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Data journalism and visualisation: welcome to our new data site. Mapping America — Census Bureau 2005-9 American Community Survey. Fiscalité locale: le travail exemplaire de "La Gazette des Communes" - Data journalism. Il y a plus compliqué que le système fiscal français: une réforme du système fiscal.

Fiscalité locale: le travail exemplaire de "La Gazette des Communes" - Data journalism

HootSuite Reaches 1 Million Users [INFOGRAPHIC] Social media dashboard HootSuite has reached an important milestone: 1 million registered users.

HootSuite Reaches 1 Million Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

To celebrate the event, HootSuite shared with us some stats from its two-year history. HootSuite users send more than 1 million messages per day, mostly on Twitter, but also on Facebook, and LinkedIn. It took one year and two months to reach the first 250,000 registered users, but then, in only 10 months, that number has quadrupled. In 2010, HootSuite was really busy, adding HTML5 support to its web interface, launching iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry apps, and recently switching to a freemium business model. In the future, HootSuite plans to launch a social sharing tool for publishing platforms and release an API that will allow third-party developers to create apps and tools for the dashboard.

The 10 Best Infographics for Internet Marketing Pros. 2011 the year of the tablet takeover [Infograpic] What is 2011 going to be?

2011 the year of the tablet takeover [Infograpic]

It is going to be the year of the tablet. Not just the iPad, which has greedily hogged the limelight, but all the others as the battle for market share really gets in gear as Microsoft’s offering, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the Blackberry Playbook and Lenovo’s LePad tablet to name a few fight it out. Is it going to be a tablet computer takeover? Or will the research suggesting consumers won’t pay £400 for iPad like products keep the market in check? Female_orgasm_facts. Transparency: Pakistan vs. Haiti, Which Disaster Got More Aid? - Health. The earthquake in Haiti last January was devastating: Estimates of the death toll are nearly 250,000 and millions of people were displaced.

Transparency: Pakistan vs. Haiti, Which Disaster Got More Aid? - Health

Coverage of the disaster galvanized the world, with televised charity benefits and mass texting of donations to the Red Cross. Eight months later, massive flooding struck Pakistan. While it killed only 2,200 people, the economic effects were devastating, displacing more than 21 million Pakistanis. Yet many thought the world's reaction was muted in comparison to Haiti. Datas : Ce que Google révèle sur l’évolution de nos sociétés.

Maintenant que Google a numérisé (presque) tous nos livres, qu'est-il capable de nous dire sur nos sociétés ?

Datas : Ce que Google révèle sur l’évolution de nos sociétés

Premier résultat de cette mise en algorithme de l'humanité, "Google Ngram" dresse un portrait des tendances historiques, basées sur les mots utilisés dans la littérature mondiale. Coloroftheyear2010.png (PNG Image, 1188x1540 pixels) - Scaled (41%) How to win Rock-paper-scissors every time. I admit it.

How to win Rock-paper-scissors every time

When I first heard there are actual tournaments for Rock-paper-scissors, sanctioned by the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, I laughed. I mean seriously, $50k to the winner of a game that requires no skill whatsoever? Absurd. How Executives Are Using Social Media. The time constraints on today’s executives are more numerous than ever before.

How Executives Are Using Social Media

The Rise of Facebook Mobile. This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.

The Rise of Facebook Mobile

Here at Demandforce, we love seeing and celebrating your ideas! And more than that, we love to hear from YOU. We want to bridge the gap between us and you, so that’s why we’re offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a trip to San Francisco, sightsee in this amazing city, visit Demandforce headquarters and share your ideas with us! 6 winners, and a guest of their choice will be flown out to San Francisco, California on March 12-14th, 2014, where they will stay in Union Square, spend a day at Demandforce, have dinner with the team, and explore the lovely City by the Bay!

The Darwinian Evolution of Microsoft Windows. This is a cool infographic timeline, showing the Darwinian Evolution of Microsoft Windows from version 1.0 in 1985 up through the current Windows 7 in 2009.

The Darwinian Evolution of Microsoft Windows

Although it makes for a really tall infographic, I love seeing the visuals of the startup screens and the desktops. Art is credited to Richard Cavolo, and the project is from (even though I can find no mention of it on their site). It was posted on Je reçois un mail d'Hadopi, que dois-je faire ? infographie @lemondefr. Best-Times-Infographic. En une seule image - Comment les téléphones sont entrain de changer les... Poster_beer_1300. The Value of an Hour of Work. Cool Infographics - Cool Infographics - An Infographic Guide to Buying Your Own Island. Mapping Stereotypes by alphadesigner.

Infographie sur internet : attirer l’attention vers les données des acteurs de la solidarité. Séduisantes, efficaces, directes, facilement partageables, les infographies (ou Dataviz) ont le vent en poupe en ce moment, dans la presse classique mais aussi sur le web.

Infographie sur internet : attirer l’attention vers les données des acteurs de la solidarité

E-réputation des entreprises : Digimind publie une infographie. Belgique: et si c’était le compromis qui était le chaos ? » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism. Les wallons commencent à saturer de la situation délétère du pays et pensent de plus en plus qu'accepter n'importe quel compromis avec les flamands, comme l'a fait jusqu'à présent le PS wallon, n'est pas la solution. Titre original : L’allergie à Bart De Wever secoue l’opinion francophone: et si c’était le compromis qui était le chaos ? Untitled. Translation Info Graphics. Facts About Spam: A Visual Journey. Untitled. Infographie : Ma mère est sur Facebook. La puissance du crowdsourcing résumée en une infographie. Tracking Google's Acquisitions. Et si les plus gros sites Web étaient réunis? C’est fou ce que l’on peut se mettre à faire par moment. Ici une image a été faites afin de rassembler presque 300.000 sites Web. Les 288.945 plus « gros » plus précisément.

Timelines: Time travel in popular film and tv. Untitled. David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization. Untitled. An infographic for why social media matters  Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to adequately describe to people in your organisation why social media actually matters. Not because of the results that can be achieved, but because of the complexity of interactions involved in creating the social following that can drive those results. Interactive Infographic of the World's Best Countries. Untitled. Internet Censorship Report – It is one of the tools used by governments to filter out unwanted information and to prevent the spread through the World Wide Web. It is a phenomenon of staggering proportions that affects over 25% of the global population.

According to the latest data released on OpenNet Initiative and Reporters Without Borders 12 are the countries which have adopted a form of Internet censorship at a pervasive or substantial level. China, with a population of over 1.3 billion people and 360 million active users of the Internet is by far the nation in which the censors’ activity affects the highest number of citizens, followed in their list by Iran, Vietnam and Egypt. Untitled. Répartition de l'utilisation des réseaux sociaux dans le monde. “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” + Interactive Trailer = Achievement Unlocked! [AUTOPLAY] The interactive trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has made its debut, and we have to say: This is one of the coolest trailers we've ever seen. The interactive trailer utilizes the second full-length trailer for the film, but transforms it into a game chock-full of extra information about the film and how it was made.

Much of the information is narrated by director Edgar Wright. The object of the trailer is simple: Click on the trailer to find as many pieces of information on the movie as possible. When you find a secret, you can check out the links in the interactive trailer's information stream for more details about the film. Les « bourgeoises alternatives » : la cible marketing de Madame Figaro.

En Allemagne, la vie privée sur Internet sera enseignée à l'école - Numerama. De tous les pays européens, la France est l'une des nations les plus représentées sur Facebook. Selon les statistiques fournies par le service Facebook Ads, pas moins de 18 millions de Français sont inscrits sur le réseau social. 25 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques you Must Know.

Twice a month, we revisit some of our readers’ favorite posts from throughout the history of Nettuts+. This tutorial was first published in August, 2010. This industry moves fast -- really fast! If you're not careful, you'll be left in its dust. So, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the coming changes/updates in HTML5, use this as a primer of the things you must know. 1. Eric Schmidt et Google Wave : “Nous célébrons nos erreurs” Oil firm wins battle to identify chatroom users - Business News, Business. The group - listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) - went to court to force websites ADVFN and iii to reveal the identities of the anonymous bulletin message posters.

The High Court ruled in late June that the postings could be defamatory and granted the order, according to Nighthawk. It is now considering legal action against the individuals, whom the company alleges made "persistent" postings about the firm's operations and its management "which the board considers to be extremely damaging to the company and its reputation". Nighthawk added: "The company took steps to identify the posters who try to escape liability for their defamatory postings by hiding behind a cloak of anonymity, using anonymous email, social networking or bulletin board accounts to disseminate those postings.

NBC : une série sur les zombies et les vampires en projet. Compte-rendu des Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre - Blog du modérateur : conseils, widgets et outils pour créer son blog emploi. Google Postini : la carte du spam en temps réel. REGARDS SUR LE NUMERIQUE : Blog - Le Louvre en ligne : une plateforme communautaire en septembre et un nouveau site internet en 2011. RSLNmag est édité par Microsoft et se consacre à l’analyse et au décryptage du monde numérique. ROI Doesn’t Mean ‘Return on Ignorance’ Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data Visualization. Untitled. Notre monde ultra connecté. Infographie sur l'univers Youtube - Infographie -Thèque. Untitled. @jjuraver L'#infographie WiredUk sur Lost (#scannpourri déso. 33 infographies représentant internet, les usages ou les réseaux.

Infographie, évolution de la publicité - JBlog Pro, by JB Planti. Individuals and Their Online Identities. Are We Addicted to the Internet? Untitled. Les médias sociaux et les grandes entreprises. Women and Social Media. Infographie : 15 choses à savoir sur la Wikipedia. The Republic of Facebook. Cool Infographics - Cool Infographics - Google(graphic) - How Go. 60 infographies sur les medias sociaux. LinkedIn by the Numbers [Infographic] Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. A Visual Guide To The First-Person Shooter. Which Identities Are We Using to Sign in Around the Web? Untitled. Top World Cup Players on Facebook, Day by Day - Interactive Grap. Best virals of 2010 infographic.