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Right to know

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) April 9th, 2014 OIP highlights successes that agencies have achieved in increasing proactive disclosures as reported in their 2014 Chief FOIA Officer Reports in the third part of a continuing series.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

April 4th, 2014 In the second part of a continuing series, OIP highlights successes in agencies ensuring that they have effective systems in place for responding to FOIA requests as reported in agency 2014 Chief FOIA Officer Reports. March 20th, 2014 In the first of a five-part series, OIP highlights successes that agencies have had in applying the presumption of openness in their administration of the FOIA as reported in their 2014 Chief FOIA Officer Reports March 11th, 2014 February 27th, 2014 Members of the public and agency personnel are invited to join the Department of Justice as we celebrate the beginning of Sunshine Week 2014. The Right-to-Know Network.

THE RIGHT-TO-KNOW LAW. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE LAWOur PDF version of the Right to Know Law is bookmarked and searchable, making it easy to find the section you are looking for.


PaFOIC “QUICK GUIDE” TO THE NEW LAWOur comprehensive easy-to-read guide to the new law, in a Q&A format. Find answers to most of your questions here. Includes a copy of the state's standard Right to Know Request form. ABOUT THIS PAGE:To navigate to specific sections of the law in the text of the law below, click on chapter or section titles in the Table of Contents.

Where one section of the law cites another section, those references are also navigable links. Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaRIGHT TO KNOW LAWAct 3 of 2008 CHAPTER 1. CHAPTER 3. CHAPTER 5. CHAPTER 7. CHAPTER 9. CHAPTER 11. CHAPTER 13. CHAPTER 15. CHAPTER 17. CHAPTER 31. Section 101. This act shall be known and may be cited as the Right-to-Know Law. Section 102. "Administrative proceeding. " "Agency. " The National Security Archive. National Freedom of Information Coalition. National Archives and Records Administration. Internet Law Library. THOMAS (Library of Congress) Fighting For Your Business. U S Food and Drug Administration Home Page. Headline News.

The Disclosure Project. Declassified Government Documents. Declassified Government Documents About Declassified Documents | Security Classification | Guides | FOIA Information | Collections at UC Berkeley | Internet Collections and Indexes | Presidential Libraries About Declassified Documents Documents may be classified for many reasons - issues of national security or privacy.

Declassified Government Documents

A popular misconception is that when a document is declassified, it is somehow systematically made available to the public, for example, distributed to depository libraries. This is most often not the case. A highly-publicized document is published as a part of an investigation. As there are no clear patterns of publication for most declassified documents, it falls to the researcher interested in a document that is declassified to research which agency created the document, who may have researched the document originally, and where it might be now. Security Classification The government has had many reviews of security classification. Guides Watson, Cynthia Ann. FBI Files. Cryptome. The Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFi) CIA FOIA - Overview.

The Black Vault.