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Adobe web conferencing software.


Audacity (audio editor) Audacity's features include: Audacity supports the LV2 open standard for plugins and can therefore load software like Calf Studio Gear.[17] Screenshot of an Audacity project Audacity supports only 32-bit VST audio effect plug-ins.

Audacity (audio editor)

It does not support 64-bit or instrument VST (VSTi) plugins.[18] Audacity lacks dynamic equalizer controls and real time effects.[19] MIDI files can only be displayed.[20] Audacity does not natively import or export WMA, AAC, AC3 or most other proprietary or restricted file formats; rather, an optional FFmpeg library is required.[21] Also, while Audacity does feature a vocal remover for the easy creation of karaoke tracks, a more desirable result requires several steps and use of the noise removal feature.[22] There are no warnings when disk space is low.

The Audacity website also provides tutorials in several languages.[25] In The Art of Unix Programming, Eric S. Jump up ^ SourceForge (July 2004). Audacity Manual. Guide to the Audacity Project Window Tutorials Using Audacity Index, Glossary and More Links: Most links are to other pages in this Manual.

Audacity Manual

Bold italicized links are to a description in our Glossary. Articulate - E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools. BranchTrack. eLearning Tools. Study Blue flashcard and quiz tool. Screen Capture and recorder software for Mobile Learning. Get in early: sell your teaching materials to millions. We have a great, early opportunity for teachers who are interested in selling their high-quality, original teaching materials on the new TES Resources.

Get in early: sell your teaching materials to millions

We are launching TES Resources in the US very soon, and teachers selling and sharing on TES Resources will be able to reach an audience of millions worldwide. We are particularly excited to hear from US teachers, but we are happy to hear from teachers from all over the world. As an early adopter, we’ll work with you through the process of organizing your materials, uploading and categorizing them, and helping you be successful as you make them available for sale. You’ll also be an invaluable part of the process we go through to make sure we build the best platform possible for teachers of all kinds. If you’re interested, fill out our form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Wikispaces has always been about helping teachers manage their classrooms and work with their students. Fill out our application form now. Diigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more. Wordle. Create a free website or blog. Google Maps. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. Moodle - Open-source learning platform.

Moovly. SoftChalk (Shupe) Game-based digital learning platform. The workspace for your life’s work. QuizletHow To. Teachers, parents and students in sync. Remind101 is now Remind.

Award-winning learning management system for teachers and school administrators. Udemy: Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere. Nearpod: Create, Engage, Assess through Mobile Devices. OneNote for Teachers - Interactive Guides. Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching? So, what are you doing?

Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching?

If you’re one of the 3 million people on Twitter, you are likely inclined to tell whoever cares right now, in 140 characters or fewer (or, about the length of this paragraph). Twitter, on the small chance that you don’t know, is the free micro-blogging service that enables users to post short messages, or Tweets, that are delivered to friends, enemies, family, colleagues -- anyone who has subscribed. These are your followers. You may have one, several, or, if you’re Ashton Kutcher, 2 million. With its enormous popularity, Twitter has invited dopey hyperbole (Time magazine went all in with a recent cover story) and snide cracks (“Who cares that I just ate a tasty corned beef sandwich?”)

But before you write off Twitter as just the latest social media “fad,” take a look at how some clever educators are using it to enrich their classrooms and even forge informal professional networks. But what about the much-ballyhooed decline of the American attention span? Blogger - Michelle Parmer. Journey in Technology: What KHAN be done with it! He asked for creative ideas of how to leverage the power of Khan Academy in our school.

Journey in Technology: What KHAN be done with it!

I believe that Khan Academy can be integrated in our school in two major ways: asynchronous and synchronous. Here are my ideas of what KHAN be done with it: Asynchronous learning is a student-centered teaching method that uses online learning resources to facilitate information sharing outside the constraints of time and place. 1. Khan Academy as a Digital Textbook The Khan Academy videos contain background information, problems and examples clearly explained with simple but neatly done illustrations. The Academy covers almost every single topic for each of the following subjects: Popplet.


Podcasting. Audacity download. Free Podcast Hosting, Best Podcast Community. Udutu - Training Solutions That Work! Hangouts.

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