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2012 United States Government Terrorist Identification Chart. This blog may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

2012 United States Government Terrorist Identification Chart

All posts are clearly attributed by name and active link to the original author and website. I am making such material available on a non-profit basis for educational, research and discussion purposes in my efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in US Copyright Law, Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107. Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media. The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an "online persona management service" that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world. But That's Not Stopping the FBI From Raiding Activists' Homes. July 8, 2011 | Like this article?

But That's Not Stopping the FBI From Raiding Activists' Homes

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. In the early morning of May 17, longtime anti-war and immigrant rights activist Carlos Montes awoke to the startling sound of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department SWAT Team breaking down his door. "They came in with guns on their shoulders, yelling. Authorities searched Montes' home, confiscating his cell phone and computer. When authorities discovered an illegally purchased firearm in his home, Montes was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a felon (Montes was convicted in 1969 of assaulting a police officer), possession of ammunition, and four counts of perjury for lying on his gun registration. Personal Data Farmed Out by Facebook Apps.

Cultural genome project mines Google Books for the secret history of humanity. WikiLeaks Being Used to Justify "Patriot Act" Legislation For Internet. Eric BlairActivist Post Senator Mitch McConnell called Assange a "high-tech terrorist" on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday and said, "if it‘s found that Assange hasn’t violated the law, then the law should be changed.

WikiLeaks Being Used to Justify "Patriot Act" Legislation For Internet

" Over the weekend, an insightful article by Zen Gardner exposed how WikiLeaks resembles an establishment creation. The article correctly pointed out that the WikiLeaks storyline was conforming nicely to the elite's problem-reaction-solution method, with the solution of more tyranny for our safety. The Death of the Hard Drive -

The Caviar Green hard disk drive from Western Digital.Western Digital Stop worrying about when the hard drive in your computer will die.

The Death of the Hard Drive -

‪US Air Force dropping Cluster Bombs...‬‏ Adam Curtis Blog: A IS FOR ATOM. ‪Us Now - Part 1 of 7‬‏ Quality of Greek protests fail to impress British rioters. Greece has become the most recent country to enter the running for the Best Violent Protest prize, amid French criticism that the UK unfairly disadvantaged nations without a monarchy by poking the Duchess of Cornwall with a stick.

Quality of Greek protests fail to impress British rioters

The Greek mob opened its protest against austerity measures yesterday with the expected strategy of petrol bombing and vandalism outside the parliament building in Athens, which police countered with a solid tear-gas defence. Students set to find out just how effective violent protest is. Students across the country are set to learn an important life lesson today when the government completely ignores all of their protests to vote in a significant rise in tuition fees.

Students set to find out just how effective violent protest is

There have been a large number of angry protests across the country, as the student body mobilised for an important lesson in futility. Psychologist William Morris told us, “Learning about the futility of our rebellious actions in the face of authority is something many of us never truly understand until we get a job or a career.” ” US physics professor: 'Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life'

Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

US physics professor: 'Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life'

Here is his letter of resignation to Curtis G. Callan Jr, Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society. How 'Twilight,' other dark fiction affect teen brains. Scientists, authors and education experts are meeting this weekend at Cambridge University to investigate how the teenage brain is affected or altered by reading the "Twilight" saga, the "Harry Potter" series and other books that invite fear and anxious emotional responses.

How 'Twilight,' other dark fiction affect teen brains

Edward Cullen altering the teen brain? This is one education conference that I would have enjoyed attending. Water - The Great Mystery (Part 1) Video. Queen tried to get UK poverty fund to heat palace. Published online: 9/25/2010 LONDON - Even a monarch needs a little help from time to time - especially when the cost of heating those drafty old palaces spirals past $1.5 million a year.

Queen tried to get UK poverty fund to heat palace

But a request for assistance from a government fund that provides subsidized heating to low-income Britons has caused a spot of bother for Queen Elizabeth II, long one of the world's wealthiest women. Her Majesty's application in 2004 was politely turned down by the government - in part because of fear of adverse publicity - and quietly forgotten until The Independent newspaper published the correspondence Friday.

The documents quote an unidentified functionary as gently reminding the royal household the program was meant for people in need, not the upper crust, and he noted the potential public relations disaster. ‪Barbara Loe Fisher On Vaccine Awareness (Part 1/2)‬‏ ‪200 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! Scientific Proof!‬‏ Magnetic North Pole Shifts, Forces Runway Closures at Florida Airport - A computer simulation shows the Earth's magnetic field lines and two poles, with blue lines directed inward and yellow lines directed outward.Gary A.

NTEB: Did HAARP Kill Thousands Of Birds And Fish Simultaneously Across Country? Did HAARP Kill Thousands Of Birds And Fish Simultaneously Across Country? Secret Government Testing Suspected "I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea, and the stumblingblocks with the wicked; and I will cut off man from off the land, saith the LORD. " Zephaniah 1:3 Like science fiction. ‪Ayn Rand Interview with Tom Snyder, (1 of 3)‬‏ ‪The Shock Doctrine - part 1‬‏ ‪Rare Pentagon 9-11 Surveillance Camera Video of Impact‬‏ ‪Bush Admits Lying to the Press‬‏ ‪Bush Caught Lying About September 11th‬‏ ‪Rumsfeld slips up and admits flight 93 shot down‬‏ ‪9/11 Coincidences (1/19)‬‏ Daniel Hopsicker Investigates. Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11, by Chaim Kupferberg. ‪Strange things in 911 footage - look closely‬‏ ‪Scientists simulate jet colliding with World Trade Center‬‏

‪9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!‬‏ ‪The most dangerous 911 video ever!!‬‏ ‪Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (MUST SEE)‬‏ ‪Annie Machon (former MI5 Agent) talks about false flag operations (911, London, Madrid)‬‏ ‪MI5 Annie Machon speaks out (Whistleblower) FULL VIDEO‬‏ ‪Ex MI5 agent exposes David Icke's big lie.‬‏ ‪Cynthia McKinney takes on Donald Rumsfeld‬‏

‪9/11 False Flag Terrorism Annie Machon Whistleblower 2007‬‏ ‪9/11 Fraud: David Ray Griffin, Part 1‬‏ ‪7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction p1‬‏ ‪(1 of 7) 7/7 Ripple Effect‬‏ ‪7/7 London - The Big Picture 1/10 - Six years on‬‏ ‪Tony Farrell: British Whistle Blower Fired for Exposing 7/7, 9/11 as "State Sponsored Terror" 1/3‬‏ ‪"9/11 & 7/7 Inside Jobs" UK Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell SUPPORT THIS MAN!‬‏ ‪Inside Job part 1/8‬‏ VIDEO: 120 Seconds Of Gerald Celente Kicking Wall Street's Ass - "$144B Bonus Is 49th Largest GDP In World!" Video: Celente is on fire... I don't usually post GC, so you know this clip is really good. By far the best part is the utter annihilation of private equity billionaire Stephen Schwarzman. Text from youtube page -- While millions of Americans are unemployed and the national debt is soaring, it seems top financial executives are far from feeling the pinch. A recent Wall Street Journal survey estimates they'll receive a staggering $144 billion dollars in compensation and benefits this year.

This amount is equal to the U.S. stimulus package approved by Congress in 2008. Iceland, a country that wants to punish the bankers responsible for the crisis. Since 2008 the vast majority of the Western population dream about saying “no” to the banks, but no one has dared to do so. No one except the Icelanders, who have carried out a peaceful revolution that has managed not only to overthrow a government and draft a new constitution, but also seeks to jail those responsible for the country’s economic debacle. Last week 9 people were arrested in London and Reykjavik for their possible responsibility for Iceland’s financial collapse in 2008, a deep crisis which developed into an unprecedented public reaction that is changing the country’s direction. It has been a revolution without weapons in Iceland, the country that hosts the world’s oldest democracy (since 930), and whose citizens have managed to effect change by going on demonstrations and banging pots and pans.

‪THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO ON THE INTERNET NO MORE FED RESERVE‬‏ ‪Staged Terror Attack On Norway! 1/1‬‏ ‪Panopticon UK, 9/11 Truth Censored, Canada Appoints G20 Cover-up - Sunday Update‬‏ Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels. ‪FAKE ECONOMY MINDFUCK - from 08 07 07‬‏ ‪Illegal Drugs Bullshit‬‏ ‪The War on Drugs in 100 Seconds (MPP-TV)‬‏ ‪Ian R Crane-The Project For The New American Century (FULL)‬‏ ‪PRT1/7 FOOL ME ONCE - PART 1of7 - IAN R CRANE‬‏ ‪David Icke - Big Brother, The Big Picture‬‏ ‪UKUncut protest at Topshop‬‏ UK Uncut. Fed's $1.2 Trillion In Financial Sector Loans 'A Classic Case Of Moral Hazard' During the 2008 financial crisis, when the nation's banking system seemed on the verge of collapse, President George W.

Bush authorized a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry. The U.S. Treasury implemented that program, known as TARP, in an effort to stave off economic catastrophe. Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is. Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Loans. Citigroup Inc. (C) and Bank of America Corp. Exclusive: Goldman Sachs VP Changed His Name, Now Advances Goldman Lobbying Interests As Top Staffer To Darrell Issa. By Lee Fang on August 18, 2011 at 3:21 am "Exclusive: Goldman Sachs VP Changed His Name, Now Advances Goldman Lobbying Interests As Top Staffer To Darrell Issa" Peter Haller, also known as Peter Simonyi, a former Goldman Sachs VP now working for Chairman Issa to block regulations on Goldman Sachs.

WideShut: Alternative News exposing the New World Order. S&P's $2 Trillion Error Didn't Change Rating Cut Decision. Plutocracy: If Corporations and the Rich Paid 1960s-Level Taxes, the Debt Would Vanish. July 24, 2011 | Massive Global Cyberattack Targeting U.S., U.N. Discovered; Experts Blame China - The world's most extensive case of cyber-espionage, including attacks on U.S. government and U.N. computers, was revealed Wednesday by online security firm McAfee, and analysts are speculating that China is behind the attacks.

The spying was dubbed "Operation Shady RAT," or "remote access tool" by McAfee -- and it led to a massive loss of information that poses a huge economic threat, wrote vice president of threat research Dmitri Alperovitch. Clapham Junction Speaker (London Riots 2011) 1 of 2. Police scramble to fight flash-mob mayhem. Law enforcement is scrambling to monitor crime planning on the Web London, Philadelphia and other cities have faced flash mobs of violent youths this summer Police says they believe these groups organize on social-media sites Official: Authorities should befriend suspects on social media to diffuse potential crime.

True News: The Real Source of the British Riots. The Kids Are Not Alright: Can We Stop Flash Mob Mayhem? Damn It or Fear It, the Forbidden Truth Is There's an Insurrection in Britain. ‪London on Fire: Video of Tottenham anti-police riots, bus blaze‬‏ Ken Livingstone blames Tottenham riot on spending cuts. Stocks tumble after S&P downgrade of US.

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks tumbled amid a rout in global markets Monday after Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S. credit rating for the first time. UK riots 2011: David Cameron promises social media crackdown AND cash for victims. London rioters: 'Showing the rich we do what we want' ‪Birmingham Riots 2011 Violence breaks out in Birmingham‬‏ ‪Tottenham Riots: Torched houses, cars in London violence aftermath‬‏ ‪2011 Hilarious NWO Satire [H720p] Death of Bin Laden and other Lies - Connecting the Dots‬‏ Kate Moss Wedding: Catty speeches, a broody bride, a host of no-shows. Starsuckers. ‪Census Video Part 2, Clarifications‬‏ ‪The Census Is Getting Personal‬‏ Police raid Milan offices of Moody's and Standard & Poor's. The Corbett Report.

The Murdoch Empire: How media shapes society. The Light Bulb Conspiracy. ‪John Taylor Gatto - 16 The Empty Child‬‏ ‪John Taylor Gatto - State Controlled Consciousness‬‏ Spiritualentertainer's Channel. Beautiful Truth about Outlawed Cancer Treatment. What Started the Obesity Epidemic in America? The Invisible Toxic Drug That's Lurking in Your Water Supply. The Pentagon and Slave Labor in U.S. Prisons. 1 in 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars, New Study Says.