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Databases & Lists of Medicinal Plants

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27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space. Playful as kids are, accidents happen.

27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space

And the accident that befallen me at 7 years old was the feeling of the hot exhaust pipe of a motorcycle kissing the skin of my leg. Grandma was around and saw it. Immediately, she took out a knife and slice the thick lower part of the aloe vera plant by the garden and rubbed the exposed end on the burn. Looking back, I realized that it was important to have medicinal plants around the house cause you never know when you might need them.

So here are a list of plants that have the highest medicinal value compared to the other million species around the world worth planting around the house. Aloe Vera The aloe vera grows only under the sun with well drained dry or moist soil. Healing Spices Every Kitchen Needs to Have. Herbs and spices can make time spent cooking or baking in the kitchen a fun, creative and tasty experience.

Healing Spices Every Kitchen Needs to Have

However, what you may not know is that these same herbs have numerous benefits unrelated to the taste or aroma of food. In fact, many have components within that make them beneficial to people’s health. These eight options are among the most beneficial in the kitchen. Cayenne Known for its spicy hotness, cayenne pepper is well-loved in a variety of savory foods. Cinnamon. Medicinal Herbs Chart Plants Uses. Herewith a complete list of herbal remedies and the ailments or illnesses with which the herbal remedies may be of use. Vietnamese Herbs and Asian Herbs - Growing, Recipes, Cooking and Storing. 50 Herbs and Their Cabinet Cures. Herbal Remedies" While some people may dismiss herbal remedies as quackery, the use of botanicals is well rooted in medical practice.

Herbal Remedies"

Ancient doctors methodically collected information about herbs and developed well-defined pharmacopoeias to treat a variety of ailments. More than a quarter of all drugs used today contain active ingredients derived from those same ancient plants. It's estimated that nearly 80 percent of the world's population use herbs for some aspect of primary health care. 18 Of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants. (Part of an Exclusive WebEcoist Series on Amazing Trees, Plants, Forests and Flowers) From marijuana to catnip, there are hundreds of remarkably common herbs, flowers, berries and plants that serve all kinds of important medicinal and health purposes that might surprise you: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, insect repellent, antiseptic, expectorant, antibacterial, detoxification, fever reduction, antihistamine and pain relief.

18 Of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants

Here are eighteen potent medical plants you're likely to find in the wild – or even someone's backyard – that can help with minor injuries, scrapes, bites and pains.* Marijuana Images via Current and Street Knowledge Seriously. Lady Ferns Image via US Forest Service If you grew up in the Pacific Northwest you likely know what ferns are good for: treating stinging nettles. California Poppy Images via Netstate and Mountain Meadow Seeds The brilliant blooms of the poppy make this opioid plant an iconic one. Blood Flower. 15 Medicinal Plants And Herbs From The Cherokee People.

Photo credit: If you love natural medicine, and you love discovering new plants or herbs to help heal your body naturally, then this article is for you.

15 Medicinal Plants And Herbs From The Cherokee People

Some of the best healing plants come to us through traditional Cherokee healers. Using plants to treat common illnesses or injuries has been around for centuries as there were no “doctors” or pharmaceuticals. Somehow, the Cherokee people thrived. Remote Amazonian Healers compile a 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia. Before the advent of written language, a tribe’s knowledge had to be passed down orally for the continuation of information.

Remote Amazonian Healers compile a 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia

An elder was considered an encyclopedia of remedies, for the body, mind and soul. Midwives kept detailed mental histories of the complete lineage of every person in the village. Births and deaths were a time of remembering these lineages, which remained intact through the telling of the members’ life stories. Historical stories told repeatedly recalled the origins of each tribe and the stories held the tribe in threads of belonging. To speak was to hear and to hear was to remember. To remember was to speak. When remote tribes make contact with outsiders, the oral traditions begin to degrade.

Top 10 Medicinal Plants You Can Grow Yourself. Finding a cure for your health problems by using natural remedies goes way back in history and people have been using natural remedies since the beginning of time.

Top 10 Medicinal Plants You Can Grow Yourself

Of course, in order for these remedies to be efficient you should know something about each plant that can help you feel better. Once you have this basic information, you can decide which of these plants you should grow in your garden and start planting. To give you a few examples basil, marigolds and thyme are among these “miracle” plants, but you will find a long list if you do a bit of research. To help you get started and become an expert in medicinal plants, start by planting some from the next link. It contains a selection of 10 medicinal plants that can be grown at home by anyone who has a garden. Tractatus de Herbis, a medieval medicinal plant guide - Aleph. The Tractatus de Herbis manuscript is a botanical album made around the year 1440 in Lombardy, Italy.

Tractatus de Herbis, a medieval medicinal plant guide - Aleph

It was created to help apothecaries and physicists with different linguistic skills to identify plants in their daily trade. The drawings, made with simplicity and looseness, sometimes take up an entire page and reveal the keys of the Mediterranean pharmacopeia of the Middle Ages. Although this particular book, known also as Sloan 4016 (its name in the British Library’s catalogue), is traditionally identified as a copy of Manfredus’ famous medicinal plant treatise, which itself was a version of the code known as Egerton 747, does not contain any of the original writing, only its images.

The main question raised by this manifest is why its author decided to abandon Tractatus’ original text and instead gave birth to a new genre. (4) Facebook. What Everybody Ought to Know About Medicinal Uses Of These 22 Common Spices. Herbs A to Z – Happy Herb Company. A-Z Herb List. Herbs and Supplements. Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants. 10 Herbs for Healing & Detox (Infographic) Chinese Herbal Medicine Websites & databases. A Guide to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

Natural Remedies: Best 50 Medicinal Herbs, Fruit & Vegetables To Grow. Echium Vulgare Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients. Medicinal herbs: VIPER'S BUGLOSS - Echium vulgare. Latin name: Echium vulgare Family: Boraginaceae (Borage Family) Medicinal use of Viper's Bugloss: Viper's bugloss was once considered to be a preventative and remedy for viper bites.

medicinal herbs: VIPER'S BUGLOSS - Echium vulgare

It is related to borage, Borago officinalis, and has many similar actions, especially in its sweat-inducing and diuretic effects. Echium vulgare Viper's Bugloss, Common viper's bugloss PFAF Plant Database. Translate this page: Powered by Translate Summary Physical Characteristics Echium vulgare is a BIENNIAL/PERENNIAL growing to 0.9 m (3ft) by 0.6 m (2ft in).

Echium vulgare Viper's Bugloss, Common viper's bugloss PFAF Plant Database

UK Hardiness MapUS Hardiness Map. Echium vulgare - Useful Temperate Plants. Boraginaceae The Temperate Database is in the process of being updated, with new records being added and old ones being checked and brought up to date where necessary. This record has not yet been checked and updated. Common Name: Viper's Bugloss. PFAF. Herbs List - A Guide To Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses.

Poisonous and Non-poisonous Plants

Växter - Giftinformationscentralen. Roślinariusz. Popularny krzew ozdobny, który przypomina nam o sobie w kwietniu każdego roku, „ogłaszając” nadejście wiosny. Kiedy liście zaczynają stopniowo zastępować jaskrawożółte kwiaty, wówczas forsycja przestaje zwracać na siebie uwagę i popada w zapomnienie. Jednak ta nie wymagająca specjalnych zabiegów pielęgnacyjnych roślina, umiejętnie przycinana, może stanowić wartościowy element ogrodu przez wiele lat. Warto wiedzieć o niej więcej. Kolekcja roślinnych wpisów - 1000roślin. Magiczny świat ziół – Zioła, ziołolecznictwo i najciekawsze fakty ze świata ziół. Medicinal herbs: RIBWORT PLANTAIN - Plantago lanceolata. Althaea officinalis Marsh Mallow, Common marshmallow PFAF Plant Database. Translate this page: You can translate the content of this page by selecting a language in the select box.