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Create. Create. Create custom lessons by combining your own materials with interactive learning content. The mixture of personalized content, embedded assessment, and interactivity will increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes. Manage. Host your content in SoftChalk Cloud and link content items to multiple courses and learning management systems.

SoftChalk Webinars Recognizing innovative ways of producing online lessons, this webinar will showcase two... Recognizing innovative ways of producing online lessons, this webinar will showcase two examples of Texas colleges who have used eLearning to meet educational needs traditionally addressed through face-to-face instruction. These interactive eLearning modules were made possible by an innovative statewide collaborative Softchalk license that covers all 65 Texas public, community, and technical colleges–provided by the Virtual College of Texas, a Service of the Texas Association of Community Colleges. Teaching Information Literacy Online helps maximize faculty time with students in the classroom. The challenge faced by Terry Barksdale, head librarian at the Cypress Creek Campus Library, was how to deliver online Information Literacy instruction that would support the variety of multiple disciplines across the curriculum.

TikaTok - Classroom Book Publishing Developing Core Proficiencies Curriculum - Odell Education Each unit focuses instruction and assessment on developing core proficiencies aligned with a limited set of targeted standards. Additionally, the activities of each unit integrate many other standards to support student learning. This two-tiered alignment design builds a variety of literacy skills in an integrated way, while developing core proficiencies through focused lesson sequences and assessment. The design also helps teachers capture precise evidence of student proficiency as they monitor student progress and integrate the series into a yearlong instructional plan.

Using Student Facilitators in the Online Classroom Written by: Rob KellyPublished On: January 11, 2013 If you’re trying to get your online learners more engaged in online discussions, consider turning over the facilitation responsibilities to your students. This approach, says Walter Woolbaugh, a professor in the master of science in teacher education at Montana State University–Bozeman, empowers students, increases participation, and improves learning. Why have students facilitate? There are several compelling reasons to have students facilitate. OER Commons Opinion Editorials (Op-Eds) | Talking About… | Frequently Asked Questions | Brochures and Explainers Opinion Editorials (Op-Eds) The following op-eds appeared in newspapers and on websites across northern New England. They cover a wide range of issues but all of them incorporate the framed story of education and learning. Champlain Valley Union High School: an op-ed about the school’s re-design efforts by Andre LaChance, English teacher and school advisor.

200 Free Online Classes to Learn Anything Written by: Thomas Broderick Universities, colleges, and private organizations offer free online college courses to help students acquire new knowledge and skills. These courses cover a variety of traditional academic topics and other subjects that can lead to career advancement and personal enrichment. Courses occur online, allowing learners from all over the world to participate. At the end of a course, students may qualify for an official certificate. Solutions Your digital transformation presents exciting opportunities. With them, come challenges – including the uncertainty around providing high-quality, rigorous online resources to support your teachers and students. How do you ensure your teachers are using reliable, standards-aligned online resources so students can truly benefit from your district’s digital transformation? Our Solutions

Essential Elements of an Effective Online Learning Experience September 5, 2012 By: Danielle Hathcock in Online Education An online course is like walking into a foreign land with an entire map laid out, but having no sense of the land’s origin or how to navigate the terrain. How the instructor formats and interacts with the class will ultimately determine the student’s travel experience. The purpose of this article is to provide an understanding of how the elements of an online course are integrated such that they form a cohesive whole that creates easy travel based upon instructor presence, appropriate feedback, and easy navigation for students.

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework Instructional Technology Council Complying with Copyright and Ownership Issues in Distance Education Oct. 27, 2015—2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. eastern timePresenter: Dr. Fritz Dolak, Copyright and Intellectual Property Office Manager and U.S. Copyright Office's Copyright Agent, Ball State University Mobile Technologies can Make Learning Engaging and FUN! Nov. 3, 2015—2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. eastern timePresenter: Jeannine Burgess, Instructional Technology, Palm Beach State College

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Focuses on "text-based" modular presentation. Can incorporate text, graphics, and interactivities that can be integrated into Bb. Offers a 30 day free trial. by gregger Nov 6

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