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iPhone 3D Navigation example. ASL Browser. Phoenix Mars Lander. DimP - A Direct Manipulation Video Player. DimP is a video player prototype that allows to browse video clips by directly manipulating their content.

DimP - A Direct Manipulation Video Player

The way it works is quite simple: DimP automatically extracts object motions from the videos. DimP then allows the user to control video playback by scrubbing these objects on their trajectories. Videos Demo. - Map your Running Routes. Find Runs. Calculate Calories, Pedometer, Distance, and More. Adapting to Polyphasic Sleep by I recently attempted to adapt to the Uberman polyphasic sleep schedule.

Adapting to Polyphasic Sleep by

(If you are not familiar with it, I suggest clicking the link and giving the Wikipedia article a quick read). Adapting to this schedule is tremendously difficult, since it involves fighting extreme levels of sleep deprivation for several days. Few people who attempt adaptation succeed. The few who do enjoy 22 hours of wakefulness each day.

Hi, I Want To Meet (17.6% of) You! Frequent Slashdot contributor Bennett Haselton wants to make online dating better.

Hi, I Want To Meet (17.6% of) You!

Here's how he wants to do it. "Suppose you're an entrepreneur who wants to break into the online personals business, but you face impossible odds because everybody wants to go where everybody else already is (basically, either or Yahoo Personals). Here is a suggestion that would give you an edge.

In a nutshell: Each member lists the criteria for people that they are looking for. Then when people contact them, they choose whether or not to respond. Zoran's custom modular guitars. Re-designing acoustic musical instrument according to the abilities and characteristics of rapid prototype materials After laser printing on bread, one can print instruments! My friend Amit Zoran designed this really neat concept of an acoustic guitar sound box that has been given a unique sound and behavior through a CAD/CAM process.

His research goal at the MIT Media Laboratory in the Ambient Intelligence research group, is to find and analyze a space for structural innovation, especially for acoustic instruments. His works enables players to customize their own sound by assembling different sound cells, e.g physical parts of the instruments designed in CAD/CAM, instead of considering the instrument as one big sound box. 3D Snapshots with a Canon D30 Digital SLR - Loreo. The LOREO 3D Lens in a Cap (T) turns a non-full frame APS or digital SLR camera into a point-and-shoot 3D camera.

3D Snapshots with a Canon D30 Digital SLR - Loreo

It is lightweight and easy to carry around. Takes high quality 3D photographs in the side-by-side stereo format. This collection of photographs was taken in Summer 2003. Johnny Chung Lee - Projects - Wii. Utilisez votre Wiimote pour créer un tableau interactif. The Stanford Prison Experiment: A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment. Smoking Cessation Timeline: What Happens When You Quit. Galaxy Zoo.