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Report this Why are you reporting this image? Report Is this your intellectual property? Reported You may only select up to 5 colors. Chainmail Bikini – Special Edition! Shamus Says: This comic was made backwards.

Chainmail Bikini – Special Edition!

In days of yore, I’d write a joke, then Shawn would draw it. This one came art-first, the webcomic equivalent of a breech birth. This comic grew in the making. It began as a few ideas that we’d kept from the original run but never got to use. Each of us had about a dozen jokes we wanted to jam into this final strip, and it took a while to find a set that we were both happy with, that worked together, and that matched the art. This is sort of a snapshot of what we had wanted to do with the series. Hope you enjoyed it. Shawn Says: And there you have it! If you’re curious, from my end, this comic took between 20 and 30 hours from start to finish. If you’d like to see a much, much larger view of today’s comic, sans word bubbles, it is the current vote incentive for Clockworks over on Anyway, this brings our adventure in Chainmail Bikini to a close.


Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon. Various activities during the course of an engineering design project can be divided into two categories.

Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon

The first set of activities are the actual design activities which involve carrying out various synthesis and analysis tasks. The second set of activities are support activities that involve project management, selecting tools and people, deciding organization, defining interfaces etc. In a complex design project, the time spent in carrying out support activities is a large fraction of the overall design time.

As design projects get much more complex the time spent on carrying out the support activities increases rapidly. Currently, the time it takes to build a Collaborative Design System is a large fraction of the overall project time. time to locate right tools time to build interfaces time to organize tools and people into teams lack of comprehensive representations lack of recorded experience project management and so on .... domain: electro-mechanical assembly design. Blog: The Secret Source of Google's Power.

April 4, 2004 The Secret Source of Google's Power by skrenta at 2:11 PM Much is being written about Gmail, Google's new free webmail system.

blog: The Secret Source of Google's Power

There's something deeper to learn about Google from this product than the initial reaction to the product features, however. Ignore for a moment the observations about Google leapfrogging their competitors with more user value and a new feature or two. No, the story is about seemingly incremental features that are actually massively expensive for others to match, and the platform that Google is building which makes it cheaper and easier for them to develop and run web-scale applications than anyone else. I've written before about Google's snippet service, which required that they store the entire web in RAM.

Google has taken the last 10 years of systems software research out of university labs, and built their own proprietary, production quality system. Speculation: Gmail's Architecture and Economics Hotmail has 60 million users. No. Cheap Hardware. Log in. Home. Science Daily: News & Articles in Science, Health, Environment & Technology. Mind Mapping. Dashboard. Free Online Course Materials. MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. Tumblr. Home - Quora. TED: Ideas worth spreading.