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Intel lance Discovered premier film immersif avec la Kinect Intel lance «Discovered» un film en réalité augmentée, créé en collaboration avec les équipes de Xbox, qui permet notamment de jouer les héros avec Chris Evans. Microsoft est incontestablement l’un des acteurs de la sphère technologique dont nous avons le plus parlé ces dernières semaines. Avec plus de 1,5 milliard de dollars investit en marketing et une génération de terminaux propulsés par un OS flambant neuf, la firme de Redmond semble confiante pour la suite. Intel lance Discovered premier film immersif avec la Kinect

Dave Szulborski
Flip to back Flip to front Listen Playing... Paused You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Learn more <div> Imagine a world of mystery and excitement, adventure and fantasy, waiting for you to explore. This Is Not A Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming: Dave Szulborski: 9781411625952: This Is Not A Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming: Dave Szulborski: 9781411625952:
Miss TrollMedia Miss TrollMedia Paris, le 25 juin 2012 Chers lecteurs, Cela fait déjà 1 mois que Henry Jenkins, ce fameux, fameux théoricien des médias est venu précher la bonne parole transmédia au Centre Pompidou. Cela fait donc déjà 1 mois mes amis que je vous mets au défi... et que nombre d’entre vous me taquinent et cherchent à reconstituer mon adresse postale.
Jeu en réalité alternée Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Un jeu en réalité alternée (Alternate Reality Game - ARG) est un jeu multimédia, qui de manière délibérée entretient le flou entre les expériences perçues lors du jeu et hors du jeu. Fictions immersives qui brouillent les frontières entre le monde réel et imaginaire, se déploient à la fois en ligne et dans la vraie vie, se propagent par tous les canaux : coups de fils anonymes, chasses aux trésors dans la ville, textos, dans les journaux, pubs télé, affiches, e-mails, sites Internet, etc. (Marie Lechner - Libération) Jeu en réalité alternée …And then the screaming started. After a long day of surfing the web, you crash hard and sleep soundly. But suddenly you are awakened by the persistent ringing of your phone. You answer it, and the voice at the other end speaks sinisterly, "If you know what's good for you, you'll back off. You don't want this, you really don't." You're sitting in the dark at 3:00 a.m., staring at the now-dead phone, thinking to yourself, "What have I gotten into?"
The 5 Most Insane Alternate Reality Games An alternate reality game (ARG for short) combines the best elements of viral marketing, role playing games and being an insane person who can't tell fantasy from reality. Basically, ARGs ask the players to pretend they're living in a carefully constructed parallel universe that can include fake websites and phone numbers and even real objects hidden throughout the world ... usually for the sake of promoting a two-hour movie. What we're saying here is that ARGs are usually pretty crazy to begin with, but some of them go the extra mile. Like ... The 5 Most Insane Alternate Reality Games
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Type:Rider, le jeu vidéo de Arte → La chaîne culturelle franco-allemande lance le 10 octobre prochain son premier jeu vidéo. Dans Type:Rider le joueur contrôlera deux points évoluant dans un grand puzzle-game afin de découvrir l’histoire et l’évolution de […] Pourquoi le storytelling est-il utile aux marques ? The Rabbit Hole The Rabbit Hole
I Love Bees
I Love Bees I Love Bees I Love Bees was first advertised by a subliminal message in a Halo 2 trailer; players who investigated the titular website discovered that the pages appeared to be hacked by a mysterious intelligence. As players solved puzzles, audio logs were posted to the site which gradually revealed more of the fictional back-story, involving a marooned artificial intelligence stranded on Earth and its attempts to put itself back together. I Love Bees was a marketing success; 250,000 people viewed the ilovebees website when it was launched in August 2004, and more than 500,000 returned to the site every time the pages were updated. More than three million visitors viewed the site over the course of three months, and thousands of people around the world participated in the game. I Love Bees won numerous awards for its innovation and helped spawn numerous other alternate reality games for video games.
An ARG is a game which deliberately blurs the line between the game and the real world. Players investigate the world of the game using the same tools with which they interact with the real world such as websites, email, telephone conversations and even in-person discussions with actors playing game characters. The mantra of The Beast, and most other ARGs, is "This is not a game." When a player reads a character's blog, or looks at his employer's website, or even speaks to him on the phone, the character never indicates that he is anything but what the game says he is, whether that's a professor of biology, a kidnapped child, a DP artist, or a robot bounty hunter. The Beast was set in the year 2142, 50 years after the events chronicled in A.I. The Beast (game) The Beast (game)
Sean Stewart . Beyond the Fourth Wall Connect with Sean News 5 October 2012 Sean will be the keynote speaker at this year's Power to the Pixel. New from Fourth Wall Studios: The Gamblers. New from Fourth Wall Studios: The Swarming, a 7-minute horror piece. Sean Stewart . Beyond the Fourth Wall
Mouth Taped Shut
360 Alterned Reality Experience
Why So Serious
Why so serious : ARG on Vimeo
Jane McGonigal My #1 goal in life is to see a game designer nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I’ve forecast that this will happen by the year 2023. Of course, it’s not enough to just forecast the future — I’m also actively working to make it a reality. (And you can too — join Gameful, the Secret HQ for Worldchanging Game Developers.) My best effort so far?
Superstruct was a massively multiplayer forecasting game, created by the Institute for the Future, and played by more than 8000 citizen future-forecasters from September - November 2008. Although the game is no longer live, you can still learn about it and explore some of our archived game content: Find out how the game was playedWatch the scenario videos to preview the SuperthreatsLearn about the 8000+ playersRead 1000+ stories they craftedDiscover the 500+ superstructures these awesome citizen future-forecasters created Superstruct
You are stronger than you know. You are surrounded by potential allies. You will soon conquer a great challenge. You are a Hero to others. An epic win is in your future. SuperBetter
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This is not a Game - PDF : l'Observatoire des Mondes Numériques en Sciences Humaines :.
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