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Hero Patterns - Repeatable SVG Background Patterns. DemoHouse. How to Center in CSS. CSS Buttons. Beautiful Examples of CSS3 Typography Code Snippets. Web typography is now more stylish and malleable than ever before.

Beautiful Examples of CSS3 Typography Code Snippets

New CSS3 properties allow for truly unique typographic effects that in the past would have required images and custom JavaScript. Each of the following code snippets are completely free to use and customize for your own projects. Although some of these effects render in modern browsers, you’ll find other effects that run very smooth and may even have fallback alternatives for legacy support. If you’re a fan of typographic design or just a curious web developer then you’re sure to enjoy these custom-built text manipulation snippets.

New Header Johan van Tongeren A full header crafted with Open Sans & Squada One – definitely a unique touch. Star Wars Scrolling Text Scott Bram George Lucas has unleashed an incredible force in the world of cinema with ripples leading into many other creative fields. Opening Type Bernardo Perhaps the coolest aspect of this paper cutout effect is that it’s created with less than 100 lines of CSS. Tinytype. How to Center in CSS. CSS SANS. 15+ Free CSS3 Navigation Menu Tutorials - Let's Design n Develop. CSS3 navigation menu, which degrades gracefully in older browsers and is future-proofed to work with the next generation of browsers.

15+ Free CSS3 Navigation Menu Tutorials - Let's Design n Develop

As you have probably heard by now, CSS3 animations are a powerful tool, which enables you to create animations which run without the need of applying additional scripting to the page. What is even better, in the next generation of browsers we will have even more powerful tools, including 3D transformations. It’s a sure thing that CSS3 features like transitions, animations and transforms can add extra spice to your designs. Various dropdown menus can be easily created with CSS3 with the help of selectors. Just connect your imagination – and you will create a truly new and unique design. Project Parfait (Beta) - PSD CSS Extraction, Measurements and Image Optimization Service for the Web. Angry Bird Pure CSS. Nth-child and nth-of-type Tester. RÖCSSTI : le micro-framework CSS pour démarrer une CSS avec la patate ! Bati pour construire des sites responsive (en CSS, LESS ou Sass)

LESS « The Dynamic Stylesheet language., just another CSS playground. mobile device screen informations. CSS3 Support in Internet Explorer 9. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, amidst all the hype surrounding the release of IE9 Beta, whether or not Microsoft has finally begun to keep up with the other browser makers.

CSS3 Support in Internet Explorer 9

Has IE9 changed Microsoft’s reputation of always lagging behind? Does the Beta release of IE9 indicate that Microsoft is finally keeping up with the Joneses? You be the judge. CSS3 Property Support in IE9 UPDATE (Oct. 30/2010) The latest release of the IE9 Platform Preview has added support for 2D transforms using the -ms- prefix. CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer. Advertisement Experienced developers understand that CSS3 can be added to new projects with progressive enhancement in mind.

CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer

Learn css layout. CSS3 Media Queries Test on your browser. Stripe Generator - ajax diagonal stripes background designer. TIP: You can bookmark your favorite stripes simply pressing CTRL + D (Win/Linux) / CMD + D (Mac). stripe sizespacingstripe color(s)background styleshadowgradient heightbackground color(s)stripe orientation preview.

Stripe Generator - ajax diagonal stripes background designer

Ie-colorpicker.png (802×405) CSS3 PIE: CSS3 decorations for IE. Les préfixes constructeurs. Plusieurs événements ont récemment mis en émoi la communauté Web autour des préfixes constructeur.

Les préfixes constructeurs

Plusieurs constructeurs de navigateurs ont annoncé vouloir supporter des préfixes autres que le leur. Divers appels, dont un par Daniel Glazman qui a été relayé sur Openweb, ont été lancés afin de sensibiliser les acteurs du Web sur ce problème. Hors de tout émoi et de toute agitation, reprenons calmement le principe et voyons-en les mécanismes et les impacts sur un projet. But premier des préfixes Les préfixes ont été créés dans un but simple : permettre aux implémentations d’expérimenter la technologie sans encombrer le vocabulaire final. La règle est la suivante : les navigateurs testent des implémentations de diverses propriétés en les préfixant, des retours sont faits au W3C, les implémentations s’affinent, une fois la propriété au stade de Candidate Recommendation, les navigateurs doivent ne plus supporter la version préfixée.

Stroll.js - CSS3 Scroll Effects. CSS3 Create - Démos, tutoriels et expériences CSS3 : menus, galerie photos, interfaces web. Jouons avec les pseudos-classes des sélecteurs css – Miximum. Sprite Cow - Generate CSS for sprite sheets. Direction-Aware Hover with CSS3 and jQuery. How to create a direction-aware hover effect using CSS3 and jQuery. The idea is to slide in an overlay from the direction we are moving with the mouse. View demo Download source In today’s tip we’ll show you how to create a direction-aware hover effect using some CSS3 goodness and jQuery. The idea is to have a little overlay slide in on top of some thumbnails from the direction that we are coming from with the mouse. When we “leave” the element, the overlay will slide out to that direction, following our mouse.

We’ll use an unordered list for the thumbnails and the description overlays: The list items will be floating left and have a relative positioning because we will make the description overlay absolute: What we will do is the following: depending on the place we are entering with the mouse, we’ll apply the respective “from” style which will set the correct initial position of the overlay. So, the heart of our little plugin is the following part: CSSLisible - Ranger votre CSS et le rendre lisible. CSS Properties Index · Jens O. Futurico UI HTML - Free User Interface Elements for Developers. Futurico UI HTML is a web elements pack that has been created based on the free version of Futurico UI elements pack.

Futurico UI HTML - Free User Interface Elements for Developers

We are really happy that Futurico UI was so successful and only in 3 months we have gathered about 100 000 tweets! This is something really big for us and we would like to thank you for your support and launch the Futurico UI HTML pack. This pack of ready to use Futurico UI HTML components has been created for designers & developers. There is no need to reinvent the wheel cutting such huge pack yourself. Every component is tested in all the major browsers including IE8 and its newer version, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera on Windows XP — 7 & Mac OSX. Futurico UI HTML is written using the SASS preprocessor. Stylesheets are structured so you can remove or add yours easily. Please note that all the properties with vendor prefixes are defined as mixins in /framework/mixins.sass. On your email was sent a letter. Color Hex -

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