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How to Cook Fish with Crispy Skin, Every Time. </head>This is Cook Like a Pro, in which experts share tips, tricks, and techniques that elevate a good dish to an unforgettable one.

How to Cook Fish with Crispy Skin, Every Time

The Pro > Donald Link Chef / Pêche / New Orleans Maybe it’s just me, but when it comes to achieving that perfectly cooked fillet with flawlessly crisped skin—so seemingly effortless when served at a restaurant—something usually goes wrong. The fish sticks. The skin rips. Crispy-Skinned Fish 2 6-oz. fillets branzino or black bass2 Tbsp. vegetable oilKosher salt. How To Make Perfect Bacon in the Oven — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn. I think we can agree that crispy, smoky bacon is one of life's greatest pleasures.

How To Make Perfect Bacon in the Oven — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

However, standing over a hot stove dodging sputtering bacon grease is not. Here is how we can have the best of both worlds: a hands-free, hassle-free method for cooking perfect bacon, all in the oven. How To Make Perfect Bacon in the Oven: Watch the Video Error: Error loading playlist: No playable sources found The Oven Is Best for a Big Batch I was a skeptic of oven-baked bacon at first. I find that a pound of medium-thick bacon fits on a single baking sheet. No Flipping Required. The Best Way to Defrost Frozen Sea Scallops. Sea scallops are high in protein, low in both saturated fat and cholesterol and rich in nutrients like vitamin B-12 and selenium.

The Best Way to Defrost Frozen Sea Scallops

They are also a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids while containing little mercury contamination. According to "How to Cook Everything" author Mark Bittman, scallops can be more tender and flavorful than other types of shellfish as long as you choose scallops that haven't been treated with phosphate preservatives and are careful not to overcook them.

Choose a defrosting method for frozen sea scallops that won't leave them partially cooked and rubbery. If you've planned ahead, The Cookingfishmonger says that the best way to defrost frozen sea scallops is to place them in the refrigerator overnight, or for approximately 24 hours. Take the scallops out of the package, put them in a large dish or bowl and cover the top with plastic wrap before leaving the seafood to thaw in the refrigerator. Every Important Italian Noodle, Illustrated. Ingredients for American Baking in Paris. Although we can’t expect things to be like ‘back home’, many of us do miss certain things that we are used to in American recipes.

Ingredients for American Baking in Paris

While French has wonderful ingredients, for bakers, it can be a challenge to adapt to new ingredients or ones that behave differently than what we’re used to. Here’s a list of commonly used baking ingredients and where you can find them, or what you can use in their place. Happy baking! Buttermilk, Heavy Cream, and Sour Cream Many grocery stores and cheese shops sell lait ribot, fermented milk from Brittany.

For sour cream, full-fat (20%) fromage blanc is the closest substitute for baking. Heavy cream is called crème liquide, crème fluide, or crème entière in French. Monoprix carries their own brand of heavy cream in small plastic bottles, and Elle & Vire is one brand that sells UHT cream in paper cartons, as well as crème entière épaisse, which comes in a pouch and is quite thick, but works well in most applications that call for heavy cream. Brown Sugar Flour. Classic British cheeses.

PocketGoodFishGuide22January2013. Know Your Cuts of Meat - Interactive Feature. Food Cravings? Here Is What Your Body Really Wants~ The Kitchn's Top 10 Tips for More Successful Baking. Apply Online for Programs & Courses - Le Cordon Bleu. The Transformational Power of the Right Spice. Marcus Nilsson for The New York Times Reims, Blend No. 39, named for the French city famous for its gingerbread and featuring cinnamon, mace, ginger and star anise.

The Transformational Power of the Right Spice

Yet there is intelligence behind La Boîte, and it belongs to Lior Lev Sercarz, a man who describes himself as a “spice therapist” and considers spices to be both a vocation and a mission. Vocationally speaking, he has been devastatingly effective. He’s a purveyor to some of the best chefs in New York and beyond. Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert has all but forsworn spices from other sources. Grilling Basics. How to Hard Boil an Egg: 6 steps (with pictures) How to make the perfect poached egg. Whenever I stay in a hotel, I always order poached eggs for breakfast.

How to make the perfect poached egg

It's such a treat to start the day with a thing of beauty, rather than the soggy, straggly mess of protein I generally scoop out of the pan at home. Simple in theory, if not execution, a poached egg is, in my opinion, the only choice when someone else is cooking – the small pleasure of watching the golden yolk spill under my knife never grows old. But I could count the number of presentable examples that have come out of my kitchen on your average hotel toast rack – and still have a couple of rungs to spare for granary. So I'm determined to crack (sorry) the secret of the perfect poached egg. The chef's secret weapon Whenever poached eggs are under discussion, the word vortex seems to pop up, which makes cooking them sound excitingly like Star Wars.