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Lost Tapes Reveal Astronauts Heard Unexplained ‘Music’ On Far Side Of The Moon. Lost recordings reveal that crew of an Apollo mission had strange music like radio transmissions coming through their headsets.

Lost Tapes Reveal Astronauts Heard Unexplained ‘Music’ On Far Side Of The Moon

Understandably subject to great debate, this information has been recently declassified. NASA's Giving Away Awesome Space Travel Posters For Free. NASA’s JPL reached out to Don and Ryan Clark to build brilliant custom art for its organization, and the two quickly accepted the once in a lifetime opportunity.

NASA's Giving Away Awesome Space Travel Posters For Free

“The project was a no brainer and was really a special one for us Over a three month period, the duo designed a set of vintage inspired travel posters for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Visions of the Future project, which is now available for free download online. SEE ALSO: China To Relocate Thousands For World’s Largest Telescope Each poster is a tribute to one specific mission. This ancient Babylonian map of Jupiter just changed history as we know it. The History of the Universe in 24 hours with Ben Moore. Planetary habitability in the Solar System. The Most Important Image Captured By Hubble. In 1996, scientists took a huge risk when they pointed the Hubble telescope to an inky field that they believed to be void of stars and planets.

The Most Important Image Captured By Hubble

As images from Hubble are in constant demand, the worry was that devoting so much time to a black space would prove futile. Once the photons finally registered, though, that leap of faith proved fruitful: light from over three thousand galaxies illuminated the image. A few years and missions later, Hubble’s glimpse into what is known as the deep field has revealed that we are just one tiny part of a vast system comprising 100 billion galaxies. Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn. Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn Pasadena, Calif. -- An odd, six-sided, honeycomb-shaped feature circling the entire north pole of Saturn has captured the interest of scientists with NASA's Cassini mission.

Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn

NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged the feature over two decades ago. The fact that it has appeared in Cassini images indicates that it is a long-lived feature. A second hexagon, significantly darker than the brighter historical feature, is also visible in the Cassini pictures. Garrett Lisi: A theory of everything. Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth. NASA Hack Space. Great Moonbuggy Race Winners NASA today declared the winners of the first NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge, held April 11-12 at the U.S.

NASA Hack Space

Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala. On Being Round. Apart from crystals and broken rocks, not much else in the cosmos naturally comes with sharp angles.

On Being Round

While many objects have peculiar shapes, the list of round things is practically endless and ranges from simple soap bubbles to the entire observable universe. Spheres tend to take shape from the action of simple physical laws. So prevalent is this tendency that often we assume something is spherical in a mental experiment just to glean basic insight even when we know that an object is decidedly non-spherical. Mystery Of The Age Of The Giza Pyramids. Space. Astronomy picture of the day. Spectacular Nebula Photos Captured By Space Telescope's X-Ray Vision. Amazing glowing nebulas resembling cosmic candy take center stage in a group of new photos unveiled today (Oct 10) by the science team behind NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Spectacular Nebula Photos Captured By Space Telescope's X-Ray Vision

The pictures are part of a survey the Chandra space telescope is making of nearby planetary nebulas, which are formed when dying stars push off their outer gaseous layers. The first stage of this survey, which includes Chandra observations of 21 of these nebulas, has now been released. Chandra also released a video of the surveyed nebulas. Chandra observes the universe in short-wavelength X-ray light.

This data, shown in pink, was combined with optical imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope, shown in red, green and blue. "Planetary nebulae have provided astrophysicists with dying star 'laboratories' for more than a century," Rochester Institute of Technology astronomer Joel Kastner, who led the study, said in a statement. The sun itself is expected to produce a planetary nebula in several billion years.


Barbara Hand Clow, on the first exact Uranus/Pluto square: June 24, 2012. I’m so glad to see that Barbara Hand Clow is again actively sharing her wisdom on astrological transits after discontinuing her monthly lunar updates late last year.

Barbara Hand Clow, on the first exact Uranus/Pluto square: June 24, 2012

The seven articles she speaks of here will, I imagine, reflect the seven exact conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto over the next three years. I will read this essay later, but wanted to post it now, as I know it will be a great read. This Uranus/Pluto square is and has been for the past year or two, a deep background dissonant, clanking, explosive drone note, echoing the late ’60s, when the seeds of revolutionary fervor sparking now were planted by these planets’ first conjunction since the Civil War. I have discussed or mentioned this crucial astrological signature over and over again, ever since I began this blog, in early 2011, and now it is finally clicking into exactness. YES! The Venus Blueprint. Touch here to purchase on Amazon.

The Venus Blueprint

"An exciting new theory of sacred art, sacred architecture, and the music and magic of the earth ... a fascinating journey into the mysteries of human consciousness and the lost wisdom of the ancients. " - Graham Hancock, Author, Fingerprints of the Gods. Solar Eclipses. Space(outer) Neil Armstrong Quote - Apollo 11 Quote from Neil Armstrong. InterGalactic Info. The Scale of the Universe 2. Project Icarus: Laying the Plans for Interstellar Travel - Atlantic Mobile. Andreas Tziolas is drafting a blueprint for a mission to a nearby star.

Project Icarus: Laying the Plans for Interstellar Travel - Atlantic Mobile

Here, he discusses how we'll get there -- and why we try. We humans have known for a very long time that going to the stars will be difficult, if not impossible. Space(outer) Open-sourcing Sky Map and collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University. Posted by Dave Thau, Senior Developer Advocate Google's GeoEDU Outreach program is excited to announce the opening of the second round of our Geo Education Awards, aimed at supporting qualifying educational institutions who are creating content and curricula for their mapping, remote sensing, or GIS initiatives.

If you are an educator in these areas, we encourage you to apply for an award. Vast Web of Dark Matter Mapped. — By analyzing the light from 10 million galaxies, astronomers have built the largest dark matter map ever created. — The map visualizes an intricate cosmic web of dark matter and galaxies one billion light-years across. — Understanding the structure of dark matter will help us understand the evolution of the Universe.

Astronomers have created a vast cosmic map revealing an intricate web of dark matter and galaxies spanning a distance of one billion light-years. This unprecedented task was achieved not by observing dark matter directly, but by observing its gravitational effects on ancient light traveling from galaxies that existed when the Universe was half the age it is now. Vast Web of Dark Matter Mapped. Hubble: The Collection. Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. Download the Digital Universe. Our Cosmic Horizon. Home. 2011 September 4 - In the Shadow of Saturn. Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2011 September 4 In the Shadow of Saturn Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA Explanation: In the shadow of Saturn, unexpected wonders appear.

The robotic Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn drifted in giant planet's shadow for about 12 hours in 2006 and looked back toward the eclipsed Sun. Tomorrow's picture: jet movie Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (UMCP)NASA Official: Phillip Newman Specific rights apply.NASA Web Privacy Policy and Important NoticesA service of:ASD at NASA / GSFC& Michigan Tech. Advertising the Space Race - Interactive Feature. Cosmic History. Bertrand Russell. Mayans. Mayan Calendar. Esoteric.


Stardust - NASA's Comet Sample Return Mission. Stardust. Kamikaze Satellite Could Be Earth’s Last Defense Against Asteroid. By Mark Brown, Wired UK Chinese researchers from Beijing’s Tsinghua University have revealed plans to divert the asteroid Apophis — which may well collide with Earth in a couple decades — by smashing a kamikaze solar sail into it. [partner id="wireduk" align="right"]The asteroid, 99942 Apophis to give it its full title, is a 46 million tonne, 1,600-foot-wide chunk of space rock that’s currently hurtling its way towards our planet.

In 2029 it will soar safely past Earth, but we won’t be out of the woods just yet. There’s a possibility that it will pass through a slim gravitational keyhole — a tiny, 600 mile area of space — that would cause the asteroid to turn back on itself and strike Earth some seven years later in 2036. In 2009, US space agency NASA said that there’s a 1 in 250,000 chance that the asteroid will strike Earth. Gong isn’t the only one to be thinking about Apophis. Image: Dan Durda/IAAA. Space Shuttle Discovery - 360VR Images.

Carter Emmart demos a 3D atlas of the universe. Multimedia - Video Gallery. ‪Ancient Aliens S02E07 - Angels and Aliens (VOSTFR) - HD‬‏ ‪Ancient Aliens - S02E08 - Unexplained Structures‬‏ Axis of Ordinary, CASSINI MISSION (by cabbas) Ralph.ewig — Awesome video footage from SpaceShipTwo test... Ralph.ewig — Dark Energy Is Real, New Evidence Indicates: new...

Images by color «Universe, space, galaxy photos and images gallery. Official site of the giant screen IMAX film. The Mystery Hexagon on SATURN. Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. Download the Digital Universe. Our Cosmic Horizon. National Aeronautics And Space Administration. Listening to the Stars. Kepler Observatory Seeks More Earths and Other Beings. Science News - Space Shuttle News - Space & Cosmos. Okun o baba -Olourun in Guyana - elevatedentity's posterous. Synthesizer Re-tuning to the Perfect Circle of Sound™: Home - The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. David Wilcock Groundbreaking New Physics Surrounding Pyramids [FULL + HD] Zodiac signs change due to Earth's rotation - Natural Disasters.

Yesterday — and for my entire life — I was a Leo. Today I’m a Cancer. And I am anti-happy about it. Ophiuchus, new Zodiac sign dates and your real astrological sign. INCEPTION MOVIe explained! Ron Eglash on African fractals. Size Of The Universe.