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Running, Running Maps and Running Routes, Runners Community

Running, Running Maps and Running Routes, Runners Community

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Profiler – create a topographic profile Import file (KML, KMZ, GPX) loaded layer and topographic profile of the route. Sometimes, some files do not automatically create a profile! Zoom: 15Counter markers: 2Status: OKАzimuth: 73°Mouse px: ...Lat./Lon.: ...Center point: -25.343780041796865, 131.03412500000002Center point location: Uluru Rd, Petermann NT 0872, Australia How to make a topographic profile? Reset Find your area of interest on the map Select the cursor min. 2 points (max. 300) Ready – site profile will be generated in seconds Embed the chart on your site Copy and save the link to the chart Add the route to the map Clean/Cleanse/Charging Your Crystal HOW TO CLEAN, CLEANSE, CHARGE, ACTIVATEAND PROGRAM YOUR CRYSTAL - By Karen Ryan Preparing Your Crystal For HealingTo prepare your crystal for healing, first clean the crystal physically of any mud, oils, sand or other debris. Then using a cleansing technique, be sure any negative energies are removed from the crystal so that you do not transfer residual energies onto yourself or your client. For maximum healing effects, charging crystals will ensure the crystal is ready electromagnetically and is saturated with ultraviolet light which energizes each crystal. To "wake-up" your crystal, you may need to activate it into its role and mission.. And finally, program your crystal to direct the energy for a specific outcome or for support during a healing session.

The Kitchn: Latin Grilling As long as you're pulling your white pants and straw hats out of storage this Memorial Day weekend, you may as well brush up on some grilling skills, too. While I know most of us grill year-round, there's something about summer that makes me want to launch some kind of special season-opener with my barbecue, a recommitment of sorts to the flame. Thanks in part to a gorgeous new book by Lourdes Castro, this year I'm reinvigorating my grilling repertoire with a kick of spice. Born in Miami to Cuban parents, Lourdes is now a food science and nutrition instructor at NYU, and she is on to her third cookbook, Latin Grilling: Recipes to Share, from Patagonian Asado to Yucatecan Barbecue and More (Ten Speed Press, 2011). More Grilling Inspiration• 13 unlikely foods to throw on the grill• How to grill pizza - a step-by-step illustrated guide• Did you know that you can grill guacamole? What Makes Latin Grilling Special?

A cure for Cancer Since I was a child I never really liked hospitals, they always seemed to be blood sucking people for money sort of speak. I just hated getting vaccinations all the time, which I felt wasn't really necessary to get injected into our blood streams year after year. I always felt like something was wrong with certain things in life as a whole when I was young, and especially with the foods my mom use to purchase from the store. After eating I always seemed to get tired, and had less energy after finishing my meals. I grew up watching the nature program, and felt like I should have had high energy like the animals did on TV.

More Pineal/Crystals/Crown Chakra Connections « TRANSITIONS “February opens like January on the heels of a powerful full moon, the brightest moon for the entire year of 2010. The planetary alignments of January along with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse brought in a higher level of photon light that has spun deeply into every area of our vibrational well-being. To say January was intense is an under statement. It brought with it a laser beam of awareness into every area of outworn beliefs and energy in our conscious and more importantly unconscious selves. Feeling disconnected and emotional was common. CNET Blog: Grill On-The-Go Food is meant to be shared, and that sentiment may be even truer (if possible) when it comes to grilled food; there's a reason burgers and hot dogs don't come in single-serve packages. But sometimes instead of bringing people to the food, it makes more sense to bring the food to the people. The Coleman Fold N Go Charcoal Grill is a portable party waiting to happen. Featuring a folding design and an integrated carrying handle, the ready-to-go grill transports easily to the beach, park, or tailgate party. Once you've arrived, the grill unfolds to offer 150 square inches of cooking area on the porcelain-coated, stamped-steel grates.

Healthy News and Information by NICK MEYER The immune system is something that is highly misunderstood not just by everyday people but also by the many conventional doctors who we depend on for health advice. Most people resort to things like synthetic vitamins and medicines (ignoring better natural alternatives) to deal with colds and improve immunity, but the cycle of sickness always seems to continue. For people with compromised immune systems, there are many natural options, and now researchers have discovered what could well be one of the best ways to reset and recharge your immune system; one that happens to be free and is believed to work even in the elderly as well. Three Days to a Whole New Immune System

untitled Embed a dynamic map of a public Google Spreadsheet on your webpage. After loading in your spreadsheet data and customizing the map, you can copy the generated code into your webpage. An example spreadsheet's data and map of great Seattle restaurants has been pre-loaded. Metaphysical Properties of Crystals Crystal Properties Though far from comprehensive, this crystal properties section contains many of the most useful healing and metaphysical crystals. Emphasis has been given to those that are relatively easily available and have the power to enhance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. Agate Agate is a variegated chalcedony. Historically, it was placed in cooking and drinking water to avoid illness.

Hatha Yoga for the Chakras Hatha Yoga Postures for The Third Chakra The Woodchopper. The associated tone of the third chakra is a loud "ah" sound. This should accompany the motions of this 'Woodchopper' exercise. Kitchen Tour: Sara Moulton's Everyday Family Kitchen After fourteen years in a Manhattan kitchen untouched by renovation, Sara Moulton recently took an axe to it all and started from scratch. It might shock you to learn she still cooks on an electric stove (no gas in the building) and didn't enlarge the footprint one inch. Better yet, she cooks five nights a week for her family of four and develops all of her recipes there.

Dumortierite - a psychic gemstone In the United State, Dumortierite has been mined mainly in California and Nevada, but it is found in many areas around the country. The most commons places where it is mined in the rest of the world include Brazil, Canada, France, Madagascar, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sri Lanka. The most sought after colors are usually blue or violet, however it can also be found in various shades of pink and green. It is important to note that stones called Dumortierite Quartz and quartz crystals that contain dumortierite inclusions in them are their own separate stone and will not be covered on this page. In the mundane world, dumortierite is used in the making of ceramics, porcelain and even spark plugs. The stone was named in the 1880's for Eugene Dumortier a French paleontologist of the time.

Food Blog - Best Food Blogs - Gourmet Food Blog *Terroir, a French word pronounced tur-WAH, is the unique combination of geographic location, climate and microclimate, soil and temperature that creates the individual personality of an agricultural product. As in the growing of grapes for wine or beans for coffee, terroir dramatically affects the flavor profiles of the product. A blended Scotch is created by mixing the distillations (Scotches) from multiple single malt producers. By selecting particular single malts, the blender can achieve the exact flavor combination desired, with more balance and complexity. Examples include honey and floral flavors from Highland Scotches, fruity flavors from Speyside, vanilla flavors from Lowland Scotches and peaty flavors from Islay.

TRAC. Outrun your excuses. PUMATRAC brings you brand new features: ability to gather insights from your Spotify playlists, a social leaderboard to interact with other runners, and a treadmill toggle for your indoor runs. All the basics you need to track your runs, with new features to discover how you perform best. Just what you need All the basic elements you'll need during your run are available here. Swipe right for the map, swipe left for the sound player or - yes, that' new!

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