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18 Free Wikipedia Tools For Better Research. Wikipedia is an ocean of information where one can easily get lost. We have selected 18 really awesome tools that will allow you to get more out of wikipedia and utilize it in a more productive manner. All these tools are completely free: 1. Similpedia: Similpedia lets you find similar content on wikipedia. Just enter a paragraph of text or a URL and click submit. 2. WikiAlarm allows to track several Wikipedia articles and send you automatic email updates whenever your selected articles are edited. 3. WikiRank lets you see what topics are popular on Wikipedia. 4. WikiRage tracks the Wikipeda pages that have been receiving most edits recently. 5. Wikipedia-Roll allows you to search and browse wikipedia articles visually. 6. DeletionPedia provides you with a copy of the articles that have been deleted by wikipedia. 7.

EyePlorer helps in visulaizing facts and figures about a certain topic. 8. Navify is an interface to browse through the multimedia files related to any topic on Wikipedia. 4 Time Saving Content Curation Tools. Content curation services, which had been one of the choice tools of marketing experts for some time now, are finally entering the mainstream. Some research done by the guys over at LikeHack showed that this service is now often used not by marketing consultants but by ordinary people. This is due to information overload and the rising need for content filtering. For this reason, content curation is evolving from not being only a professional tool but a tool that saves web surfers time as personal service. The demise of Google Reader is only going to accelerate the use of these tools as people switch to these emerging technologies to filter their content to save them time and increase content relevance.

What is content curation? A content curator is a service that uses algorithms to show the user only the most relevant and appropriate content with respect to a specific niche or topic. The changing trend traffic: What does this mean? Why is this happening? 4 Content Curation Tools 1. 2. Shop online.

:: Authentic Happiness :: Using the new Positive Psychology. Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously. To some people, maybe it doesn’t. To others, it matters a whole lot. The logging policy can be viewed symbolically: a VPN’s commitment to logging as little as possible is representative of their respect for your privacy and how seriously they approach the issue of protecting your data.

For example, for a lot of people, a VPN logging exactly what time they turn the VPN on or off might not be a matter of much concern: but our unwillingness to do even that hopefully signals just how earnestly we protect the data that is generally viewed as more sensitive. Bearing in mind that it takes considerable effort to reduce logging, and even costs us a not-inconsiderate amount of money to pull off, the value of underlining our commitment to your privacy comes down to illustrating our principles as much as bolstering our marketing. It’s proof that we mean what we say and say what we mean. This Exquisite Forest.

BandPage. The Creators Project Gallery :: Gallery. Temas Tumblr. 7 Ways to Send HUGE Files: 25X Bigger than Gmail. ¡Bienvenido a SurveyMonkey! Easy Way pronunciation game. SeuratJS - A Raphaël plugin for creating beautiful pointilized animations. Demo - Easel. aTube Catcher - Descargar. Cambridge English Level Test. Useful sites. Tools and so on and so on. Mis Apis por tus Cookies. The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers.

Map of Life. CHNL - What are you into? Hunch. 4 Promising Curation Tools That Help Make Sense of the Web. Steven Rosenbaum is a curator, author, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of, a real-time video curation engine for publishers, brands, and websites. His book Curation Nation is slated to be published this spring by McGrawHill Business. As the volume of content swirling around the web continues to grow, we're finding ourselves drowning in a deluge of data. Where is the relevant material?

Where are the best columns and content offerings? How can we balance the need for timely, relevant information with reasonable limits of our ability to find, sort, fact check and validate information? The solution on the horizon is curation. In the past 90 days alone, there has been an explosion of new software offerings that are the early leaders in the curation tools category. 1. Storify co-founder Burt Herman worked as a reporter for the Associated Press during a 12-year career, six of those in news management as a bureau chief and supervising correspondent. 2. 3. 4. Conclusion. Tweev - Hablemos En Vivo. Percolate! Pongr. - Take typing lessons, test your typing speed and practice typing for free! Visibli: Optimize Your Social Media Engagement.


Twitter tools. Infografías web. Issuu. Is It Old? Collaboration & stockage. Manifiesto Cluetrain en Español. Los mercados son conversaciones. Los mercados consisten de seres humanos, no de sectores demográficos. Las conversaciones entre seres humanos suenan humanas. Se conducen en una voz humana. Ya sea transmitiendo información, opiniones, perspectivas, argumentos en contra o notas humorosas, la voz humana es abierta, natural, sincera. La gente se reconoce como tal por el sonido de esta voz. La Internet hace posible tener conversaciones entre seres humanos que simplemente eran imposibles en la era de los medios masivos de comunicación.

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