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Smart Talk About Love. Random, Interesting, Amazing Facts - Fun Quizzes and Trivia - Mental Floss. Retronaut. TREND HUNTER - #1 in Trends - Fashion Trends, Tech, Style, Design, Pop Culture and Marketing. HYPEBEAST. Online Magazine for Fashion and Culture. Entertainment News. Jezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing. Culture Japan - Your portal to Japan. Celebrity Gossip, Relationship Advice, Beauty and Fashion Tips. 8 Women Who Auctioned Off Their Virginity. While it never occurred to most of us that we could make bank on our virginity, there are some women who’ve found a way to monetize their purity.

8 Women Who Auctioned Off Their Virginity

Twenty-year-old Brazilian woman Catarina Migliorini auctioned off her V-card this week for $780,000, more money than most of us have made since we lost our virginities (for free). Migliorini sold her virginity for a noble cause. She told the media that she planned to donate as much as 90 percent of the profit to charities that will build homes in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Well, that’s one way to raise money. Perhaps not the way I would have chosen, but you can’t deny that it’s creative. In the last couple of years, we’ve heard stories of more than a few women who’ve profited from auctioning off their virginity to the highest bidder — whether it was to fund a college education or just to make a quick buck, or lots of bucks.

Rejected By Playboy: Courtney Stodden. Rejected By Playboy: Courtney Stodden Rejected By Playboy: Courtney Stodden1 of 9 One day after her 18th birthday, Courtney Stodden tweeted "No to porn … yes to Playboy ;) xxx.

Rejected By Playboy: Courtney Stodden

" Only Playboy's not making any offers according to TMZ. A "source" says she's been rejected by the magazine because she's too "enhanced" for an 18-year-old. I believe they are referring to that time she went on Dr. The Online Women's Magazine for Fashion, Sex Advice, Dating Tips, and Celebrity News. Home. TV&Showbiz. Music News, Reviews, Articles, Information, News Online & Free Music. Billboard (Magazin) Logo des Magazins Logo des Magazins, welches von Oktober 1984 bis Januar 2013 benutzt wurde Erstausgabe Ausgabe von 1896 Ausgabe zum 10-jährigen Jubiläum Das Billboard Magazin (zu englisch billboard ‚Plakattafel‘, ‚Anschlagbrett‘) ist das bedeutendste Fach- und Branchenblatt für Musik und Entertainment in den USA.

Billboard (Magazin)

Egotastic! The Sexy Side Of Celebrity Gossip. Health, Beauty, Pregnancy, Entertainment, Women's Community and More. Entertainment & Celebrity News. The Definitive Guide to Enlightening Information., News, Augmented. Vulture - Entertainment News - Celebrity News, TV Recaps, Movies, Music, Art, Books, Theater. Zimbio - Entertainment News, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos & Videos. Celebrity News, Celebrity Gossip and Pictures from Us Weekly. Hollywoodtuna. Celebslam: Shocking Tales and Tawdry Behavior! Bitchy. WDW = Who's Dating Whom? - Famous Couples, Hollywood Relationships.

How to Live. Celebrity gossip, Movie Gossip, TV news. Ouch Press - Celebrity news and photos. The hottest Hollywood ink. Celebrities are always chasing after the perfect body, fashions and accessories.

The hottest Hollywood ink

Lately, those accessories include ink. Tattoos are a permanent way to tell the world how you feel about something (or someone), and thousands of people get one each day. Although she's not a celebrity quite yet, a woman named Lesya's choice of ink this week has gone viral. She allowed a man to tattoo his name quite literally all over her face after just one date with him.

Whether it turns out to be true love or just a very bad decision is yet to be seen. From stars who are known for their tats like Kat Von D., to stars that have just a little ink showing like Scar Jo, we're taking a look at the best and worst tattoos in Hollywood in the list at the top of this article. Get more celebrity news and gossip on Stars auf Promi-News, Videos, Bilder, Votings ... The Gallery of Celebrities - 13,500 Celebrity Pictures. Fashion Design & Trend Talks & Magazines. Lifestyle, Promi & Medien Magazine. Promi News.