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I'm a black Southerner. I had to go abroad to see a statue celebrating black liberation. This July, I traveled to Barbados to unwind and get away.

I'm a black Southerner. I had to go abroad to see a statue celebrating black liberation.

I didn’t know I’d encounter a monument that would help me understand how America processes our history. Heading into town from the airport, we circled a statue situated in one of the most prominent intersections in town. It depicts a black man, Bussa, breaking the chains that bound his hands in slavery.

Controversial Ideas related to Social & Structural Biases

Combating Racism. Detecting Racism. Education Issues (Racism) Hate Crimes. Memes & Racism. Racism by Erhesity. Hateful Speech. The Geography of Racism. Racism & Colonialism. Historical racism. Institutional & Structural Racism. The Psycology of Racism. Progress on Racism. So Called "Colour Blindness" Systemic Racism. Satire aboure racism. Myths & Racism. Diet Racism, prejudice, and other subtle biases. Racism & Prohibition. The Link between Inequality & Racism. Politics & Racism. Debates (Racism) Hateful Speech. Symbols & Racism. Unsorted (Racism) Addressing Racism on Flipboard. Exhibit B : un zoo humain sud-africain travesti en "performance" artistique.

Sous un prétexte artistique, le metteur en scène et designer sud-africain Brett Bailey exploite avec l’hypocrisie convenue le voyeurisme raciste et négrophobe qui attirait les foules occidentales dans les zoos humains au début du XXe siècle.

Exhibit B : un zoo humain sud-africain travesti en "performance" artistique

L’idée d’Exhibit B est simple : monter une « performance » dont le but déclaré serait de combattre le racisme, mais dont la finalité réelle est bien de l’entretenir en réduisant tout Africain ou tout Afro-descendant aux tourments imposés par les Européens au continent africain depuis sept siècles. Dans les villes où sa « performance » est montée, Bailey embauche des « figurants » africains ou afro-descendants pour se donner en spectacle comme victimes.

Telle est la nouvelle formule du zoo humain. Une forme d’ « art » où s’est déjà tristement illustrée Dasha Zukhova la maîtresse d’un oligarque russe, au début de l’année 2014. Le public visé par Bailey est un public européen. Le "zoo humain" qui a fait scandale à Londres arrive bientôt à Paris. VIRAL VIDEO: If Latinos Said the Stuff White People Said. If Black People Said the Stuff White People Say, Here's How Offensive It Would Sound. Each time an ignorant blowhard like Donald Sterling says something ridiculously racist about black people, it becomes such a media circus the whole thing quickly begins to feel more like a caricature than real life.

If Black People Said the Stuff White People Say, Here's How Offensive It Would Sound

But in fact, for many black people, these types of tone-deaf, outrageous and just plain offensive comments happen every single day. With this in mind, a new video flips the script on everyday racism, showing what would happen if white people had to deal with similar racism on a day-to-day basis. Produced by BuzzFeed, the short video experiments with this role reversal, proving just how irritating and upsetting stereotypes become when you are part of the privileged majority not used to being subjected to them daily.

The video is funny, but it makes an important point in highlighting the at-times uncomfortable invasiveness endured by many African Americans. WATCH: New Video of Justin Bieber Singing a Racist Song Has Been Leaked. IGNOMINIE: la France et le FN... N.B.A. Is Investigating Comments Attributed to Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling. Photo The has started an investigation into remarks attributed to the ’ owner, Donald Sterling, after the release Friday night of an audio recording on in which a person TMZ identified as Sterling admonished a female friend to avoid being seen in public with black people.

N.B.A. Is Investigating Comments Attributed to Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling

Reaction around the league, whose players are predominantly African-American, was swift and forceful. The Miami Heat’s LeBron James said, “There’s no room for Donald Sterling in our league.” Magic Johnson, the former Lakers star, said on Twitter that he would not attend a Clippers game as long as Sterling remained owner. CISPA Another Fascist Takeover of the Internet. DN! Black, Latino Firefighters in New York City Settle Long-Running Suit over Racial Discrimination. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Some 1,500 black and Latino applicants to the Fire Department of New York have settled a long-running lawsuit with the city and the Justice Department over racially discriminatory hiring practices at the nation’s largest fire department.

DN! Black, Latino Firefighters in New York City Settle Long-Running Suit over Racial Discrimination

The agreement grants almost $100 million in back pay to those impacted. When the case was filed in 2007, the Fire Department was 90 percent white, even though African Americans and Latinos totaled half the city’s population. Under the new agreement, the Fire Department will be required to change its recruiting policies in order to increase diversity and make the department more representative of the city’s population. AMY GOODMAN: This is the latest discrimination lawsuit settled by New York since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office 10 weeks ago. Well, for more, we’re joined by two guests.

Concert suspendu car il y avait «trop de Noirs» - Faits divers. Time for White Americans To Wake the Hell Up! Protest outside the ALEC Headquarters in Washington DC, March 29, 2012, against ALEC, the NRA and "Stand Your Ground" laws.

Time for White Americans To Wake the Hell Up!

(Photo: LaDawna Howard / Flickr)The Michael Dunn trial has all but proven that it's legal in red "Stand Your Ground, Shoot First" states for a white man to kill a black man simply because he's afraid of black people. And just a few months ago, the Supreme Court said that there's no longer any significant racial discrimination or animosity in America in its ruling on the Voting Rights Act. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at how things really are in America today when it comes to racial equality.

In response to the Jordan Davis case and the Trayvon Martin case, the folks over at have launched a new campaign titled "Black Lives Matter. " Gradient Lair. Whites who ignore how racism is very real since race is constructed (which ignores the fact that constructs are also real things) continue to use George Zimmerman’s ethnicity as a scapegoat for the very blatant way that White supremacist capitalist patriarchy is functioning to make George Zimmerman’s quest for celebrity via infamy a reality.

Gradient Lair

There is a reason why he prevails in the public eye while someone like Johannes Mehserle who murdered Oscar Grant does not—and it is not the difference in verdicts or circumstances. On the Killing of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn - Ta-Nehisi Coates. The irrelevance of black life has been drilled into this country since its infancy, and shall not be extricated through the latest innovations in Negro Finishing School.

On the Killing of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn - Ta-Nehisi Coates

Marchers in Jacksonville, Florida, protest the verdict against Michael Dunn. d11167r report about American Indians & Crime. This is how racism takes root. By now surely everyone knows the case of the eight men convicted of picking vulnerable underage girls off the streets, then plying them with drink and drugs before having sex with them.

This is how racism takes root

A shocking story. But maybe you haven't heard. What Would You Do? Bike Theft (White Guy, Black Guy, Pretty Girl) The history white people need to learn. Invariably, around February of each year, coinciding with Black History Month, you’ll hear people asking, “Why isn’t there a white history month?”

The history white people need to learn

Do these people mean we should condense all the American history centering around white people to just one month and devote the other 11 to people of color? Of course not. It’s readily accepted that white history is taught, year-round, to the exclusion of minority histories. Intersectionality. The KKK vs. the Crips vs. Memphis City Council (Full Length) Theodor Michael: Deutsch sein und schwarz dazu: Vom Überleben in einer weißen Welt. 08. November 2013. Theresa May's immigration bill is a valuable tool for racist landlords. When my mum first came to Britain from Jamaica in the 60s, overt racism was just a normal part of her day-to-day experience. She never tires of telling me about the famous "No blacks, no Irish, no dogs" signs that landlords put up on properties. In those days before equality regulation, bigotry didn't need to hide behind plastic smiles – it was allowed to roam free and unashamed. The Race Relations Act 1976 was supposed to put an end to all that, and the Equalities Act 2010 reinforced the message that discriminating against someone because of the colour of their skin was unacceptable.

Among other measures, the act made it "unlawful for a person who has the authority to dispose of premises to discriminate against or victimise someone else … by not letting or selling the premises to them". If You Have To Tell Your Kids This Stuff, Then You Probably Aren't A White Person. Hierarchy of Oppressions. By Audre Lorde I was born Black and a woman. I am trying to become the strongest person I can become to live the life I have been given and to help effect change toward a livable future for this earth and for my children. Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland. Racist Sororities at the University of Alabama.

41 Mind-Blowingly Racist Vintage Ads You Need To See. The following images will be disturbing and shocking, as you see the casual way with which businesses have deployed racism to sell their products. Study: Whites Think Black People Feel Less Pain. 15 Controversial Pulled Ads. Ads are often meant to provoke the viewer (think baby-faced Brooke Shields with nothing between her and her Calvins) but sometimes viewers feel a little too provoked.

Here is a list of fifteen controversial advertisements that were pulled due to negative reactions. ICBC Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Image Source Back in May of 2010, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, Canada, Police Services and the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles launched an ad campaign comprised of three ads that compared getting caught driving under the influence to getting caught doing something else embarrassing. Like, for example, police catching you measuring your manhood. Racist & Classist Justice. Racial Justice Activists. Area & Ethnic Studies. Racism Wednesday. Racism. Anti-Racism.

Propaganda & Racism

Racisme & Discriminations. -PHOBIAS, ISLAMO-, XENO-, & -ISM, ANARCH- ,RAC-, SEX-, TERROR-