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Welcome - web2Project

Welcome - web2Project

web2Project is a Free Open Source business-oriented Project Management System (PMS) built for the future. Further, we know there is no “one-size fits all” project management solution and do not intend to create one. Therefore, our focus is on providing a flexible, feature-filled, and stable platform to build upon for your specific business needs. Most importantly, our regular release cycle provides useful updates to the community on a regular basis. Some of the key features of web2Project are:
EJS TreeGrid Main Gantt chart features Suitable especially for project management - tasks planning and scheduling It can be used as a core of applications providing features for Microsoft Project or Primavera online on web Tasks defined by duration or end date or both (mirrored), showing the percentage of completion. Discrete tasks possible EJS TreeGrid - agile management utility Why? Task lists & sticky notes are not enough. And traditional project management tools are too much. - agile management utility

TASKK - Task management that tells you what to do next!
activeCollab - Project Management and Collaboration Tool See why thousands of companies choose activeCollab as their team collaboration and project management tool. Your 30-day free trial includes immediate, unlimited access to full-feature, cloud-based activeCollab. Free trial quick facts:

activeCollab - Project Management and Collaboration Tool

Advertisement by Cameron Chapman There is a huge variety of project management applications out there.

15 Useful Project Management Tools

15 Useful Project Management Tools
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Kanban Productivity with kanban2go

Kanban Productivity with kanban2go To Do Put your tasks in the To Do column of the kanban2Go board. Prioritize them by moving up or down. In Progress Pull only those tasks you are actually working on, to the In Progress column of the board.
Project Description Web Sticky Notes is a collaborative sticky-notes board with drag-and-drop between swim lanes. You can set up many projects, each with their own task-streams and tasks. People and priorities that you set up are shared among all projects. WebStickyNotes: A simple web-based task board, organised into swim-lanes with drag-and-drop function to move sticky notes between swim-lanes. Web Sticky Notes Web Sticky Notes
In this article, we list several great applications for project and time management as well as collaboration between you and your clients. There are free and commercial options available. These project management apps are here to save you time, but they can also be very time consuming and not intuitive. If you have a team who works with you remotely, then this is an ideal choice. If you are a freelancer however, you will have to spend some time learning these as well as teaching your clients how to use and interact with the application. Let’s keep the cons aside and give the apps a chance, you can then see for yourself which ones will suit your needs best. 14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration 14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration
Asana: Free Project Management for Teams Project management can be the hardest part of executing on your goals. Sometimes it’s easy to dream up the next big idea, but without the discipline to get things done, you are going to be left sitting around telling everyone that you meet about how you could have created the internet. For many, project management is at once personal (pick up flowers, take out the trash, etc.) and professional (file that invoice, draft new ideas). Asana, the next big project from one of the team members at Facebook, is a free solution to managing your tasks as a team. Asana: Free Project Management for Teams
Web based project management tools have leveled the playing field between professionals, freelances, small businesses, and large corporations. There is a number of choices in project management tools offering all kinds of functionality, so you can choose the project management software that’s right for you. Below are 10 popular online project management tools to consider. Apptivo Apptivo is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes, including freelancers, and professionals. This web base project management tool, offers so much, yet it costs nothing. The 10 Most Popular Online Project Management Tools The 10 Most Popular Online Project Management Tools
"All the information is well organized and gives the user plenty of data that is easy to digest through the dashboard." — “With the MYCO Sales module I can easily generate proposals. MYCO saves me a lot of time and makes sure I have all my proposals in one central environment.” — Alain Mulder - Totaal VVE Beheer “MYCO projects has made it easy for us to share documents and task lists between the different marketing and development groups.” Project management
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Project Management Plans are prescriptive ways in which projects are guided from start to finish. All project management plans examine the five project constraints: scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. The details of a plan will vary depending on the complexity of the project.
When it comes to project management, most web apps offer the same basic features: a group of to-do lists, some kind of messaging board, a few gigs of file storage, shared document-editing, a calendar of some sort, and if you’re lucky, a set of reports. But what most don’t offer is the ability to develop a project-management workflow that conforms to the way your team already works, and without this customization, you lose precious time trying to get everybody up to speed on the new way of doing things. In my experience, that ramp-up time usually results in project members abandoning the app and reverting to project management by email. SmartQ: Visual Project-Management That Conforms to You
Axosoft Creates Visual Project Management with OnTime Version 10 - Axosoft - SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Axosoft, the company behind the leading project management software for software developers, released version 10 of its OnTime software today, featuring a drag-and-drop Planning Board that makes managing tasks simple and visual. The new feature, called the Scrum Planning Board, illustrates each task, requirement, defect, and incident in the system as a card. At a glance, these cards show what stage the item is in, who it is assigned to, how much time has been worked and how much time is remaining.
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