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18 Ways to Make Sourdough Bread More (or Less) Sour – True Sourdough – Sourdough Baking at Home. The Guide to the Best Bread Ingredients for a Homemade Loaf. In this comprehensive guide, Rose Levy Beranbaum, author of numerous books on baking, including The Bread Bible, teaches us how to make show-stopping loaves of bread from start to finish.

The Guide to the Best Bread Ingredients for a Homemade Loaf

In the first section, she covers the basics of measuring, kneading, and proofing, plus shaping, and decorating and baking the final loaves. In the second section, Beranbaum lays out the best flours for bread. Cornstarch Glaze For Homemade Breads. Why Won’t My Sourdough Hold Its Shape? Here’s What To Do – Food To Impress. Putting in the time and effort to make sourdough can leave you expecting an excellent loaf of bread by the end, but it’s not always the case.

Why Won’t My Sourdough Hold Its Shape? Here’s What To Do – Food To Impress

It’s really exciting after your sourdough has finished its final proof and it’s almost ready to bake, but that excitement can soon be ruined. Once turning the dough out from the basket it might fall flat. This is a huge disappointment and often leaves bakers confused and frustrated with their bread. More often than not this can still be baked, but it doesn’t get the beautiful rise or the crumb you might have come to expect after seeing pictures and videos of perfect sourdough. Ingredient Weight Chart. 3 ways to switch up your bread baking. I'm a creature of habit.

3 ways to switch up your bread baking

Like my yogi friends that hit the mat each day or our chickens on their morning stroll, routine helps me *bake* it through the week. But sometimes I need a change — a tweak, a spark, a bucket of cold water? — to break the routine. Our daily bread at home is what we call “Maura’s Bread," also known as Pain de Campagne. It’s a sourdough recipe from my friend Maura that can be made in the cracks of the day.

How to convert a bread recipe to tangzhong. You love your grandma’s homemade sandwich bread recipe, but wish it was just a bit more tender and less crumbly.

How to convert a bread recipe to tangzhong

You’ve found a recipe online for cinnamon rolls but are bummed at how quickly they harden up and become dry once they’re out of the oven. Want to make your favorite yeast bread and rolls reliably soft and tender? Tangzhong is the solution. With origins in Japan's yukone (or yudane), tangzhong is a yeast bread technique popularized across Asia by Chinese cookbook author Yvonne Chen. It involves cooking a portion of the flour and liquid in the recipe into a thick slurry prior to adding the remaining ingredients, resulting in soft, fluffy bread.

This pre-cooking accomplishes two positive things: it makes bread or rolls softer and more tender, and extends their shelf life. If you’ve tried our Japanese Milk Bread Rolls or Soft Cinnamon Rolls, you know how deliciously tender they are. White Flour and Wheat Flour — A Discussion. Roasted Garlic Recipe. [Photograph: Sasha Marx] Sweet, jammy roasted garlic is one of the easiest hands-off cooking projects around.

Roasted Garlic Recipe

Take a couple heads of garlic, lop the tops off, drizzle with a little oil, parcel them up in foil, and pop the packet in the oven until the cloves are soft and sweet. As with garlic confit, roasting whole cloves of garlic transforms them into spreadable morsels, perfect for dimpling into focaccia dough, blending into dressings, or spreading on a piece of crusty bread. Unlike garlic confit, roasted garlic requires no peeling, a fraction of the amount of oil, and no baby-sitting a pot on the stovetop for hours.

The tried and true method of roasting garlic in a foil packet works just fine and is—most importantly—easy, so we've provided instructions for that approach. The recipe below provides instructions for both roasting methods, so you can decide which to use depending on your time and needs. The Science of Roasted Garlic. How to Make Almond Paste - Wild Wild Whisk. Lemons and Limes (Juice and Zest) Lemon and lime juice are used to add citrus flavor to a variety of dishes.

Lemons and Limes (Juice and Zest)

The average fresh lemon contains between 2 to 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. The average fresh lime contains about 2 tablespoons lime juice.1 If you do not have any fresh lemons or limes, you can substitute bottled lemon/lime juice in equal amounts. Lemon or lime juice can also be frozen in ice cube trays to ensure you always have some on hand. Many recipes also call for lemon zest or lime zest. Zest refers to the grated citrus peel that is used to add bright lemon or lime flavor. Since pesticide residue may be stored in the skin/rind, it might be advisable to buy organic lemons and limes if you're using them for zest.2 It is also important to make sure the lemons and limes are not waxed!

How to Bake a Potato {EASY} In its essence, a baked potato is a potato, baked.

How to Bake a Potato {EASY}

As with all elemental things, though, the simplicity of a baked potato is deceptive. We’ve all had excellent baked potatoes and terrible baked potatoes. Happily, an excellent one is not any harder to make than a terrible one. The right potato, the right temperature, and the right timing are key. How to Scale a Recipe for Cake to Fit Any Pan. Rice Cooker Wild Rice Recipe. How Much Pasta? The Best Way to Bake Bacon for a Crowd. How To Bake Bread in a Dutch Oven. Learning how to bake bread in a Dutch oven is the first task many undertake when embarking on their bread baking journey at home—myself included.

How To Bake Bread in a Dutch Oven

Introducing steam in the home oven—a beneficial component in bread baking—can be a challenge, and a sealed pot makes this process simple and unassuming. During the initial stages of baking, steam is released from the dough itself into the sealed container, which keeps the dough moist; this allows the bread to develop a crispy, shiny crust and attain maximal volume. There are many types of Dutch ovens and combo cookers out there, made from varying materials, shapes, and sizes galore, and at all levels of quality.

How To Make Geometric Pies by lokokitchen. You must use this trick to Prevent a Soggy Bottom Pie Crust. This is what you can do to prevent a soggy bottom pie crust.

You must use this trick to Prevent a Soggy Bottom Pie Crust

Have you heard? The trick is to use egg whites. We often use an egg wash on the top crust to make them shiny and golden, but brushing some on your unbaked bottom pie crust is a great idea too. How to Use Tapioca as a Pie Thickener. There's more than one way to thicken a pie.

How to Use Tapioca as a Pie Thickener

The natural pectin in fruit is one way. They help the fruit juices congeal when long simmered, like in jam. The Best Blueberry Pie: Fast, Easy, and Totally Reliable. Decorative Tops. FREEZE: The fastest way to fresh-baked fruit pie. - Flourish - King Arthur Flour. Wouldn’t you love to pull this stunning apple pie out of your oven in less than an hour, start to finish? Impossible, you say? Au contraire – your grandma could have done it. That is, if you had a grandma like mine, with a big chest freezer full of unbaked pies. What Is The Best Method For Freezing Pies? Cómo hacer Empanadas? Receta fácil y rápida. What's the Difference Between Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and Jumbo Eggs? Danish Pastry Shapes - How to Shape Danish Pastries - Fatemahisokay. Danish Pastry Shapes - How many ways to shape cream cheese puff pastry danishes? 16 Ways to Use Up Leftover Egg Yolks.

How to Stretch Your Pizza Dough & How To Use a Pizza Peel. How to Store a Sourdough Starter. Toasted Sugar Recipe. The Best Way to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker. Become a Pastry Rock Star With This Herringbone Lattice Pie. [Photographs: Vicky Wasik] There's something utterly spectacular about waking up in the morning only to realize it's barely mid-July. That leaves the better part of summer's bounty yet to come, which can mean only one thing: more pie. The more pies we bake, the more we feel comfortable handling the dough; the more comfortable we feel, the more likely we are to bake another pie, leading to....more pie. How to Care for Enamel Cookware. The Best Way to Store Fresh Herbs. Take a look at those herbs above. The ones on the left look like they were probably picked fresh just before I photographed them, while the ones at the right had been hanging out in my refrigerator for weeks in a forgotton plastic bag, right?

Wrong. All of those stems of cilantro are the exact same age. 51 days in my refrigerator, to be exact. The only difference is in how they were stored. How To Bake Bacon - Perfect Bacon Every Time!