sun. Based on technology developed by MIT professor David Wilson, the concept is expected to generate cooking temperatures of 450F, and offer up to 25 hours of cooking time. If successful, this grill could both alleviate the well-known environmental impact of traditional charcoal grilling, and also offer a cleaner, greener and more socially sustainable cooking option in the developing world: via: Treehugger Related articles in Cooking Recent articles. Solar Power Simplified. From brick and mortar shops to city planning, we cover sustainable trends in construction, renovation, and more.

July 19th, 2015 by Stephen Hanley Add hemp fiber to lime and you get a lightweight building material that can be shaped like a cinder block.

From brick and mortar shops to city planning, we cover sustainable trends in construction, renovation, and more.

When fully cured, it floats in water. Buildings up to 10 stories tall have been built from hempcrete in Europe according to Hempcrete is made using the woody, balsa-like interior of the Cannabis sativa plant (the fiber for textiles comes from the outer portion of the stalk) combined with lime and water. Though it lacks the structural stability its name might suggest, hempcrete does provide natural insulation that is airtight yet breathable and flexible. Best of all, hempcrete is a sustainable building material because hemp can be grown and replenished relatively quickly. But first, society needs to unlearn 75 years of lies told about hemp by promoters of wood, paper and plastics products.

In fact, hemp has no pharmacological connection to the its cousin, the marijuana plant. Photo credit: Tiny Hemp Houses About the Author. How to Solar Power Your Home. Homemade Solar Panels Diy tutorial, complete build. Renewable Energy Source 2014. Free Interactive Design Tools for Solar Power Energy Systems. Best DIY Home Heating : Cheap, Easy. Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home. GSF 2014: H2prO - Portable Photocatalytic Electricity Generation and Water Purification Unit. Eco Homes from the Earth: Cordwood.