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En Allemagne, des milliers de manifestants contre "le pouvoir des banques" DELANTE, pensarnoesilegal: More than a thousand words. DELANTE, Números. Victory at Occupy LA: Protesters Ignore Eviction Deadline, Are Allowed to Stay (For Now) Me gustan los Estudiantes, Daniel Viglietti. #OccupyXmas begins, “Buy Nothing Day”)   ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck #OccupyXmas begins, “Buy Nothing Day” share it blackfriday 4,768 notes.

#OccupyXmas begins, “Buy Nothing Day”)  

Occupy Movement. Occupyantarctica.jpg (1600×1200) DELANTE, Apoyo Visto en. DELANTE,  Who Is Occupy Wall Street? NYC Protest for World Revolution. Occupy Everywhere: An Event on November 10. Occupy L.A.: State voters agree with protest issues, poll says. A majority of California voters say they agree with the underlying reasons for the Occupy protests, but a smaller number say they identify with the protesters, according to Field Poll results released Tuesday.

Occupy L.A.: State voters agree with protest issues, poll says

In the past two months, protesters have set up camp in cities across the United States to protest income inequality and corporate influence in government. The latest Field Poll results show that 58% of California voters surveyed agreed with the reasons for the protests but only 46% said they personally identify a lot or somewhat with the movement. Support for the Occupy protests was starkly split on party lines, with more than two-thirds (64%) of Democrats saying they sympathized with the movement, while nearly three-quarters (73%) of Republicans said they did not. One large underlying difference between Occupy supporters and non-supporters was the matter of where they placed blame for the country's economic woes.

Woman's body found in rental car — Abby Sewell. Calmatensa: El 15M recibe los resultados... Escaños en Blanco Sevilla. ¡Mándales a la mierda! Estreno de #Indignados, el documental sobre el movimiento #15M. Somos Anonymous · ELPAÍ Este es su lema: "Somos una legión, no perdonamos, no olvidamos, espéranos.

Somos Anonymous · ELPAÍ

Anonymous". Así es como cierra sus anuncios y comunicados este movimiento sin líderes y sin portavoces, con voz, pero sin cara. O más bien con máscara: la máscara del anarquista revolucionario de V de Vendetta, la novela gráfica de Alan Moore, la que inspiró la película protagonizada por Natalie Portman y Hugo Weaving en 2006. La máscara se ha convertido en símbolo de un movimiento ciberactivista que no se anda con chiquitas. La semana pasada colapsaron las webs oficiales de Túnez , tras la inmolación de un joven de 26 años. En Anonymous sería imposible que se produjera un infiltrado, aseguran, porque no hay líderes "La mayor parte de los 'anonymous' no son 'hackers', son usuarios de Internet como cualquiera", dice uno Todo apunta a que sus miembros consideran más que superada la vieja dialéctica izquierda-derecha Anonymous está en su momento.

No todos los miembros de Anonymous son hackers, no. Pregunta. . P. R. Los indignados del 15M ocupan un edificio público. Georgia Militiamen Arrested in Major Domestic Terror Plot. Experiencia islandesa demuestra que es mejor dejar quebrar los bancos. Watch: Occupy Wall Street, Broadcasting Live. Tim Pool doesn’t have a fancy camera, high-tech equipment or a news organization to back him. But like most of us, he has a cell phone. A 25-year-old protester from Chicago who came to New York’s Zuccotti Park in mid-September to join the Occupy Wall Street movement, Pool was one of the thousands evicted from their makeshift home early Tuesday as police raided the site in full riot gear.

As members of the media poured downtown, many were denied access to the park, meaning much of the live coverage and updates would have to come from the protesters themselves. Around 1:30 am, Pool switched on the camera of his Samsung Galaxy S II, and began streaming live from Ustream, broadcasting the raid and mass arrests live online to more than 100,000 viewers. “We’ve seen one of the scariest, heart-racing nights,” he told viewers. (PHOTOS: Police Clear Occupy Wall Street Camp) Occupy Everywhere 2011.