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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) Jamila Rizvi. No Fear, No Envy, No Meanness. Home. Workshop The Art of Reading with Damon Young In this workshop, philosopher Damon Young explores the virtues of reading, and celebrates the adventure of the written word.


Workshop The Art of Cool Explore the psychology, history and sociology of “cool”. Breakfast Philosophy Brunch: Work, Self, Friendship. Reductionism. Philosophy - What is your body worth? According to a recent article in Wired magazine, a body could be worth up to $45 million — Calculated by selling the bone marrow, DNA, lungs, kidneys, heart … as components.

What is your body worth?

What about the value of a body based around just the chemical elements that make up a corpse? Let’s assume we possess a Superb Person Atomizing Machine (SPAM for short); a Sweeney Todd like device that can reduce a body to its elemental components. Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools. Last year VAPS was fortunate enough to have Professor Peter Singer, Australian moral philosopher and Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, as our 2013 conference patron.

Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools

Here is the interview that opened the conference. The following videos demonstrate and describe the practice of Philosophy with children. Please click on the title links to view the videos where they are hosted online. The Tragedy of Million Dollar Baby. Robin164. Explore faith : Focus on Film - Million Dollar Baby. Million Dollar Baby Directed by Clint Eastwood Warner Brothers PG-13 rating Commentary by Kevin Miller “Some choices you don’t want to make,” says Scrap, the one-time heavyweight contender who narrates this film.

explore faith : Focus on Film - Million Dollar Baby

Unfortunately, his boss, boxing trainer Frankie Dunn, is about to be presented with a real doozie. “Million Dollar Baby”: A Physician’s Ethical and Legal Analysis. Definitions are important if the terms are going to be used in a rational argument about an issue.

“Million Dollar Baby”: A Physician’s Ethical and Legal Analysis

I bring this up because I have seen the misuse of the terms “euthanasia” and “assisted suicide” with regard to the controversy about the ending of “Million Dollar Baby”. I would like to explain the words as physicians and lawyers and ethicists use them today. Euthanasia means essentially a easy, good and painless death. The way this term is used in modern practice is that as a beneficent action to a acutely or chronically ill patient, a person, most likely a physician, hopefully on the request of a patient who has the mental capacity to make a life and death decision, will administer a lethal chemical, for example, into the patients body and cause the death.

Don't Eat The Ice Cream - Movie Clip from Kramer Vs Kramer at What Is a Jihadi, or Jihadist? - Definition. By Amy Zalman, Ph.D.

What Is a Jihadi, or Jihadist? - Definition

Definition: Jihadi, or jihadist, refers to a person who believes that an Islamic state governing the entire community of Muslims must be created, and that this necessity justifies violent conflict with those who stand in its way. Although jihad is a concept that can be found in the Quran, the terms jihadi, jihadi ideology and jihadi movement are modern concepts related to the rise of political Islam in the 19th and 20th centuries.

(Political Islam is also called Islamism, and its adherents Islamists.) There are many contemporary Muslims and others who believe that Islam and politics are compatible, and a wide spectrum of views about how Islam and politics relate. Jihadis are a narrow subset of this group who interpret Islam, and the concept of jihad, to mean that war must be waged against states and groups who in their eyes have corrupted the ideals of Islamic governance. My Son The Jihadi. Topics for Ethics Papers. How Landmines Work. ­One of the most deadly legacies of the 20th century is the use of landmines in warfare.

How Landmines Work

Anti-personnel landmines continue to have tragic, unintended consequences years after a battle and even the entire war has ended. BBC Religion & Ethics. The Holstee Manifesto Original Letterpress Poster. Goods bought from Holstee are meant to make you smile.

The Holstee Manifesto Original Letterpress Poster

If they don't, we haven't done something right. If you're not completely satisfied with your Holstee purchase, let us know! The easiest way to initiate a return is to first fill out this form. You are also welcome to contact us at with questions or if your return/exchange requires special attention. Our return policy is: If you don't want it, send it back within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund and within 30 days of your purchase for an exchange. What if my product arrives damaged? 25 Beautifully Illustrated Thought-Provoking Questions. Since I have embarked in to a new career after 13 years working as a Clinical Social Worker in an Intensive Care Unit, I am forced to think about things other than motorcycles.

25 Beautifully Illustrated Thought-Provoking Questions

My new career, Organ Donation Coordinator in a hospital makes me question so many things in my life. It is scary to go from a job where I was unconsciously competent to a job that I am consciously incompetent. Well, that is how I feel at the moment and can only hope one day I will feel competent. In any case, the questions below, although can be considered a bit corny are really thought-provoking.

PACTISS – Philosophers and Critical Thinkers in Senior Schools: Resources for Educators.


Ethics Online - Film based lessons on War, Abortion, Environmental, Evil, Life after Death, and Sexual Ethics on DVD. Film and Philosophy. Philosophy and Film. Starts February 23, 2015 This course will examine a variety of philosophical arguments through the medium of film.

Philosophy and Film

It will consist of video lectures, readings, and lively discussion. Students will engage a wide range of exciting thinkers, issues, and movies with the goal of understanding both how our world is and how we want it to be. This class will engage some of the central questions surrounding the human experience through the medium of film. We will seek to understand some of the major ideas and thinkers in Western thought over a period of roughly three thousand years. Topics, Thinkers, and Films over six modules: William A. Professor of Philosophy William A.

"A book [movie!] Morality and the Movies: Reading Ethics Through Film: Dan Shaw: Continuum. “Shaw makes morality go down as easily as a bag of popcorn. No more will philosophy be dull. I can only wish that I had had a text like Morality and the Movies when I was a student just encountering ethics. This book is certain to engage students, as they discover they were already thinking about morality when they were watching movies.” – Thomas Wartenberg, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA, “Morality and the Movies vividly and even-handedly presents topics from ethical theory and applied ethics by means of well-chosen illustrations from classic and newer films.

Philosophical Films. The 18 Best Philosophical Movies of All Time. Whether realizing the art form of filmmaking or not, directors and writers often use their preferred visual medium to tell a story. Ideologies, theories or whatever form of message is always decoded in this visual medium in hopes that the audience gets the message. The secret of making a successful film, especially when telling a story, is to avoid preaching. From Mel Gibson to Seth Macfarlene, Federico Fellini to Ridley Scott and of course Hitchcock, their movies have messages, from symbolist storytelling to clever subtext dialogues. Here’s a list of some of the movies that have philosophical messages encoded for the audience. Please note that the films here are ranked in chronological order.


These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy. DOING SOMETHING MEANINGFUL. Six Famous Thought Experiments, Animated in 60 Seconds Each. Toolkit. Essential Questions These are questions which touch our hearts and souls. They are central to our lives. They help to define what it means to be human. Most important thought during our lives will center on such essential questions. What does it mean to be a good friend? If we were to draw a cluster diagram of the Questioning Toolkit, Essential Questions would be at the center of all the other types of questions. All the other questions and questioning skills serve the purpose of "casting light upon" or illuminating Essential Questions. Most Essential Questions are interdisciplinary in nature. Supporting philosophical thinking in Victorian schools. Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools.

Material for the new Study Design is regularly being uploaded. The School of Life. POWER OF LOGIC. LOVER OF WISDOM.


Types of Reasoning. The Nature of Existence. Philosophy Home Page. Optical Illusions - Blue eye spiral wheel illusion. Cracked. 6 Steps to Help Students Find Order in Their Thinking. Sci-Fi 2010's. Theory of Knowledge. Philosophy Crossquiz Home page. Creating the puzzles These puzzles were originally created for Philosophy 4 Schools, a newsletter promoting the adoption of philosophy into the curriculum for secondary schools in South Australia. Fred Smith - Dust of Uruzgan - ABC Canberra - Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Fred Smith is the latest in a long line of Australian songwriters that attempt to capture what it means to serve your country overseas. How to teach … philosophy. Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? Episode 01 "THE MORAL SIDE OF MURDER".

Intro to Philosophy. Ethics and philosophy. On the benefits of a philosophy major « Pleas and Excuses. My fantastic colleague, Ty Fagan, made this graphic from recent data coming from the Educational Testing Service. I thought it was worth a blog post, because students interested in a philosophy major often ask me whether they should do a double-major or minor in “something more practical.” Ethical Issues. Philosophy in Life. Philosophy. Dualism (philosophy of mind) René Descartes's illustration of dualism.

Inputs are passed on by the sensory organs to the epiphysis in the brain and from there to the immaterial spirit. In philosophy of mind, dualism is the position that mental phenomena are, in some respects, non-physical,[1] or that the mind and body are not identical.[2] Thus, it encompasses a set of views about the relationship between mind and matter, and is contrasted with other positions, such as physicalism, in the mind–body problem.[1][2] Dualism, by Lisa Storrs. Predicting the unpredictable: critical analysis and practical implications of predictive anticipatory activity. The brain mechanism behind your inner voice. Corollary discharge plays a central role in our motor system.

It allows us to correct motor errors before we have committed them and it allows us to prevent confusion between self- and externally-caused sensory events. 8 Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day And How To Prevent Them. 10 Tools Every Teacher Should Master This Summer. YouTube. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems... palsy is just one. Philosophy. Galaxies could give glimpse of the instant time began - space - 31 October 2012. The-Philosophy - Philosophy & Philosophers.

Philosophy. Should we redesign humans? Essential Movies for a Student of Philosophy - Movie List on mubi. Philosophy.