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About | Kowtow. For similar gestures in other cultures, see Prostration. Kowtow, which is borrowed from kau tau in Cantonese, or koutou in Mandarin Chinese, is the act of deep respect shown by prostration, that is, kneeling and bowing so low as to have one's head touching the ground. An alternative Chinese term is ketou, however the meaning is somewhat altered: kou has the general meaning of knock, whereas ke has the general meaning of "touch upon (a surface)", tou meaning head.

In East Asian culture, the kowtow is the highest sign of reverence. It was widely used to show reverence for one's elders, superiors, and especially the Emperor, as well as for religious and cultural objects of worship. In modern times, usage of the kowtow has become reduced. [citation needed] Traditional usage[edit] In Imperial Chinese protocol, the kowtow was performed before the Emperor of China. Modern Chinese usage[edit] The kowtow, and other traditional forms of reverence, were much maligned after the May Fourth Movement. SOMMELIER - Manga - Araki Joh, Ken-ichi Hori, Shinobu Kaitani. Le monde de Lily Wong de Larry Feign, une tradition bien hongkongaise ou un cas d’espèce ?

1- BD occidentales et chinoises satiriques, une coexistence ancienne The China Punch dénigrait souvent les coutumes chinoises et louait la supériorité de la culture britannique, mais il combinait des éléments occidentaux et chinois. Il constitue ainsi une preuve imprimée de ce mélange de cultures occidentale et orientale qui est propre à Hong Kong. Par exemple, la couverture du 1er numéro nous montre un Occidental en costume de mandarin du gouvernement Qing ; ses bras grand ouverts semblent accueillir le lecteur dans une pose qui n’est pas sans rappeler L’Homme de Vitruve. En arrière-plan, le cercle de la planche anatomique de Léonard de Vinci devient un anneau qui ressemble au sceau britannique mais aussi à une porte de lune chinoise ; les dragons, le paysage et les bambous sont, quant à eux, des éléments typiquement chinois.

The China Punch fut l'un des premiers points d'entrée pour les BD politiques en Chine. 2- Hong Kong, un refuge 3- Larry Feign et Zunzi, deux figures de proue. Be The Change Movement » The Movement. “Be the Change” is designed to inspire peace from the inside out and to create hope while challenging individuals to find their passion for all people. The “Be the Change” movement inspires people to notice what’s happening in the world around them, to choose actions that create positive change, and to act as a living example of the power of contribution and compassion. By focusing on positive action, contribution and service to fellow humans, the Be the Change Movement serves as a clearing house of service ideas and inspiration for people everywhere. “Be the Change” is a service based movement designed for youth and adults of all ages. “Be the Change” provides immediate hope, inspiration and inclusion to every individual committed to living their lives in service to others. “Be the Change” is a self perpetuating membership organization open to anyone who shares in it’s vision and principles.

“Be the Change” is a way of life that anyone can live in every moment. Uploads/Secret_Sanhya_Part_2.pdf. WHITE PAPERS | William A Tiller Institute for Psychoenergetic Science.

Truth or scamm ???

'The greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe': Dr Paul Francis at ANU, March 2010. Platform Marketing: Making Use of the Cognitive... Americans watch roughly two hundred billion hours of TV every year. That’s in average 34 hours per week per person. „Where do people find the time? “ is the most common reaction to these numbers. Imagine treating the free time of these people as an aggregate, what could have been possible? Of course, there is a big difference between writing a decent wikipedia article and watching a TV series, but nevertheless people could, even with very little effort, do creative and valuable things.

„The stupidest creative act, is still a creative act. (…) The real gap is between making nothing and making something Even if it’s just flagging an inappropriate comment or reposting a picture, we are able to build great meaningful things even with just little interactions.Technology and the mobile web enables us to treat free time as asset for communally created projects, rather than as a set of individual minutes to be whiled away one person at a time. What brands are doing right now A thesis The Big Knit. Academy for Earth Sustainability | OUR TEAM. Amol Ghag Amol is a permaculture & organic farming trainer. Alongside co-founding the Academy for Earth Sustainability and running his own small scale farm, he has also launched a successful fitness academy & consultancy, leading fitness, health, team building and leadership workshops at top corporates such as P&G, HPCL & TATA to name a few.

His love of the land is spawned from his love of the outdoors, health & adventure. Amol takes a holistic approach to his lifes work and believes the key to success is in the constant feedback loop. Sukriti Gupta Sukriti believes efficient, simple, cross disciplinary design is a large part of the solution to earths resource inequality & environmental problem.

Brendon Mendonca Brendon is an energy engineer consulting with a number of clients ranging from renewable energy programs, research organizations and private companies. Caitlin Marinelli Sheldon Mendonca Join Our Team! Sandra Plaza. Cognitive Surplus Fuels Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation. What is the Cognitive Surplus? Clay Shirky author of the business book “Cognitive Surplus: creativity and generosity in a connected age” and of the Ted Talk “How Cognitive Surplus will change the world” coined the term “Cognitive Surplus” to “describe the free time that people have…to engage in collaborative activities” particularly online. People worldwide are allocating their free time to connecting with each other instead of passively watching TV alone. Fueled by enthusiasm and passion, they are using their creative energy outside of work to fulfill social goals, not economic ones.

Clay Shirky a Technology Optimist Shirky, a social media theorist and technology optimist, sees Cognitive Surplus as part of a positive evolution. “Now, we have technology that allows us to create, not just consume,” he says, urging former couch potatoes to take advantage of new opportunities to make a difference. Cognitive Surplus Erring on the Side of New Technology. The Role of Women, after Ekadesha Rudra puja, Shudy Camps, England 1906.1988. Full Speech: Jim Carrey's Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation. Jagadish Chandra Bose. Born in Bikrampur (present day Munshiganj District near Dhaka in Bangladesh) during the British Raj, Bose graduated from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta. He then went to the University of London to study medicine, but could not pursue studies in medicine due to health problems. Instead, he conducted his research with the Nobel Laureate Lord Rayleigh at Cambridge and returned to India.

He then joined the Presidency College of University of Calcutta as a Professor of Physics. There, despite racial discrimination and a lack of funding and equipment, Bose carried on his scientific research. He made remarkable progress in his research of remote wireless signalling and was the first to use semiconductor junctions to detect radio signals. However, instead of trying to gain commercial benefit from this invention, Bose made his inventions public in order to allow others to further develop his research. Early life and education[edit] Bose joined the Hare School in 1869 and then St. Blinded By Science. Depression | Depression Causes. Definition of depression Depression is defined as an abnormal state of the mind or mental state of the person characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest.

Common symptoms and signs of depression: - Low or irritable mood present most of the time - A loss of pleasure in usual daily activities (work, exercise, hobbies, games, and so on) - Tiredness and lack of energy - A change in appetite, usually with weight gain (rarely weight loss) - Poor quality of sleep and/or sleeping too much - Feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, hopelessness, and guilt - Difficulty concentrating - Too slow or too fast movements - Lack of activity and avoiding usual activities.

Inability or greatly reduced ability to deal with life problems is quite a common sign of depression even though the general individual picture varies. All available medical evidence suggests that depression is possible only when the brain has reduced levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Brillant minds ?! Aquaponics4You - Preview. Hong Kong needs its leaders to lead, for once, or protests will continue. The campuses of Hong Kong's universities are peppered with faculty buildings that bear the names of their generous sponsors, mostly prosperous business tycoons and their heirs and successors.

It is sobering to reflect - in the wake of the extraordinary events of the past few weeks - that while huge donations can pay for the bricks and mortar of these splendid edifices, they cannot buy the hearts and minds of the students they were designed to serve. The street protests of the "umbrella movement" may have been triggered by the August 31 decision of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, but the social pressures that have led to this eruption of anger and defiance of authority have been building for years. Those of us in the older generation should feel ashamed that the best and brightest of our young people feel so disaffected and marginalised that they have lost all respect for the government and the business elites and vested interests that underpin it.

Jeremy Rifkin: "The Zero Marginal Cost Society" | Authors at Google. Jeremy Rifkin: "The Zero Marginal Cost Society" | Authors at Google. About Us. At age 22, Tami Simon started Sounds True with a dream, a tape recorder, and a $50,000 inheritance she received upon the death of her father. Though she had no business experience and only a vague idea of what she wanted the company to be, Tami had her guiding principle strongly in place: to "disseminate spiritual wisdom. " In the early days, Tami began by recording conferences and interviews with teachers like Ram Dass and Stephen Levine. She broadcasted portions of these recordings on a radio show that she hosted on Boulder County Public Radio, and then made the cassettes of the entire recordings available for purchase.

She also began to connect with the Boulder music scene by offering cassette duplication service to local artists. Tami Simon joined forces with direct marketing catalog expert Devon Christensen. During the next years, they developed the Sounds True catalog—which would become the primary engine for connecting the company directly to customers in the decade to come. The Park Paradigm. Marc Andreessen on Finance: ‘We Can Reinvent the Entire Thing’ Twitter. Facebook. AirBnB. Marc Andreessen, co-founder of the $4.2 billion venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, has backed them all -- along with dozens of others. His latest project? Upending finance. Out With the Old “We have a chance to rebuild the system. ‘‘You would not today, starting from scratch, invent any of these financial businesses in the same way.

In With the New “We’re not going to go backward. ‘‘But think about the scenario of a loan officer talking to a prospective client. ‘‘Lots of industries are changing in a similar way. Big Data “There is a growing idea in Silicon Valley that there are sources of data on consumer behavior we can use to predict creditworthiness. ‘‘The hypothesis is that there are many other similar sources of consumer data: credit card bills, social-network behavior, potentially even search history. ‘‘The minute any of these new credit vehicles can show any level of repeatability and reliability, the hedge funds come in and provide the funding. Jeremy Rifkin. Jeremy Rifkin (born January 26, 1945) is an economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political advisor and activist. Rifkin is president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and the bestselling author of nineteen books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society, and the environment.

His books have been translated into more than thirty five languages and are used in hundreds of universities, corporations and government agencies around the world. His most recent books include the New York Times Best Seller The Third Industrial Revolution (2011), The Empathic Civilization (2010), The European Dream (2004), The Hydrogen Economy (2002), The Age of Access (2000), The Biotech Century (1998), and The End of Work (1995).

Rifkin is the President of the TIR Consulting Group LLC which advises national governments, regions, and municipalities on developing Third Industrial Revolution Master Plans. Biography[edit] Youth and education[edit] The Zero Marginal Cost Society Book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, Internet of Things, Collaborative Commons, Eclipse of Capitalism, IoT, The Zero Marginal Cost Society. In The Zero Marginal Cost Society, New York Times bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin describes how the emerging Internet of Things is speeding us to an era of nearly free goods and services, precipitating the meteoric rise of a global Collaborative Commons and the eclipse of capitalism.

Rifkin uncovers a paradox at the heart of capitalism that has propelled it to greatness but is now taking it to its death—the inherent entrepreneurial dynamism of competitive markets that drives productivity up and marginal costs down, enabling businesses to reduce the price of their goods and services in order to win over consumers and market share. (Marginal cost is the cost of producing additional units of a good or service, if fixed costs are not counted.) Now, a formidable new technology infrastructure—the Internet of things (IoT)—is emerging with the potential of pushing large segments of economic life to near zero marginal cost in the years ahead.

Applico's Thinking. Ebner and Sons Publishers. Présentation René Quinton. René Quinton 1 de 2. The GenoType Diet™ by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. The Tom Peters Seminar. The Tom Peters Seminar The Race Beyond Tom Peters started 'twisting heads' with Liberation Management and Thriving on Chaos but the 'raging, inexorable, thunder lizard evangelist' took you 'beyond' everything in his seminar.

The Tom Peters Seminar was his first book after he took his 'show' on the road, and the book follows very closely to the 'script,' overheads and the slides of his live performances at the time. It was truly an adventure to 'experience’ Tom Peters in action - it still is! From the 'Seminar' Tom Peters produced The Pursuit of Wow! And The Circle of Innovation, each reflecting his latest new and improved version of the 'road show' he first captured in The Tom Peters Seminar. You can certainly get the latest in The Circle of Innovation, but it is truly an adventure to get the full treatment and re-trace his incredible logic and 'in-your-face' no-bull impact from at least The Tom Peters Seminar.

First and foremost - see him on tour! Fast paced! Beyond everything! Mainak Majumder, Faculty of Engineering, Monash University. The Spiral and the Vortex: Viktor Schauberger, water and earth energy. In this post I’d like to talk about some of the theories of a man called Viktor Schauberger. I found that I wanted to write a great deal about this man as I sympathised with so many of his views about the way Nature works, and the appalling treatment of Nature by mankind. However, I intend to keep the post limited to those ideas of his that I have found correspond to my own findings through dowsing and druidry. Reading about Viktor’s work with water and centripetal forces will, I am sure, suggest many other interesting areas for me to pursue with the dowsing rods, but for now I wanted to highlight those elements of his theories that I have already found fit with my own thinking about subtle energies.

Viktor Schauberger was responsible for some quite remarkable theories, all of which he derived from his observations of Nature. He was passionate about the idea of replacing the trees that were, and still are, being removed from the environment. Mystical experience Male and female energies. Social Mission. The CoinFront About | The CoinFront | Bitcoin News. Arkadi Kuhlmann. ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE & THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED! by Barry Lynes. Royal Raymond Rife. Li Xiaolai. Team. STAP Cells - Mistake or Misdconduct? Larry Downes. Big Bang Disruption. Edouard Bugnion lives in the virtual world | Networking.

Clayton M. Christensen

Clayton Christensen | HBS Professor & Disruptive Innovation Expert. My Bio — Daniel Vitalis. L'édition française des '"Nouveaux pouvoirs" disponible : Alvin Toffler réhabilite l'entreprise familiale. Knowledge. DLD Conference Speaker: Evgeny Morozov. DLD Conference Video: DLD14 - Against Solutionism (Evgeny Morozov) with Evgeny Morozov.

Rupert Sheldrake Online - Homepage. Books | Dr. Korotkov official web site. Come to Alternative Banking Meetings! | Alternative Banking. Kaner Lab | Online. Ervin Laszlo Center for Advanced Study. Daniel Meurois. Walter Russell the Secret of the Light. Walter and Lao Russell. Antoine Priore. Information Is Beautiful. David McCandless | Profile on David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization.

The memory of water. Leonard Susskind on The World As Hologram. Sugata Mitra | Profile on Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud. Viktor Schauberger. Jonathan W. Emord, Esq. Side. Structured water or miracle water. Article - Viktor Schauberger - Water Ways of Life. About Us | Mindvalley. Watkins’ Spiritual 100 List for 2012 | Esoteric News. ReCAPTCHA Founder's Duolingo Teaches Languages While Crowdsourcing Tra - Liz Gannes - News. Sahaja Yoga Meditation - The powers of a realised soul. Le blog de JEAN CLAUDE COLLARD. Roger Doiron: My subversive (garden) plot. Piero San Giorgio chez Emmanuel Ratier. The World Is Flat | Thomas L. Friedman. Mardi 11 octobre 2011.

Immanuel Wallerstein Mail - not just the collapse of the banks... - bertrand. Blog de Paul Jorion. Yochai Benkler on the new open-source economics. Lisa Gansky: The future of business is the "mesh" Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. Daniel Pink: A Whole New Mind. Napoleon Hill - How To Get Rich Via The Law Of Attraction. Dale Carnegie. Chautauqua. Tompeters! management consulting leadership training development. Alvin Toffler. Alvin + heidi toffler {futurists}