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Alchemy Index

(2) ALCHEMY THE SCIENCE OF MAGIC. Rough Guide. The real world is the product of symmetry breaking of 5 dimensional ‘unified’ fields that result in the mixing of light and dark energy/matter (e/m).

Rough Guide

The Archons, insectiles, demons and the demiurge, the demented creator Yaltabaoth of these conditions feeds on mankind via its dark e/m chaos insectiles which have mixed their fields with ours. Paracelsianism. Early modern medical movement Title page of Benedictus Figulus's 1608 edition of Kleine Wund-Artzney, based on lecture notes by Basilius Amerbach the Elder (1488–1535) of lectures held by Paracelsus during his stay in Basel (1527).


Paracelsianism (also Paracelsism; German: Paracelsismus) was an early modern medical movement based on the theories and therapies of Paracelsus. It developed in the second half of the 16th century, during the decades following Paracelsus' death in 1541, and it flourished during the first half of the 17th century, representing one of the most comprehensive alternatives to learned medicine, the traditional system of therapeutics derived from Galenic physiology.

Based on the principle of maintaining harmony between the microcosm, Man; and macrocosm, Nature. Spagyric[edit] Etymology[edit] The word comes from the Ancient Greek σπάω spao "to draw out" and ἀγείρω ageiro "to gather".[1][2] It is a term probably first coined by Paracelsus. In practice[edit] References[edit] Phoenix Aurelius. (1) The Art of Distillation in Spagyrics. Spagyric Secrets of The Alchemists: Alchemy as Alternative Medicine. Even the best read of us sometimes come up against a word which needs a quick check in the dictionary, and Spagyric is one of those words.

Spagyric Secrets of The Alchemists: Alchemy as Alternative Medicine

To discover the origins and magical meaning of this ancient word we must go back to 332 BC, at a time when Alexander the Great had just conquered Egypt. What is Spagyrics? — Evolved Alchemy. The Spagyric Process Alcohol Extraction Extraction of the plant is done via organic grape alcohol in a soxhlet extractor for fast, high potency tinctures (all distillations are done under vacuum so none of the heat sensitive components of the plant are destroyed).

What is Spagyrics? — Evolved Alchemy

A jar and 40 day maceration can also be done instead of the soxhlet method. Here the alcohol will dissolve the essential oils of the plant along with the alcohol soluble chemicals. Alcohol is the only solvent which extracts the plant's chemicals at the same ratios contained in the plant. Mineral Extraction The tincture is poured off and saved in a dark place. Recombination. Infinite Fire Webinar III - Peter Forshaw on John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica. Vincent Bridges: Alchemy & the Shakespeare / John Dee (Angelic) Solution.

Home - (1) The Fundamental Teachings of Ancient Alchemy and Hermeticism. The Cosmic Law of Alchemy. Planetary Charts. Tabula. The Emerald Tablet, Smaragdine, the Tabula Smaragdina, The Emerald Table, is the most ancient and influential text in the alchemical canon.


It is supposed to have been written by Hermes Trismegistus himself, and its basic precepts go back at least four thousand years, some would say much further. As it stands today, the text may be no older than the early christian era, but there seems to be an undeniable conceptual link connecting the earliest Egyptian writings with later Classical, Neo-Platonist, Hermetic and Gnostic exegesis; which, in turn flows directly into the literature of alchemy. Introduction to Alchemy. Treatise on the Great Art: A System of Physics According to Hermetic Philosophy and Theory and Practice of the Magisterium. Adam McLean. [Occult Lecture] Spiritual Alchemy & the Great Work (Transformation of Mental Attitudes)

Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Theory and Practice of Alchemy: Part Two. Sacred Texts Esoteric Index Previous Next p. 157.

Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Theory and Practice of Alchemy: Part Two

Therence Mckenna - The Alchemical Dream - Rebirth of the Great Work. Secret Chemicals of the Emerald Tablet - Part 1. SVP Universal Cosmology - Part 9 of 17 - What Vibration Is. Figure 9.3 - Compression Wave Conventionally are recognized several wave forms: Compression (which acts as a Longitundinal Wave), Transverse Wave (90° to the Longitundinal Wave) and Raleigh Wave (circular motion 90° to the previous two).

SVP Universal Cosmology - Part 9 of 17 - What Vibration Is

Other models of wave activity include the use of metaphors such as coiled springs that compress and expand, penduluums swinging to and fro and various oscillating bodies such as seesaws and water waves. Figure 9.4 - Longitudinal Wave Figure 9.5 - Transverse Wave 9.3 - Wave Motions - The mathematical models of these perceived motions are descriptions of those motions having little if anything to do with WHAT the wave is; HOW it moves and WHY. In the conventional view, there are two aspects or phases of a wave considered merely as positive and negative polar phases. Conventionally a sound wave is considered as a compression wave whose activity is usually likened to a periodically compressed and stretched coiled spring and/or swinging penduluum.

Transmissive. Blood Alchemy: AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT. Here have we war for war and blood for blood, Controlment for controlment - Shakespeare, King John.


Mark Passio on The True Great Work - Alchemy II - Occult Empire with Bob from Cinci - 30/4/14-1/5/14. Joseph Farrell on the Philosophers Stone !! Practical Alchemy. Practical Alchemy.

Practical Alchemy

HYLE 9-2 (2003): Visualization in Medieval Alchemy. Barbara Obrist* Alchemy Lesson 1 / Basic Principles. ConcurrenceOne of the foundational manuscripts of alchemy is known as the emerald tablet, which is said to contain the secrets of the art. Many translations are available, perhaps one of the most well known was done by Isaac Newton. Alchemical Glossary: The Chymistry of Isaac Newton Project. Adept A highly experienced chymist, often specifically one who has successfully prepared grand arcana like the philosophers' stone. Alembic A distillation head comprising a dome to collect the vapors rising from a boiling substance (generally held in an attached curcubit) and a gutter and beak to channel the condensed vapors into a receiver. Used in preference to a retort for distilling volatile materials. Alkahest A solvent described by Van Helmont that is supposedly able to divide all substances into their component ingredients and then reduce these further into their primordial water.

Alchemists Archives. Photo by Linda Dear What do you do when you find a bluish lump of fungus previously unknown to science, growing in your petri dish? If you’re Steven Pollock, you eat it, call your friend, and tell him you’ve discovered the one thing that’s eluded men of obscurity for millennia. I am talking of course about the philosopher’s stone—key to the universe—elixir of life—the ultimate essence of all things. In suburban San Antonio of all places. But there’s one quality the Ancients forgot—it gets you really, really high.1 Continue reading. Alchemical Properties of Foods: Hundreds of Foodstuffs Classified According to Their Elemental Nature. Periodisk utveckling. Walter Bowman Russells periodiska system från 1926 beskriver inte bara grundämnens plats i förhållande till varandra utan den dynamiska rörelse som bildar materia ur energi. Materiebildning är en sfärisk skalär expansion som samtidigt rör sej linjärt i en magnetisk repellerande expansion och en elektriskt styrd kompression.

Den elektriska kompressionen kallas också för gravitation. Med en tidsfaktor sker alltså detta i fem dimensioner. Questioning Our Reality: Alchemy and the Endocrine System. This episode is an interview with Jose Barrera "Alchemy and the Endocrine System" and is being released on Friday, May 20, 2011. My interview with Jose was recorded on May 14, 2011. Jose Maria Barrera was born in Bogota, Colombia and came to the United States seventeen years ago to do research in Neuroscience.

He is a photographer and creates graphical user interfaces for software applications. Jose holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering and a M.S. in Computer Science from NYU. He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.Interactive interview images: GnosticMedia. The Alchemy Web Site. Alchemical archives. Periodic Table Database.

There are hundreds of periodic tables in web space, but there is only one comprehensive database of periodic tables & periodic system formulations. If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: Dr Mark R Leach. Discription of the Stone.