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The Hunzas,and other centenarians

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Section 1.2. Gerontological studies confirm that the highest records on longevity are from "The Hunzukuts" in Hunza, living in high valleys between China and Afghanistan, and from "The Abkhasians" in the Caucasus Mountains. Serious efforts to analyze genetic, nutritional and environmental factors, have failed in providing a scientific explanation for the longevity factor found in those areas. There have been two joint symposiums on "Caucasus Longevity". The first was in 1980 in Tbilisi, and the second in 1982 in New York. Professor Zhores Medvedev, a distinguished Russian gerontologist working since 1973 in the United Kingdom at the National Institute for Medical Research, has published in English, valuable information about census and longevity in the Caucasus from various official sources originally in Russian. Drs. Kakiashvili and Sadofiev of the Georgian Academy of Sciences studied one hundred Abkhasians between ages of eighty and one hundred and five.

Dr. E.J. Dr. Dr. Health Secrets of the Hunzas - Live a Long & Healthy Life. The Personal Development Institute is dedicated to motivating people to discover and use more of their potential. And awaken people to a new way of thinking about what it takes to make life more rewarding and fulfilling. A Gift that will last a lifetime Donations Welcome 5 Centenarian Health Foods - Health Secrets of the Hunzas - Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation Health Secrets Of The Hunzas It is believed that among these people centenarians are a common occurrence, and that it is not unusual for elderly persons to reach the venerable age of 130.

It has even been reported that a significant number have survived to the incredible age of 145! Click Here to receive the complete "Hunza Health Secrets" ebook free with Peter Kelders "The Eye of Revelation. " These people are not the product of legend, nor is the country they inhabit a mythical utopia. The life expectancy of the average Westerner is about 70 years. At one hundred years old, a Hunza is considered neither old nor even elderly.