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Nike Opens Its Fuel Band API To Developers To Create A More Useful Product. Nike most recent bid to enter into the crowded field of wearable fitness technologies is its Nike FuelBand, a rubber wristband that tracks user movement and links that data back to an iPhone application for real-time performance readouts. In a bid to further the usefulness and value of the personal technology, Nike has also opened the beta version of its NikeFuel API to developers interested in combining music with the wristband, marking the first time Nike has released an API of any kind.

Developers will be able to use the API to hack together apps, platforms, and other technologies that can work together with Nike’s fitness offerings. Though the API is only currently available in a limited beta for developers who participated in the Backplane hackathon during SXSWi in Austin, Texas, the move likely signals wider API availability in the near future. Fuelband. Ron Conway is a Silicon Valley startup's best friend. The prolific angel investor has rarely met an Internet startup he didn't like.

Ron Conway is a Silicon Valley startup's best friend

When it comes to picking the next big thing, there's a right way and a wrong way. And then there's the Conway. Ron Conway, with Coco, his rescue dog, photographed at their San Francisco home FORTUNE -- The rooftop deck of Ron Conway's San Francisco apartment building is packed with a random and seemingly incongruous assortment of tech A-listers, celebrities, and sports stars snacking on hors d'oeuvres and sipping fine wines. What is the future of sharing? Study [infographic] A very good event this morning at London Social Media Week run by digital agency Beyond on the Future of Sharing.

What is the future of sharing? Study [infographic]

It presented research that is perfectly distilled here into a very decent infographic. The focus ws on what is being dubbed “frictionless sharing”, which with the introduction of Facebook OpenGraph we are seeing from brands like Spotify, Ticketmaster, AirBnB. Soon a lot more brands we join that small cadre. This shift to frictionless sharing has proven to be polarising with some saying that sharing is being ruined by oversharing, but it is early days. Scribd. Iliyana's Blog. Listen to twitter. RIM hopes The Bold Team will come to BlackBerry's rescue.

If any further proof was needed that Research in Motion is losing its grip on the professional market and aiming its handsets squarely at the "yoofs" then surely the launch of The Bold Team is it.

RIM hopes The Bold Team will come to BlackBerry's rescue

A bunch of cartoon superheroes, The Naff Team, sorry - The Bold Team - are "bravely stepping out of 2011 and into 2012 filled with unlimited possibilities". Exactly. We're pretty sure we can put our fingers on the context of The Bold Team's aims. RIM has seen its share price fall by over 75 per cent in the last year following a number of underwhelming product launches and, what the Financial Times describes as, "a series of management missteps and earnings shortfalls". We think perhaps The Bold Team represent new CEO Thorsten Heins. CEO. Every 10 years or so, a company in the technology industry that appears to be dead, dying, or stagnant makes an amazing turnaround.


In 1980, it was Intel; buried by the Japanese in the dynamic memory business, it reinvented itself as a microprocessor company. In the 1990s, it was IBM — saved from breakup-hungry investment bankers by Lew Gerstner to be reborn as a services company. In the 2000s, it was Apple. Kontakter: Kontakter-Blog: Pitches ohne Sinn. Edeka pitcht, das ist schon Ende des vergangenen Jahres durchgesickert.

Kontakter: Kontakter-Blog: Pitches ohne Sinn

Jetzt veröffentlicht der "Kontakter" in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe die Liste der Teilnehmer. Living Networks – Chapter 7: The Flow Economy – Opportunities and Risks in the New Convergence. Download Chapter 7 of Living Networks on the Flow Economy Every chapter of Living Networks is being released on this blog as a free download, together with commentary and updated perspectives since its original publication in 2002.

Living Networks – Chapter 7: The Flow Economy – Opportunities and Risks in the New Convergence

For the full Table of Contents and free chapter downloads see the Living Networks website or the Book Launch/ Preface to the Anniversary Edition. Living Networks – Chapter 7: The Flow Economy Opportunites and Risks in the New Convergence OVERVIEW: Devices, communications, and industries are all converging into one vast space for doing business. The Flow Economy Framework Chapter 7 of Living Networks – Commentary and updated perspectives This is the chapter from Living Networks that has become, if anything, more relevant since it was written.

5 Lessons On Branding Your Business Socially. How can a business of any size stand out and profit in an @anywhere world?

5 Lessons On Branding Your Business Socially

It’s all about currency. Brand Social Currency, that is. Vivaldi Partners, an international brand consultancy, just put out its Social Currency 100, which ranks the social branding efforts of companies across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. 99 Favorite Social Media Quotes and Tips. Newsletter. Five Social Media Trends for 2012. It’s that most wonderful time of the year … time to predict the future as we close out the year! I think my 2011 social media predictions were pretty solid, so I’m going to take another stab at it for 2012. Here are the five social media trends I think marketers need to be aware of in the next year as we grow and change along with technology and consumer demand.

Content Marketing Content curation was so last year. Why Dell Is Still A Great Case Study. Using Dell Computers as a case study in talks and discussions about social media marketing almost begs for eye-rolls from the audience these days.

Why Dell Is Still A Great Case Study

Whether it’s the telling of the Dell Hell blogger responsiveness that got the company into social in the first place; IdeaStorm, which revolutionized corporate research and development; or the @DellOutlet Twitter account that smacked the social media purists who claimed you can’t sell using social media right across the face with $6.5 million in 18 months, we talk about Dell a lot. While everyone is constantly on the lookout for new case studies and examples of how companies are leveraging social media to be successful, Dell keeps popping up.

VP Social Currency 100+ Telefónica Europe's social business strategy. Iceland's Crowdsourced Constitution - A Lesson in Open Source Marketing. Erfolg made in Germany: 33 Internetunternehmen, auf die Deutschland stolz sein kann. Peter Thiel To The New Yorker: “I Don’t Consider [The iPhone] To Be A Technological Breakthrough” Peter Thiel is a grump, but a special kind of grump.

Peter Thiel To The New Yorker: “I Don’t Consider [The iPhone] To Be A Technological Breakthrough”

He is a dystopian utopian (if such a person can exist). The investor who wrote the first check for Facebook both believes in the power of technology to transform our lives, and is perennially disappointed by it. A lengthy profile in the November 28, 2011 edition of the New Yorker (summary here) states: “his main lament is that America—the country that invented the modern assembly line, the skyscraper, the airplane, and the personal computer—has lost its belief in the future.” It is an argument he’s made before. 3 Facts That Will Shape the Future of Branding, Marketing and Social Media. Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Havas Media just came out with an insightful new report entitled, “Meaningful Brands For A Sustainable Future.”

3 Facts That Will Shape the Future of Branding, Marketing and Social Media

One of the most telling aspects of the report was how it revealed the often-overlooked punitive side of the social business marketplace. Specifically, that means the growing awareness and capacity of consumers to punish brands for their duplicitous behavior or outright lack of social responsibility. The report contains three key facts that contain profound warnings to marketers. World's 50 Most Valuable Brands in Social Media [Infographic] A new report ranks the social media performance of the world’s top 50 most valuable brands, and it seems that Google fared pretty well. Google was the clear leader overall, with Disney, Apple, Starbucks and BlackBerry next in the ladder. The bottom five social performers from the top 50 most valuable brands were Marlboro, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and China Mobile. The study was carried out by social media consultancy Sociagility, applying its social media performance measurement methodology, which was drawn equally from established independent studies by Millward Brown and Interbrand.

The ‘social brand value’ ranking, which it calls ‘the PRINT Index’, measures five attributes of social media performance: popularity, receptiveness, interaction, network reach and trust, across multiple social channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Social Media Strategies - Argentina by Charlene Li. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang. They have new powers. They are backed by powerful companies. And they are starting to organize. No, I’m not talking about the latest episode of Heroes. I’m talking about the people formerly known as your customers. Top Ten Articles of 2011. Twentytwentyone.

Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers in P.R. Campaign. 12 B2B Social Media Predictions for 2012. 2012 is going to be a big year for adoption of social media for B2B companies. We expect that early adopter companies will move even further out in front by becoming social in many areas of their business, while more of the second wave adopters will begin to see value in social media and move forward with planning and execution. This means that there will be a greater spread of B2B social media activities than ever before. Predictions for Social Business in 2012, Part II: Knowing Your Customer - Founder of Altimeter Group, Author of Open Leadership, Coauthor of Groundswell.

Rather than simply make prognostications, I wanted to give actionable advice based on these trends. 10 Startup Trends That Will Be Huge In 2012. In his inauguration speech, President Obama paid homage to entrepreneurs. Predictions for Google's 2012. 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012. 2012 promises to be a very busy year in all things digital, but, as with any annum, there will be just a handful of big, memorable trends.

Here, I’ve collected five such movements that are likely to make a big impact in our technologically-enhanced lives. Augmented Reality. Social Business .org - Social Ventures, Entrepreneurial Ideas and Charity Trends. What’s NOT Going to Happen in 2012? New York, New York - 13 Dec 2011. 5 Best Practices for Digital Marketers in 2012. Jonathan Gardner is director of communications at ad company Vibrant Media. How Dell Gets Its Social Media Strategy Right. What is Amen (startup) Amen. Ashton Kutcher and Madonna’s manager invest in tiny Berlin startup. What gives?