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Forêts : ce qui va mal

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Les forêts et ce qui leur pose problème.

Horrific: Ranchers attack and mutilate Indians who demanded their land back. This cellphone photo shows the ranchers on their way to attack the Gamela.

Horrific: Ranchers attack and mutilate Indians who demanded their land back

A police car accompanies them. Thirteen Brazilian Indians have been hospitalized after a brutally violent attack by men armed with machetes in the Amazon. One man appears to have had his arms severed in disturbing photos released to Survival International. The attack was in retaliation for the Gamela Indians’ campaign to recover a small part of their ancestral territory. 5 Of The Most Endangered Forests In The World. Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite, back by popular demand.

5 Of The Most Endangered Forests In The World

It was originally published on February 27, 2013. Enjoy! Forests in Central America, South America and Asia have lost as much as 90 percent of their trees as land is cleared for agriculture, road construction and economic development. L’affaire de l’hippodrome de Compiègne est relancée - Page 3. Non aux menaces contre les militants d’un syndicat turc en lutte pour la survie de la forêt de sa région. Dans la région de Cerattepe en Turquie, les habitants se battent pour empêcher la destruction de leurs terres par une société minière qui veut abattre la forêt et polluer l'eau afin d'extraire du sol de l'or, de l'argent et du cuivre.En février, des milliers de personnes se sont rassemblées pour protester contre les projets d'exploitation minière de la société Cengiz Holding.

Non aux menaces contre les militants d’un syndicat turc en lutte pour la survie de la forêt de sa région

La manifestation a été violemment réprimé par la police. Les orangs-outans gravement menacés par les incendies en Indonésie. - Le Frau - Actualités. Louisiana forests being sacrificed to fuel Europe's biomass boom. Scot Quaranda/The Dogwood Alliance But even if burning wood in biomass facilities were carbon-neutral (and some argue it is actually worse than coal), Southern environmentalists say they still wouldn’t support it because of the damage they’ve seen to forests in the Southeastern U.S. over the last several years.

Louisiana forests being sacrificed to fuel Europe's biomass boom

“It’s ludicrous that we’re chopping down our forests and shipping them to Europe to help meet their energy goals,” said Scot Quaranda, the campaign director for the Dogwood Alliance, a forest watchdog group. “But in the South, on private land, you can basically get away with anything.” Quaranda said his group has documented several cases of forests clear-cut for biomass fuel. A Wall Street Journal report also found clear-cutting in North Carolina. Swedish wildlife extinction threat as loggers clear-cut 'old growth' forests. The Swedish forestry model involves clear-cutting as the default method, soil scarification, systematic use of chemicals, plantation forestry and the use of non-native species.

Swedish wildlife extinction threat as loggers clear-cut 'old growth' forests

A camera follows a peregrine falcon as it swoops low over an attractive, pristine river hugged by trees in remote northern Sweden. It then soars higher, revealing that the river flows through a large area which has been clear-felled of forest. Stripped bare, it is as if an atomic bomb has been detonated over the land. Aimed at raising public awareness, the message of the video by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) (see below) is clear: Sweden no longer looks like what you think. Why is Clearcutting Bad for the Environment? (with pictures) Clear cutting can certainly be bad for the environment, for ecosystems, for animal populations.

Why is Clearcutting Bad for the Environment? (with pictures)

However, one really cannot say that clear cuts are *all* bad. It depends on the size of the clear cut, whether or not stream buffers were left, and how the site was prepped. The type of clear cut you describe, particularly the miles-wide one, is more of an equatorial type of clear cut - definitely not an example of sustainable forestry! In the United States, we have fairly sustainable silvicultural practices (in general... not always). Clearcutting Oregon: The tragic truth - Home. Menaces sur la forêt française en replay. Non à la biomas'carade. Plus d’un million de douilles de cartouches de chasse... collectées dans les forêts. Future forests to be smaller, less majestic. To the list of ways climate change is slowly but surely rewriting the world as we know it, add “making forests less awesome.”

Future forests to be smaller, less majestic

A new study suggests that since the 1930s California has lost half of its biggest trees — those with a trunk over two feet in diameter — even in forests protected from logging and development. The study corroborates earlier findings that Yosemite’s pines are growing to smaller average sizes. The researchers believe climate change is a major factor. Europe’s Forests Suffer Effects of Climate Change. By Alex Kirby, Climate News Network.

Europe’s Forests Suffer Effects of Climate Change

Greenpeace launches series of case studies critiquing forest certification standard. Activist group Greenpeace says it will publish a series of case studies highlighting examples of good and bad practice among operations certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an eco-standard for forest products.

Greenpeace launches series of case studies critiquing forest certification standard

Greenpeace, an FSC member since the body was found in 1993, says that as the standard has expanded, the risk to its credibility has also increased. "Greenpeace fears that as the system has grown, the FSC's implementation and interpretation of its standards have been watered down," the group said in a blog post. "This is why we have just published the first set of case studies highlighting both the best practice and the areas where FSC has to improve to maintain its reputation and ensure it is a logo that consumers can trust.

" "These case studies will show the standards that must be consistently met if the FSC is to maintain its credibility. " Greenpeace activists build an FSC plywood blockade outside the EU social and general headquarters in Brussels. Related articles. California’s cap-and-trade program pays loggers to clearcut old-growth forests. Timber industry lobbyists clinched a nice little victory in Sacramento four years ago, and now forests and the climate are paying the price.

California’s cap-and-trade program pays loggers to clearcut old-growth forests

Under California’s cap-and-trade program, which began in late 2012, timber companies can earn carbon credits by felling forests and chopping down old-growth trees — and then replanting the razed earth with younger trees. Which they will eventually chop down, again, after they have grown. The idea was that the younger trees would suck up a lot of carbon dioxide as they grew. But that flies in the face of scientific findings, published earlier this year in the journal Nature, that older trees are far better than their younger cousins at sucking carbon out of the sky.

A coalition of environmental groups sent a letter on Tuesday to the California Air Resources Board and Climate Action Reserve, the state’s carbon-offset registry, urging them to reconsider the wrongheaded rules: Paraguay grants license to bulldoze UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Ayoreo are outraged at new revelations that Paraguay has granted a license to bulldoze the last refuge of their uncontacted relatives. © Survival International Paraguay has caused outrage by quietly granting cattle ranchers a license to bulldoze a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve which is also the last refuge of uncontacted Ayoreo Indians.

Paraguay’s Environment Ministry (SEAM) has violated national and international law by issuing an environmental license to ranching company Yaguarete Pora S.A. which puts the lives of the uncontacted Indians in extreme danger. Contacted members of the tribe have been working tirelessly to gain legal title to the land inhabited by their uncontacted relatives. Many Ayoreo who were in the past forcibly brought out of the forest now suffer from respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, and many have died as a result. Les Chinois à l’assaut des forêts de l’Aude et des P.-O.

The world is still losing its forests, and these beautiful satellite maps tally the toll. A little more than 300,000 square miles of forest was established or replanted worldwide between 2000 and 2012. Unfortunately, almost 900,000 square miles was destroyed during the same time period — logged, ravaged by fire, or attacked by insects. Those are the main conclusions of a study that examined hundreds of thousands of images snapped by the U.S. government’s Landsat satellites.

Frackers are chewing up Pennsylvania’s forests. Frackers don’t just foul the air and the water — they trample nature and carve up ecosystems into inadequate little pieces. That’s the message coming out of the U.S. Geological Survey, which studied aerial photographs of a handful of Pennsylvania counties where gas companies are using hydraulic fracturing to tap deposits in the Marcellus Shale.

The survey’s analysis revealed sweeping damage and forests fragmented by new well pads, roads, and pipelines. L'exploitation forestière, branche néfaste pour le koala australien. Des koalas gisant au sol, blessés, mutilés, agonisant, voire morts. The Southwest’s forests may never recover from megafires. If you doubt that climate change is transforming the American landscape, go to Santa Fe, N.M.

Sweltering temperatures there have broken records this summer, and a seemingly permanent orange haze of smoke hangs in the air from multiple wildfires. Take a ride into the mountains and you’ll see one blackened ridge after another where burns in the past few years have ravaged the national forest. Again, this year, fires in New Mexico and neighboring states of Colorado and Arizona are destroying wilderness areas. Fire danger is expected to remain abnormally high for the rest of the summer throughout much of the Intermountain West.

Futur volé par l'exploitation forestière en République démocratique du Congo. Nous en parlions l’été dernier : le 2 mai 2011, une véritable expédition punitive a été menée par des représentants de la police et de l’armée contre les habitants du village de Yalisika, dans le territoire de Bumba en République démocratique du Congo, en répression de la révolte menée par des villageois contre la compagnie d’exploitation du bois SIFORCO, filiale congolaise du groupe Suisse Danzer. Le Forest Stewardship Council prend ses distances avec un destructeur des forêts. Le Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), organisme de certification de bois, a annoncé se dissocier de la multinationale Danzer Group suite à une plainte déposée par Greenpeace auprès du label contre cette entreprise forestière, dénonçant l’implication de l’une de ses filiales dans les violations des droits de l’homme en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC).

Nous avions enquêté et relayé ces faits en 2011 . Alert! HSBC Bank Must Stop Funding Old-Growth Rainforest Logging. La forêt et le bois français pillés. Success! A Temporary Halt to Mining in Sweden's Ojnare Forest. Great news from Sweden on a campaign close to our hearts: the nation’s Supreme Court has put a stop to proposed mining in Ojnare forest, found on Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea. This forest represents a rare cultural and environmental treasure, housing stands of ancient trees as well as providing habitat to a number of plants and animals, including protected birds and butterflies. When Swedish mining firm Nordkalk proposed to expand operations to the island to access its valuable limestone, activists as well as the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency were concerned about the fate of the forest, and started organizing a campaign to save it. 31,001 of you signed a petition asking the Swedish government to protect Ojnare and other resources like it. Between your voices and those of many other activists, the Swedish Supreme Court agreed to halt forest clearance operations in Ojnare while the permits originally awarded to Nordkalk are reconsidered.

Facts on the ground undermine Herakles’ Cameroonian PR offensive. Bruce Wrobel, the CEO of Herakles Farms, has long claimed that his is a company that represents a positive presence in Africa. Indeed it seems impossible at present to pick up a newspaper in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé without reading about one minor miracle or another taking place in the south west of the country, that can only be attributed to the company and their benevolence. Minor miracles that the company is paying for themselves to advertise. But flying over the same southwest region and the real effect of Herakles Farms’ presence in the country becomes all too evident. Like ugly pockmarks, craters of forest clearings, to make way for what could eventually be a palm oil plantation ten times the size of Manhattan, are visible for miles around in what is otherwise a sea of trees. If not stopped the plantation, which is in area bordered by 5 protected areas and home to vital biodiversity, would cause significant environmental damage.


GaïaPresse - Le portail de nouvelles sur l'environnement au Québec. 16 juillet 2012 Des données écologiques et les simulations d’un modèle montrent une forte influence négative du réchauffement climatique récent sur les forêts boréales nord-américaines. Colorado Fire Rages Across Rockies. Les deux tiers des arbres menacés de dépérissement. Les plus vieux et plus grands arbres de la planète se meurent. Les plus vieux et plus grands arbres de la planète se meurent. "Les géants de la forêt disparaissent en silence" KFC no good for rainforests. IKEA Accused of Logging Old-Growth Forests. No Such Thing as Sustainable & Profitable Logging. Indonesia's forests increasingly empty of wildlife. Un enfant indien brûlé vif par les bûcherons en Amazonie. Brésil: la production de papier met en péril forêts tropicales et terres agricoles. L'accord de libre échange de l'UE menace les forêts tropicales.

Des multinationales européennes détruisent l'Amazonie colombienne. Cyberaction NON à l'Accord de libre-échange entre l'UE, la Colombie et le Pérou. UE : la déforestation en (toute) franchise. ICRA International - Actualités.