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A Guide to Making Your Images and Videos Accessible. Share Share Tweet Share Pin It When you think of accessibility, do you envision things like ramps outside of restaurants or handicap bathroom stalls?

A Guide to Making Your Images and Videos Accessible

While consumers have long fought for equal access to places of public accommodation, it’s no longer just in the physical world where this battle rages. Digital businesses are just as responsible for giving everyone easy access to their websites regardless of their impairment or limitation. Why does this matter? And what exactly do you need to do about it? 10 Short Videos to Improve Document Accessibility. Yesterday Microsoft announced a 10-part video series focused on improving the accessibility of documents.

10 Short Videos to Improve Document Accessibility

Each video is two-five minutes long, highlighting specific tips for creating and editing documents that are accessible for all. Topics included: Document namingHeadings and stylesTablesLinksLists, and more Dean Halstead, the Federal Accessibility Lead at Microsoft, narrates all the videos. In the first video, he gives an overview of what you can expect in the series and how the tips will make you more productive and effective in creating accessible documents. In subsequent episodes, Halstead explains the topic, shows good and bad examples, and walks through the steps in Microsoft Word to implement recommendations.

The techniques and concepts described in the videos are built-in to Microsoft Word, but many people aren’t aware of the features. For example, you probably know that using proper headings allows you to create a table of contents with one click in Microsoft Word. נגישות באינטרנט/ מאמר מ- 10.2016 הכולל הצורך בהצהרת נגישות. Code for a 3-Slide Slideshow (embed element) HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives. 1.

HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives

Requirements for providing text to act as an alternative for images Text alternatives,[WCAG] are a primary way of making visual information accessible, because they can be rendered through any sensory modality (for example, visual, auditory or tactile) to match the needs of the user. Providing text alternatives allows the information to be rendered in a variety of ways by a variety of user agents. For example, a person who cannot see a picture can have the text alternative read aloud using synthesized speech. The alt attribute on images is a very important accessibility attribute. 1.1 Examples of scenarios where users benefit from text alternatives for images They have a very slow connection and are browsing with images disabled. 1.2 General guidelines.

אתגרים בהנגשת אתרי אינטרנט. • קיימת כיום בישראל חובה לבצע התאמות נגישות באתרי אינטרנט מכוח תקנה 35 לתקנות נגישות שוויון זכויות לאנשים עם מוגבלות (התאמות נגישות לשירות) והתקן הישראלי לנגישות 5568 של מכון התקנים. • התקן הישראלי 5568 מאמץ את הנחיות ה WCAG 2.0 – Web Content Accessibility Guide עם מספר שינויים קלים כאשר רמת הנגישות הנדרשת לפי התקן היא ברמה AA מתוך שלוש רמות המוגדרות בעולם. • מרבית ההנחיות מכוונות לאפשר גלישה לאנשים עם לקויות ראיה ועיוורון, אך קיימות הנחיות המאפשרות גלישה גם לאנשים עם מוגבלויות אחרות: מוגבלות בידיים, לקות שמיעה, לקות קוגניטיבית ועוד. • חברות בכל המגזרים והתחומים מחויבות למתן שירות נגיש.

אתגרים בהנגשת אתרי אינטרנט

- Blog for Weebly Templates Weebly Widgets and Weebly Themes. Collaborative Haus. Keyboard functionality for websites – creating order, avoiding traps. In recent years, developers have embraced the idea that there are many different ways for people to navigate around a website.

Keyboard functionality for websites – creating order, avoiding traps

In a traditional office environment, it’s likely that the mouse is the most popular navigation tool, while for people on the go it is increasingly likely that fingers on a touchscreen is the favoured way to interact. Yet for people with a vision or mobility impairment there is a third option that is often overlooked: accessing content using only the keyboard. For a person who is blind, the mouse is a difficult tool to use as there’s no easy way to figure out where the mouse pointer is located. For people with a mobility impairment, it may be difficult to move the mouse if their hand is constantly shaking, for instance. In both cases, navigation can be much quicker and easier if keyboard commands and shortcuts are used to get around. Over the years a lot of work has been done to try and make sure that operating systems are fully accessible by keyboard. h4 href. h3 href. Adding a title to an image. H3 split department titles. Make H3 Tags - How to Weebly - W Website Designer.

Create an Anchor Link. Example - Menubar: ARIA CSS Selectors. $(document).ready(function() { var menu1 = new menubar('mb1', false); }); // end ready() /////////////// begin textArea widget definition //////////////////////// // // Function textArea() is the constructor of a widget to manipulate the // properties of a text area. // // @param(id string) id is the HTML id of the text area to bind to // // @return N/A // function textArea(id) { // define widget properties this.

Example - Menubar: ARIA CSS Selectors

$id = $('#' + id); this.fontSizes = new Array('x-small', 'small', 'medium', 'large', 'x-large'); this.sizeNdx = 2; // index of current size setting } // end textArea() constructor // // setFont() is a member function to set the font family of the text area. // // @param ( fontFamily string ) name of family to set // // @return N/A // textArea.prototype.setFont = function(fontFamily) { this. } // end setFont() this. } // end setStyle() this. } // end setAlignment() return this.fontSizes[this.sizeNdx]; } // end getSize() // set the new size this. } // end setSize(); this. this.

WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials. כך תאפיינו ותעצבו אתר נגיש. הנגשת אתרי אינטרנט. Improving Your Website's Accessibility. So, you followed the WAI guidelines from the W3C found at and you hope your site is accessible.

Improving Your Website's Accessibility

Let's talk about some of the most elementary and easiest to understand aspects of a site that contribute to accessibility to users of assistive technology. Be Explicit: Label Graphics and Images First, did you label everything on your web site that isn't strictly text? In most cases, this means using alternative text to describe the function of the item. In HTML, you can provide alternative text for images by adding alt="your description of the image" within the image tag.

WCAG 2.0 checklist - a free and simple guide to WCAG 2.0. It’s extremely useful to have a WCAG 2.0 checklist to hand when you’re working through the guidelines.

WCAG 2.0 checklist - a free and simple guide to WCAG 2.0

A WCAG 2.0 checklist helps you to check your web accessibility progress, record how far you’ve come and set your targets out for the future. Color Safe - accessible web color combinations. Make a Simple JavaScript Slideshow without jQuery. This article was peer reviewed by Dan Prince and Chris Perry.

Make a Simple JavaScript Slideshow without jQuery

Thanks to all of SitePoint’s peer reviewers for making SitePoint content the best it can be! “I just want to make a simple JavaScript slideshow without jQuery.” The slideshow — also known as the image carousel, the slider, or the rotating banner — is a commonly requested tutorial among people who are learning JavaScript. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the following topics: make a basic slideshow without any external libraries like jQueryunderstand UX and accessibility issues, including whether you should use a slideshow at alladd controls to your slideshow. Slick - the last carousel you'll ever need.

Set up your HTML markup.

slick - the last carousel you'll ever need

<div class="your-class"><div>your content</div><div>your content</div><div>your content</div></div> Move the /slick folder into your project Add slick.css in your <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="slick/slick.css"/> // Add the new slick-theme.css if you want the default styling <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="slick/slick-theme.css"/> Add slick.js before your closing <body> tag, after jQuery (requires jQuery 1.7 +) Edit Source HTML or CSS in Free Weebly Site » WebNots. Though Weebly offers “Embed Code” element to add custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript code on your page content, sometimes it is necessary to modify the source HTML / CSS of your site. הגדרת תפריטים בעזרת חוקי aria - טוביה שיינפלד. תפריטים הם בין הדברים הראשונים שמגיעים אליהם באתר שלנו. רמת החשיבות שלהם מאוד גבוה משום שהם נקודת ההתחלה של הגולש.