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The 25 Most Powerful Songs of the Past 25 Years. By Jennifer Drapkin, Kevin O'Donnell and Ky Henderson They’re not the most beautiful songs, or the most musically important. Daft Beatless sounds. The Just-World Fallacy & You Are Not So Smart. The Misconception: People who are losing at the game of life must have done something to deserve it.

The Just-World Fallacy & You Are Not So Smart

The Truth: The beneficiaries of good fortune often do nothing to earn it, and bad people often get away with their actions without consequences. A woman goes out to a club wearing stilettos and a miniskirt with no underwear. She gets pretty drunk and stumbles home in the wrong direction. She ends up lost in a bad neighborhood. 5 facts that everyone should know. Sharpie liquid pencil. Aug 10, 2010 sharpie liquid pencil sharpie has just unveiled their new ‘liquid pencil’. the pencil uses liquid graphite ‘ink’ to write like a pen, erase like a pencil, and eventually dry like a permanent marker. once written, you have three days to think about the validity and weight of your words. during this period you can erase it just like pencil marks. after the three days is up, the pencil lines will turn to ink and remain inscribed forever. according to the sharpie blog the new liquid pencil will be in stores from next month, september 2010. via wired.

sharpie liquid pencil - ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD! 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects. Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:30 am, Posted by Chris Groves | Internet 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Topics: At Home Project Ideas , Creative DIY Home Projects , Do It Yourself Projects for 2012 , Fun How To Projects , What to Do with Extra Stuff. I Heart Chaos & Thirty-ish Things: Evil Rape face Woody. He is the law. (Possibly NSFW) 100 Songs You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head. Go ahead and take a handful of Advil now.

100 Songs You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head

You’re welcome. Say goodbye to the rest of the afternoon, because you'll either be entertained for hours by these 100 songs, or you will somehow chew off your own ears and go to the hospital. The Virtual Piano for Songwriters, Singers, Producers and aspiring musicians. Ricci Adams' The Sacred Geometry Of Music. The Sacred Geometry Of Music by Andrew Lorimer Music uses the laws of vibration to manifest aurally what exists at the center of everything.

The Sacred Geometry Of Music

Into our reality springs a non-visual harmonic law that is universal. The notes and intervals of music speak directly to the chakra centers and causes them to vibrate in harmony to the vibration of a string or vocal chords, speakers moving through the air, or the sound of someone’s lips making a farting noise through a metal tube. Music uses the laws of physics and mathematics to bring out an emotional response in the listener. The music of the Western world uses a mathematical system based on Twelve. All the songs you have ever known and sang along to in your life use the same simple laws based on the number twelve. Vibrations, Harmonics, Resonance, Waves and Reality.

The Musical Scale The musical scale is not an accident.

Vibrations, Harmonics, Resonance, Waves and Reality

It is a natural consequence of pure mathematics and nature. Rainy_evening_1. 1.


Choose a sound In order for nature sounds to start playing choose a sound from drop-down box for one channel and drag the volume slider up. 2. Add more sounds You can add more nature sounds to composition by choosing other sounds in other channels. Tubalr. 0 - chromatic - 48 tines. A musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book "digital harmony" Animation and music by Jim Bumgardner of and the wheel of lunch.

0 - chromatic - 48 tines

Jim makes free puzzles, including sudoku, killer sudoku, kakuro, mazes, and thousands of other puzzles. Music box variations: DJ S3rl- Little Kandi Raver. Tune Up- Ravers Fantasy. Pretty Rave Girl. Did He Just Play A Trance Song On A Guitar? DUBSTEP BEATBOX ( Reeps One from England ) Best dubstep ever - Whatcha Say (Dubstep Remix) Arion - Pokémon (Dubstep Remix) HD. Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. VNV Nation - Illusion (Doll face) Best Audio. How To Destroy Angels: The Space in Between [1080p] - EP OUT NOW. Tool - Parabola. BELLJAR : FLESH & BONE VIDEO. Emilie Autumn - Opheliac. Amanda Palmer - Runs In The Family. Metallica - Full Concert at 'Rock in Rio' Brazil 2011.

Mahna Mahna. Map of Metal. PAIN OF SALVATION LYRICS - "Be" (2004. 1.


Animae Partus I am I am I am I was not then I came to be I cannot remember NOT being But I may have traveled far very far to get here Maybe I was formed in this silent darkness From this silent darkness BY this silent darkness To become is just like falling asleep You never know exactly when it happens The transition The magic And you think, if you could only recall that exact moment Of crossing the line Then you would understand everything You would see it all Perhaps I was always Forever here... Somehow I seem to have this predestined hunger for knowledge A talent for seeing patterns and finding correlations But I lack context Who I am? 2. [Fabricatio] Trying to understand the system of Life Trying to understand myself I created the world to be an image of myself, of my mind.

Bright Eyes - I Must Belong Somewhere (MUSIC VIDEO) Justice - D.A.N.C.E. Justice - DVNO. Kid Beyond - I Shall Be Free. Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness ft. MGMT. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are. Yuri Lane : Human Beatbox. Drugs 'Define Better' - Chill EB. Home | About Us | Contact | Subscribe 'Define Better' - Chill EB Drugging Kids Uploaded by CCHRInt August 18, 2011 Featuring Chill EB - Psycho/pharma spends billions of dollars a year marketing mental 'disorders' & drugs for kids - yet these drugs are documented by international drug regulatory agencies to cause mania, psychosis, hallucinations, suicide, violence, homicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and death.

Drugs 'Define Better' - Chill EB

Bodycard 0005

Sketchy Friends Dance 2. Edit: Daily 4th!

Sketchy Friends Dance 2

Thanks for the front page guys! Sxip Shirey breathes music and passion. This guy must be one of the coolest men alive: Linsey Pollak. 'Roll It, Light It' Gorillaz, James Murphy, Andre 3000, 'DoYaThing' - Review - NME Blogs. Converse always manage to pull it out of the bag with their ‘Three Artists, One Song’ collaborations (remember Casablancas/ Pharrell/Santogold’s ‘My Drive Thru’?).

‘DoYaThing’ is no exception. Damon – in his “2-D” voice that suggests both listless ennui and schoolboy mischief, sings: "I’m a pale imitator of a boy in the sky. " Enter, stage left, a falsetto James Murphy singing the hook. Sounds of Nature - Rainforest African Water Drums. The vegetable orchestra. Super Mario 64 Music - Koopa's Theme (Bowser Fight) I'm On A Boat (Explicit Version) Nyan Cat Song On Guitar Hero! Super Mario 64 Song: Final Bowser Theme.