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Facebook. 19 Things Your Body Can Tell You About Your Health.

The Mind-Body Link

Back Pain. Sitting Too Long. Exercises. How Your Emotions Affect Your Organ Health. October 24th By Hilde Larsen Contributing writer for Wake Up World After years of studying health and how to allow the body to naturally heal, there is one topic that keeps coming back to me as significant, and that is the body-emotion connection.

How Your Emotions Affect Your Organ Health

The key role they play in our physical wellbeing, and how much gunk we carry from early childhood. From our upbringing, our traumas, conditioning and belief system. From my own experience, living through the diagnoses of Lyme, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcers, Insomnia, Anxiety, and Chronic Fatigue, I know how important diet is, how important a complete, lifestyle change is, including fresh air, grounding, rest and a loving community.

We are not machines, in need of chemicals and separation. The electromagnetic field emitted by our hearts can cause specific changes in the brains of the people around us. This is not a new concept: In traditional Chinese medicine, emotions and physical health are intimately connected. 1. Emotions: Grief and sadness.

Chemical balance

The Muscle of the Soul: How To Unlock It And Use It to Decrease Stress. The Facts:Multiple studies and examples have shown how sound, frequency and vibration can literally alter physical material matter.

The Muscle of the Soul: How To Unlock It And Use It to Decrease Stress

Research has also shown that sound, frequencies and vibration can be used as a significant healing method for various ailments.Reflect On:How plausible would it be for these interventions to become a regular part of therapy, just as much as pharmaceutical drugs are now? Cymatics is a very interesting topic. It illustrates how sound frequencies move through a particular medium such as water, air, or sand and as a result directly alter physical matter. There are a number of pictures all over the internet as well as youtube videos that demonstrate how matter (particles) adjust to different sounds and different frequencies of sound. When it comes to ancient knowledge, sound, frequency and vibration have always been perceived as powerful forces that can influence and alter life all the way down to the cellular level. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it?

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ZipStitch Laceration Kit

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Purchase: $30. How To Know If Your Chakras Are Blocked (3 Steps) The Facts:The self-help space often markets the term 'living the best version of yourself.' But what does this even mean?

How To Know If Your Chakras Are Blocked (3 Steps)

What are we truly seeking? Reflect On:Humanity is in a deep exploration to find higher states of consciousness and live our authentic self. Finding and expressing your authentic self can be practiced by exploring the questions and reflections laid out in the article. Walking down the self-help aisle of any bookstore may yield you a plethora of book titles and subtitles referencing ‘becoming the best of version yourself.’ “Today’s challenge,” “Who are you? A question that many are trying to answer. I will start by saying marketing a book can be a difficult task. But from my experience, many are repeating what has been learned in one book or another, or seem to be coming from a place of learning, but not quite mastery. Are We Running In Circles? I have been working on myself for 12 years and have been through many different phases.

Are we running in circles? To Be Fair. New Findings Cast Light on Lymphatic system, Key Player in Human Health. Scientists at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation have broken new ground in understanding how the lymphatic system works, potentially opening the door for future therapies.

New Findings Cast Light on Lymphatic system, Key Player in Human Health

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and lymph nodes that spans the entire body. It is critical for good health and for the body to function properly. Defects in lymphatic vessels cause lymphedema, a disease characterized by dramatic and painful swelling in the limbs that often leads to infections. Lymphedema can result from congenital mutations, surgery, radiation treatment for cancer or infection, and there is currently no cure. In addition to lymphedema, defects in the lymphatic system have been linked to a wide range of health consequences: cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and obesity. Sathish Srinivasan, Ph.D., and Boksik Cha, Ph.D., at OMRF previously discovered that a particular pathway—known as the Wnt signaling pathway—regulates the development of the human lymphatic vascular system. Anatomy of a Figure Skater: What are Mae Berenice Meite's hidden powers?