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Repurpose: Tanks, Skirts & T-Shirts. The heat is on in Chicago this year! And yes, I have summer clothes. But not enough of them (!) And... I kinda, sorta, hate most of what I have. So I've been thinking of ways to chop up old skirts, stained tank tops, too-big-for me shorts. In this version, the tank is joined to an old curtain to create a cute new dress! Hot pink skirt becomes ... a hot dress! A variation on the TripOverJoy dress pictured above: An old T-shirt is joined to a knit-fabric skirt to create an awesome dress... tutorial care of PoldaPop Designs Dull t-shirt becomes a much less dull top ...

Simple brown t-shirt gets some shape and a little orange pop care of Amie Almostly annoyingly simple... so effective. Your tired old tank and his (your?) Baggy old t-shirt turns into ... this! Amazingly creative refashion! An old grey skirt gets a sassy, halter makeover... This cute skirt was created from an old pair of pants This skirt, from an old t-shirt Men's clothing is always fair game in the world of refasioning! 10 Sweet Refashioned Dresses. Home » Fashion, Headline, Roundup-Ideas, Wearable Crafts 16 January 2014 12,900 views 4 Comments by Becky Striepe Could your wardrobe use a little bit of oomph? Shopping for new dresses can get expensive, and thrift store finds often need some love to look current and stylish.

Check out these DIY fashion ideas to help you refashion some of your old clothes into cute dresses or give an old dress a brand new life. There are even a couple of no-sew options for you! Pollock-Style Upgrade - Does your favorite dress have an unsightly stain? Have you guys done any cool dress refashioning? Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links or other forms of sponsored content.

Clothing Refashion How-To's. Refashioned Clothing. 5 Sexy Ways To Upcycle Old Clothing. Upcycled designs often emphasize radical do-it-yourself transformations, but some of the most simple ideas can have dramatic impacts. These clothing conversions illustrate the ease with which people can upcycle ordinary objects and make them extraordinary, turning formless junk shirts clothes into elegant tops, bottoms and sexy dresses.

Mari Santos does more than just recycle small-scale clothing extras into new, well-fitting and sufficiently stylish upcycled outfits – she shows how much potential exists in upcycling extremely plain everyday objects, things we would normally trash without a second look. A baggy t-shirt is one of the most ubiquitous items of excess clothing you can find in almost any closet. These ill-fitting and over-sized extras have a lot more potential than most people realize – from make-your-own dresses to two-piece tops and much more. 20-Minute Spring Sweater Redo -- Tatertots and Jello. <div class="greet_block wpgb_cornered wpgb_shadowed"><div class="greet_text"><div class="greet_image"><img class="enable-pib-img-under" src=" alt="WP Greet Box icon" data-recalc-dims="1"/></div>Thanks for coming by!

I try to feature a new creative tutorial every day -- and I'd love to have you follow along: <a href=" rel="nofollow"><strong>subscribe to my email updates</strong></a> or <a href=" rel="nofollow">come follow along on Facebook</a>. <div style="clear:both"></div></div></div> I had some leftover supplies from a few projects and decided to redo one of my Spring sweaters. I hardly ever wore this sweater before because it was always kind of — BLAH… So — if you want a quick, easy way to add some pizazz to a sweater — try this! First I covered the buttons with fabric. Have a great day! I’m linking up to: 20 Easy Tricks For Improving Vintage Clothes.

Messenger Bag From Cargo Pants. Want to make one of these? From a pair of these? Here's the tutorial! Materials: 1 pair cargo pants (from the going to Goodwill pile of course) 1/2 yard lining material bias tape (store bought or make your own) thread {1/4" seam allowances throughout} Getting started... Take your pair of cargo pants and cut the inseam of each leg of the pants up to the crotch area. Cut the bag exterior pieces: front flap (this is where the cargo pocket comes in handy - cool pockets you don't have to sew!)

Cut the same size pieces from the lining material. Make the strap by placing the long pieces right sides together, sew down each side. Now make the front flap. Assembling the lining: Take gusset pieces (2 sides and a bottom) and sew the short ends together. Lay your connected gusset pieces right sides together on top of the front of the bag piece, pin, sew. Lay the back of the bag down and set the front/gusset piece on top, pin in place. Make the exterior just like you did the lining of the bag. Make A Purse From A Bra.

Sweatshirt To Crazy Quilt Jacket. T-Shirt Dress & Sweatshirt Jacket. GC Home | Register | Shop | Learn | Business | Around Town | Info Julie Wegelin, Julie Wegelin's Sewing Cellar (Originally published in The Sewing Gazette Newsletter, published by Julie Wegelin's Sewing Cellar) This project is a super fast T-shirt dress and jacket which can be made on a regular machine or serger. Materials 2-2/3 yard flannel 1 long sleeved T-shirt, or mock turtleneck 1 Pull over sweatshirt clear plastic elastic thread Skirt1. Measure the length of the skirt -- stand in front of a mirror and hold a tape measure at your waist and let the other end drop to the floor -- note the desired length. 2. 3. Jacket 1. 2. 3. Design ideas -- Make the skirt long and sweeping (tea-length).

Dress -- set in a border of patchwork. Jacket -- Decorate your jacket with appliqués, patchwork collar, or embroidery at waist front and back -- zigzag over elastic to nip in jacket at waist. Back to the Get Creative! Back to Meet the Get Creative! [_private/Tools/textcenter.htm] Dress From Sweatshirts. Circle Skirt From An Old Sheet ∙ Version by Sian Ashleigh on Cut Out. Slips + Teddy Bears + Curtains = Fur Halter Top & Skirt. Hey. I decided to challange myself with this one by using stuffed animals for the main part of my outfit. I bought THREE large stuffed animals a old frilly curtain and a couple old cheap slips I didn't use one of the slips or the stuffed doggy, but I did use all three bears, and they didnt offer me as much fur as I though they would.Here is a picture of the unstuffing process (the messiesy thing I have ever done) after I destuffed them all I un seamed all the seams, which was fun, lots of ripping and hand hurting fun.

This is the side view, the back also has corset lacing, with little bows, just so its more adjustable, so that is what the pink ribbon hanging off is. This is the whole front of the outfit, the halter doesnt look the best on me, because I have a unusually large chest, so it makes me more burley looking. This is a close up of the back (sorry its a bit blurry?) And a close up of the halter, detail and whatnot. here is the eyeball button on the skirt. Thanks for looking! -Liquid. Anthropologie Western Shirt Refashion Tutorial. August 26, 2009 7:49 pm I love all these tops from Anthropologie. I also love that Western boots are coming back in!

Anyhow, I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on one of theses shirts because it’s a trendier item, so I decided to do a refashion and a tutorial for it! Here is the shirt I started with. It’s a men’s J. Crew shirt. I just used another shirt I had that I liked the fit of to cut out my desired shape. Here it is after I cut it out. Now take the original sleeves. Now I ruffle them in my machine. Pin the sleeves to the shirt’s arm holes, right sides of the fabric facing together. Sew or serge them to the shirt. But I wanted to add sleeve pick ups. Fold them in half and iron them. Fold your sleeves up to the length where you want the pick up to be. Pin the pick up inside the shirt and sew it in place. Now measure where you want your button to be. I got these awesome gentleman’s buttons and attached them per the instructions on the package. Voila! Here’s the shirt! The sweet sleeves. 10 Runway-Inspired DIYs That Cost Way Less Than The Real Thing. J. Crew Ribbon Neckline Refashion Tutorial.

October 25, 2009 7:56 am J. Crew- You’re killing me. I can’t keep up with all your fun shirts. I fell in love with this shirt from J. Crew. So here’s my imitation tutorial. I got this peachy pink fabric and cut a strip double the length of the neckline and about 2 inches wide. Fray check the sides. Beginning at the end of the collar make tucks and pin in place. Tuck in and out, around, up and down(however you want) around the entire colar, pinning in place as you go.

Here’s an up close of how mine looks. Then you just need to stitch it in place. An up close… There’s ONE more thing I did that I didn’t photograph. Here’s my sister wearing it for me. Isn’t it lovely? Got more J. Button-Up Bow Shirt. Socks To Fingerless Gloves. 10 Ways To Turn A Scarf Into A Vest. When we stumbled across this gorgeous DVF scarf vest on Shopbop the other day, we were intimidated by the $295 price tag but super inspired by the design. Not only do we have a surplus of colorfully patterned scarves, but vests happen to be one of the best ways to transition summer clothes into early autumn. So, instead of creating one way to turn a scarf into a vest, we created 10! Half of these how-tos involve a sewing machine or needle and thread, and the other half are created with a few clever knots. Here we go! 1. Belted Jersey Knit The contrast of a highly structured belt and flowing jersey knit makes for a gorgeous little piece. The first thing to do is cut off the buckle or d-ring at the end of your belt and sew off the end. 2.

We promise, you will use this one more than you think. It works for just about any long scarf. 3. The steps for this are in the title! Take two summery silk scarves. 4. Simply drape one scarf around your shoulders and belt with the second scarf. 5. 6. 7. 8. DIY Adorable Ruffled Baby Onesie. At my sister-in-law’s baby shower, the hosts set up a cute little section to create personalized onesies for our newest member of the family {due in WEEKS!} …but I didn’t get a chance to make one and as the party was winding down I realized there were only two onesies left! I grabbed one intending on doing it there but alas, didn’t get a chance. After a week of thinking about how to decorate this cute little tiny little little tiny, I thought wait{!}

, I can actually do whatever I want! So I basically used my petal sandal and petal sleeve ideas and baby-ized them …and it’s now clear that if I’m not careful, I will “petal” everything I own. What You’ll Need… * Make sure you wash all of your fabrics first. Voila! And a little asymmetrical ruffle butt! See Delilah wearing it! Have fun! How To Make Harem Pants From Trousers. May 11th, 2011 Email no recommendations Here is another easy way to make harem pants out of existing trousers.

I already had these workout pants in my wardrobe. All I did was make a fold to decrease the volume at the hem on the outer leg side of the trousers. You should be able to see how I made the fold in the photo. Next I put the trousers on to make sure my feet could fit through. I hand sewed buttons to hold the fold in place and that was it! It creates a cinched hem and allows the fabric to billow out to the side.

Have a look at the harem pants on my model. Posted in: , green, fashion, recycle, DIY, upcycle, clothing, eco, sustainable, harem pants Stay connected with CraftStylish Array. Men's Button-Up Refashion... Into Ladies Tank! A few years ago, when the hubby and I lived in Florida (this was pre-kids, so make that 5-ish years...) I bought him a button-up shirt for his work. The deal was that he had to wear blue or white button-ups, so I thought, "Why not both at the same time? " And I got him this:Apparently when he wore it to work, his boss told him he looked like a picnic basket, aaand the shirt was retired to the closet.

Well, I don't care if I look like a picnic basket, so I decided to turn it into a tank top for myself! It was actually really easy to do... let me try once again to tell you how I used a sewing machine... eh.... First things first, I chopped the sleeves off. Then I slipped the shirt on and pinned in the sides so that it fit. I took off the shirt, flipped it inside out and sewed up the sides where my pins were, trimmed off the excess, flipped it rightside out again, and tried it on to make sure it fit. Then I pinned the armholes the way I wanted them... carefully......and sewed them. That's it!

8 Second Skirt With A Bow DIY. Would you like to know how you can make a skirt in 8 seconds? From this? Just follow the picture instructions: in summary: and there you have an 8 second skirt! You can also pull out the bottom part of the bow all the way out to make a bigger bow. This project was totally unexpected but i love the result. I was folding my laundry one day and got to this striped top and thought about how this pattern would make a cute skirt. So there you have it, this is what i truly call killing two birds with one stone. What you'll need: -a very stretchy, knit shirt with long sleeves Instructions: 1. 2. 3. Estimated time: 8 whole seconds. Budget: $0.00 Skill level: anyone who knows how to tie a bow? From Old Sweater To Girl's Dress.

I have this sweater for over 10 years. I like the color, but it's really too short. Some scissors cuts following, more or less, this tutorial make it & love it and my little girl has a new dress. Tengo este suéter por más de 10 años. Me gusta el color, pero en realidad es muy corto. Algunos cortes siguiendo, más o menos, este tutorial make it & love it y mi chiquita tiene un vestido nuevo. Upcycled Shirts To Baby Bibs. Recycling Clothing Using Your Sewing Skills. 10 Ways To Hack Your Heels. 14 Things To Do With A Pair Of Flip Flops. New Show - MADE Everyday, With Dana.

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