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Commerce Connecté : l'actualité et l'innovation du digital retail - LSA Conso. [Réalité mixte] HoloForge Interactive applique les leçons du jeu vidéo au B2B. Il y a un an, pour accompagner les précommandes d'HoloLens (alors limitées aux Etats-Unis et au Canada), Microsoft dévoilait deux jeux conçus spécifiquement pour le casque de réalité mixte par la pépite française Asobo Studio.

[Réalité mixte] HoloForge Interactive applique les leçons du jeu vidéo au B2B

Ces deux titres, Fragments et Young Conker, surprenaient alors par leur niveau de maturité (ils durent notamment huit heures chacun).


Blockchain. Display. Fablab. Conferencing. Cowork. Vitrine interative. Mobilier. Objects connectés. Holographie. Capteurs. Augmented reality. About. Cnc. Learning LAB. MACH-My Automated Conversation coacH.

MACH:My Automated Conversation coacH Photo by Manohar Srikanth Interested to use MACH?

MACH-My Automated Conversation coacH

-- Click here. MACH, My Automated Conversation coacH, is a system for people to practice social interactions in face-to-face scenarios. MACH consists of a 3D character that can see, hear, and make its own decisions in real time. The system was validated in the context of job interviews with 90 MIT undergraduate students. The video below describes the motivation behind the project. Here is the overall video. Here is an example of one of the MIT undergraduate students before and after the intervention. Valise de développement Arduino Uno montée 1 pc(s) - Vente Valise de développement Arduino Uno montée 1 pc(s) sur User Persona Creator by Xtensio (It's free!) Every decision you make, from product features to the tone of your taglines, needs to answer to your customers.

User Persona Creator by Xtensio (It's free!)

This User (or Buyer) Persona Creator helps you come up with your ideal user “types.” Go ahead, create as many personas as you like. Don’t know how to begin? Check out our “How-To” guide. Drag and drop modules, resize columns, delete and replace titles — Get creative! L Super Easy Editor A modular page builder with drag and drop and inline editing. W. User Persona Creator by Xtensio (It's free!)


Arduino et prototypage. Things tagged with 'Router' (150 Things) View More.

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Real Work – Steelcase. Outillage pour les datavisualisations - WikiEtalab. How To Use Augmented Reality In Education. What is the future of data-driven creativity? Consumer needs and behaviors are constantly changing, and agencies must fight to keep up.

What is the future of data-driven creativity?

In this Q&A, Lori H. Schwartz, managing partner of StoryTech, shares insights on the latest trends in wearables, branded content, and more. Q: You're passionate about wearable technologies. Where do you see the tech leading us in terms of tracking and targeting in the next six to 12 months? Learning technology. Horizon Project. Login or Create New Account Member Spotlights RIT Launches Nation’s First Minor in Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture Partner News.

Horizon Project

PowerPoint for E-Learning. To successfully use PowerPoint for rapid elearning, you need to do two things: Rethink how you use PowerPoint.

PowerPoint for E-Learning

Most people approach it from a linear presentation mindset, building slides the same way they would for face-to-face presentations. That just doesn’t work for elearning.Learn to use PowerPoint’s features. Once you scratch the surface of the tools available in PowerPoint, you’ll see it’s more than adequate for building great elearning. In many ways it’s the ideal choice because it offers a blend of speed, ease-of-use, and cost savings. Les tables tactiles, interactives et collaboratives : quelles évolutions technologiques et d’usages ? Google. Future School in Sweden in the Present. Feast your eyes on this!

Future School in Sweden in the Present

Now this truly is a future school in the present! Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this amazing school is from the Swedish Free School Organization, Vittra. Instead of a classic classroom setup with desks and chairs, a giant iceberg with a cinema, a platform and room for relaxation and recreation now forms the setting of many different types of learning situations. Stwhitepapersstemfinal.pdf. The Science of Learning: Designing the STEM Learning Facilities of the Future. New technology and changing pedagogies are influencing how to best teach a generation of learners who have never known a world without smartphones or tablets.

The Science of Learning: Designing the STEM Learning Facilities of the Future

Architects and designers must become partners in creating the dynamic science teaching facilities required for undergraduate STEM education. By understanding today’s students and envisioning how learning will continue to evolve, we can shape the structures and spaces that support new teaching methods and evolving educational missions. Several significant trends are impacting the design and function of today’s science classrooms: EPFL: première danse autour du «totem» Corporate Universities - Deloitte University. CORPORATE UNIVERSITIES: Corporate Universities continue to offer an exciting array of potential benefits to organizations.

Corporate Universities - Deloitte University

They also continue to have their detractors – along with their champions. Perhaps a major part of the debate about Corporate Universities (CUs) is that the phrase instantly conjures up the mental image of a bricks and mortar institution which aim to emulate the likes of Harvard or Oxford; whereas the vast majority of CUs are inevitably much humbler institutions, often not having a physical presence at all. In this occasional series on Corporate Universities we shall explore the whole variety of structures from the entirely virtual learning hub, through various different emphases of virtual and physical to the handful of those that are very much grounded in their campuses, their physical presence being a major part of their value and impact.

All the various versions on the CU spectrum have their individual strengths and benefits – and associated costs. Global Evolving Corporate Universities Forum Mumbai. Fab lab. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. InnovationWeek. InnovationWeek France en 5 points. Fab Lab House. Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation. Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from. Collaborative Learning Studio (SB015) Located at the rear of the Student Building, the Collaborative Learning Studio (SB 015) is an innovative classroom space that leverages advanced technologies to support collaborative learning in large classes. Students can work as teams at technology-enhanced tables and have their work displayed on a 20-foot wide video wall for sharing with the larger class.

The Studio was designed to offer an alternative to the traditional lecture hall, facilitating active learning approaches that include team-based learning, problem-based learning, and other collaborative pedagogies. Without a traditional instructor lectern, or even a clear “front” to the room, the Studio has a de-centered feel, allowing the instructor to provide short bits of instruction from anywhere in the room, interspersed with student-based learning activities that call on students to apply course concepts to solve challenging problems and engage in other hands-on collaborative projects. Key Room Features Student Tables. School Design Studio: 23. Weave Virtual and Physical Learning Spaces Together. I was asked by NEA Today to provide a short response to the question: "What role will/must architecture play in the future of public education?

". A great question since I've found that the opportunities for encouraging change in education are most apparent during the educational planning process where the community is looking at future desires and expectations for education. When we look forward, we give ourselves permission to imagine how things could be - we dream of a better future. Often, the opportunity to use this visionary thinking to inform our here and now decisions about change implementation is lost when time schedules, budgets and politics get in the way of what we know we aught to be doing for our children and youth.

Projects. Dans la salle de classe du futur, les résultats ne progressent pas. Classe numérique : Microsoft dévoile l'école du futur. 01net. le 21/11/12 à 08h37. EXO U. SOCIAL-EducationTECHNO-ExoDesk-Ecole du futur. About. J’ai visité la salle de classe du futur. Et si, à l’ère du numérique, le débat sur l’éducation devait s’intéresser autant à l’espace (la nécessaire reconfiguration des salles de cours et des établissements) qu’au temps (la question, récurrente, des rythmes scolaires) ? Visiter, dans les bureaux d’European Schoolnet situés au centre de Bruxelles, le « Laboratoire de la Classe du Futur » est une expérience passionnante, presque grisante.