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Sony gets involved in maker movement with MESH project.

I like this post because its very interesting. – ferandkirby

Get information about Bilbao Maker Faire. Madrid Maker Faire 2016, get your information. Buenas tardes, Mañana salgo desde San Sebastián a Madrid para participar como ponente, daré una charla el sábado 24 a las 13:30, poco después de Obijuan, para hablar de mi proyecto de crowdfunding #FTF o #FabricaTuFábrica .

Madrid Maker Faire 2016, get your information

Como estoy en plena campaña de recaudación de fondos (del 15-sep al 24-oct), en mi charla explicaré en que consiste el proyecto y animaré a la gente a que tome parte. Es una campaña que hago a través de Goteo y con el apoyo de la Diputación de Gipuzkoa, por cada euro que la gente pone, ellos ponen otro, asi que mejoran las posibilidades de que la cosa tenga éxito. 7 Top DIY Websites That Will Inspire Your Next Creation.

We thin this webpage is aweosome for its desings and ideas Also it´s really usefull – danielalfonso
We think this website will help us at the hour of creating a new object or when decorating it. – richifandanag

Look for DIY projects with free ideas. Upload, download and share 3D model files to be used on 3D printers. Search and download printable 3D models. Fab Lab IED Madrid information. Fab Lab IED Madrid was born with the compromise of joining both design theory and fabrication.

Fab Lab IED Madrid information

The space has all the usual infrastructure for digital fabrication, but also focuses on traditional crafts with infrastructure that is not easy to find available together in one place, as painting booth, welding facilities, woodworking stations, vacuformer, photographic processing, screen printing, etc. Fab Lab IED facilities have more than 300 square meters dedicated to these tasks and we encourage experimentation and discovery. It´s focused in three main groups of users: - Actual and former students of IED Madrid. - Entrepreneurs and partner enterprises, that will have the possibility to develop their projects both in the business and prototyping areas. - Maker community and people involved in embracing both education, design and open minded fabrication.


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