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Maquina Music Releases Several ThreeSixty and Dirty Harris Tracks Free. Maquina Music is a small label from the UK that has been making a name for itself over the last year for releasing extremely high quality tech, progressive, and deep house tracks.

Maquina Music Releases Several ThreeSixty and Dirty Harris Tracks Free

They’re also running a top-notch online-focused release and promotion strategy (use of myspace profile notwithstanding) that is building them quite a following, allows them to stay in touch with their core fans, and create and maintain meaningful relationships with industry stakeholders. They were even running a podcast until a few months ago!

In other words, bigger labels could take a lesson. So aside from these ThreeSixty and Dirty Harris, whom I’ve written about before, a couple of other Maquina artists I’ve supported in my sets include Jaceo, Kiddo, and Kryder. The track Kuba is a particular favourite among these that I’ve played out quite a bit, and I’m delighted to be able to pass it on to you folks today!! Maquina Music on Soundcloud. New Tab. DÂM-FUNK w/ Master Blazter Historic NYC Live Debut Performance. With a full-house chanting 'Dam-Funk' for several minutes before and after the show, the highly-anticipated New York debut of MASTER BLAZTER, DÂM-FUNK's new live band featuring Computer Jay and J-1 along with GroWeyez & the surprise guest Peanut Butter Wolf was a historic performance...they were definitely feeling the love from NYC.

DÂM-FUNK w/ Master Blazter Historic NYC Live Debut Performance

I'm not into any type of hype, I just love good music and I recognize diamonds before others tell me about them. I first saw him perform last year on the Stones Throw tour, so I was really curious to see the new phase of his musical journey. (Check out my interview with him from last year here). Having a live band on stage just completed Dam's sound and took it to a completely new level. One of my favorites, "Mirrors" sounded off-the-hook with the added vocoder, Computer Jay's crazed spacey keyboard action and J-1's heavy drumming, and almost all the songs got a new twist from the live instrumentation. Computer Jay, Waajeed, J-1, Dam-Funk. Montreal New Indie Music Blog.

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