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Data Visualization team is Winning! sirsurfalot May 8

Today we are adding a very simple and fast way to create and publish maps. Another new feature is the of Datawrapper Team, as an effective way to use this tool professionally. There is a bit of a backstory here, stretching back to mid-2012: When we first saw Kartograph, the map library created by Gregor Aisch, we surely wanted this to become a part of Datawrapper. Datawrapper Datawrapper
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Data Visualization

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Thx 4 aloowing me to join ur team by pdk117 Sep 21

We are looking at ways to try and make get an easier look at our fan base as well as generate a break down of where they are from and ages. by dreagusproductions Oct 14

Let us know if we can do anything to help by tchoi Sep 16

I'm sure you'll work it out ;-) by mirlen101 Sep 16

Hopefully I think it shouldn't be a problem to have your two identities collaborate on the same tree :-) by tchoi Sep 15

Not for long. I've got two identities going somehow and both Pearltrees and I are a little confused as to how to merge them. Could get messy ; ) by ahwei Sep 15

Wow ! Looking very organized ! I'm impressed ! ;-) by mirlen101 Sep 15