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Documentary. Derren Brown: The System. The System, a Channel 4 special in which Brown shared his 100 percent guaranteed method for winning on the horses.

Derren Brown: The System

The show was based around the idea that a system could be developed to guarantee a winner of horse races. Cameras followed a member of the public, Khadisha, as Brown anonymously sent her correct predictions of five races in a row, before encouraging her to place as much money as she could on the sixth race. To demonstrate the system to the viewer, Brown tossed a coin showing ten heads in a row to prove it was not impossible, just highly improbable. After Brown had placed a bet of £4,000 of Khadisha's money on a horse in the final race, he explained that The System did not really exist. Brown expressed the opinion that the principle behind The System (essentially confirmation bias or survivorship bias) is what is behind belief in spiritualism or homeopathic and alternative medicine. Watch the full documentary now.

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Documentaries. Instead of TV, you should watch... Documentaries. Top Documentary Films. Filho da Rua - Documentário da vida de um menino de rua - ZH. Enviar para um amigo Compartilhar no Facebook Ocultar Zero Hora ZH de A a Z Geral Reportagem Letícia Duarte e imagens Jefferson Botega Felipe é infantil, mas agressivo; pede ajuda mas não larga o crack; procura a família, mas vive nas esquinas.

Filho da Rua - Documentário da vida de um menino de rua - ZH

Capítulo 1 Sozinho: a cidade dá à luz mais um menino de rua Em 2009, aos 11 anos, Felipe já era um veterano das ruas: perambulava pelas esquinas de Porto Alegre desde os cinco anos Capítulo 2 Crack: no meio do caminho tinha uma pedra Felipe descobriu as drogas nas ruas e, com oito anos, já pedia ajuda para se livrar da dependência. Capítulo 3 Encruzilhada: longe da família, perto do crime Entre a família e o crack, o menino teme a prisão e não consegue deixar as drogas Participe da enquete e dê sua nota para o webdocumentário abaixo webdocumentário. Bref - Le documentaire. Zeitgeist -Official Release in Spanish (subtítulos en español) "jeu de société" Documentaries. Documental Delta 2012. Documentarys. Documentaries - videos. Documentary.

A Brief History of Documentaries That Changed the World. A couple of weeks ago, an interesting comment popped up in one of our posts.

A Brief History of Documentaries That Changed the World

On Tuesday, January 25th, we wrote (as countless other blogs did) about that morning’s Oscar nominations — the snubs, the surprises, etc. The next day, this comment from “ANGA” appeared: “Claims in the film Gasland have been widely documented to be untrue. See the investigative documents for yourself here,” followed by the URL for a “truth about Gasland” page. Here’s what’s interesting about that comment: all we did in the post was mention Gasland — we listed it, among the Best Documentary nominees, without comment. At risk of getting ourselves mixed up in this controversy over the accuracy of Gasland, we will merely note that we’ve seen the film and it seemed awfully convincing to us; that Fox has responded to each of the claims being lobbed against him; and that ANGA is a high-profile natural gas company which certainly benefits from Fox’s reportage coming into question.

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Documantary sources. Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online. Youtube Documentaries - Mobile. Documentamadrid 12 // Festival Internacional de Documentales de Madrid. MediaStorm® Watch free documentary films & videos. Documentary Film Festival TV on iPad. Youtube Documentaries - Mobile. Why Beauty Matters. Philosopher Roger Scruton presents a provocative essay on the importance of beauty in the arts and in our lives.

Why Beauty Matters

In the 20th century, Scruton argues, art, architecture and music turned their backs on beauty, making a cult of ugliness and leading us into a spiritual desert. Using the thoughts of philosophers from Plato to Kant, and by talking to artists Michael Craig-Martin and Alexander Stoddart, Scruton analyses where art went wrong and presents his own impassioned case for restoring beauty to its traditional position at the center of our civilization. Download Free Political Documentaries And Watch Many Interesting, Controversial Free Documentary Films On That You Wont Find On The TV!

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