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World class innovators/speakers. #Gestión. Fundamental de creación de empleo, innovación y desarrollo. El teniente de alcalde de Medio Ambiente, Territorio e Infraestructuras, Martín Fernández Prado, ha reiterado la importancia de que A Coruña se sume al proyecto de Smart Cities “para mejorar la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos y hacer más eficiente la ciudad, consolidándose como un referente tecnológico en el noroeste español”.

fundamental de creación de empleo, innovación y desarrollo

En este sentido, Fernández Prado, recordó que A Coruña servirá de guía a otras ciudades tanto gallegas como españolas en la implantación de las Smart Cities: “A Coruña tiene en este momento el mayor despliegue tecnológico de España y uno de los más altos de Europa: por ejemplo, el 97% de las viviendas de la ciudad tienen acceso a fibra óptica y contamos con una de las mejores tecnologías de descarga móvil de toda España”, destacó. “Se trata de una obra difícil -continuó- para la que no escatimamos ningún esfuerzo. 25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore. 1.

25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore

People are getting rid of bookshelves. Treat the money you budgeted for shelving as found money. The riskiest tech business decisions. By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The technology business is a high risk, high reward situation. All CEOs and entrepreneurs are trying to figure out what people will want in the future while fighting off rivals who are just as smart, work just as hard, and have as much, if not more money.

One slip up and you could easily nuke your company. MAYA Design. 16 Chinese Startups Came Out With A Bang At The ChinaBang Conference. Editor’s note: Guest authors Gang Lu, Ben Jiang and Jason Lim are the editors of TechNode, a bilingual blog based in China.

16 Chinese Startups Came Out With A Bang At The ChinaBang Conference

ChinaBang conference, an annual two-day event with a focus on local startups, innovation and entrepreneurship, was held last weekend in Beijing. With a mixture of keynote and panel discussions from local startup founders and entrepreneurs, the awards ceremony recognized the best Chinese startups and founders in 2011 and featured a startup launchpad contest. El arte de Emprender. Innovation. Inc. - Mesure d’Internet. Y, ¿qué es del e-Commerce en Latinoamérica? 107 107 Flares × Bien es sabido que Latinoamérica es una de las regiones del mundo donde se encuentran grandes economías emergentes, como es el caso de Brasil.

Y, ¿qué es del e-Commerce en Latinoamérica?

Prezi. Home : Learning Management System : The University of Melbourne. India_CountrySummary.pdf (application/pdf Object) Contrata programadores, diseñadores y profesionales freelance. Crowdfunding Bible: Top Book on Crowd Funding, Kickstarter.

Collaborative work. Networking. Membership, NETS Standards, Books, Journals and Professional Development for Teachers. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) is the premier nonprofit organization for educators and education leaders committed to empowering connected learners in a connected world.

Membership, NETS Standards, Books, Journals and Professional Development for Teachers

Home to the ISTE Conference and Expo and the widely adopted ISTE Standards for learning, teaching and leading in the digital age, the association represents more than 100,000 professionals worldwide. Become an ISTE member today! Mutinerie : Libres ensemble. - Where ideas and people meet. The Age of Coworking: Collaborative Consumption for the Creative Community. Report Maria Popova Many coworking spaces are housed in meticulously designed lofts.

The Age of Coworking: Collaborative Consumption for the Creative Community

Photo from Green Spaces, NYC. Entrepreneuriat. Entrepreneurship. Startup. Innovation. Trabalhe na Embraer - Embraer. The Content Strategist as Digital Curator. The term “curate” is the interactive world’s new buzzword.

The Content Strategist as Digital Curator

During content creation and governance discussions, client pitches and creative brainstorms, I’ve watched this word gain traction at almost warp speed. As a transplant from museums and libraries into interactive media, I can’t help but ask what is it about this word that deserves redefinition for the web? Article Continues Below. Abierta la convocatoria para obtener la acreditación "Severo Ochoa" How To Make Money Online. Johnson & Johnson.

Amazon, the Company That Ate the World. Jeff Bezos is channeling Steve Jobs.

Amazon, the Company That Ate the World

It’s mid-September and the wiry billionaire founder of (AMZN) is at his brand-new corporate headquarters in Seattle, in a building named Day One South after his conviction that 17-year-old Amazon is still in its infancy. Almost giddy with excitement, Bezos retrieves one by one the new crop of dirt-cheap Kindle e-readers—they start at $79—from a hidden perch on a chair tucked into a conference room table. When he’s done showing them off, he stands up, and, for an audience of a single journalist, announces, “Now, I’ve got one more thing to show you.” > Nos domaines d'expertises > Cinématique continue > à 150 ppm Cinématique continue > à 150 ppm.

Ferramenta gratuita ajuda pequenas empresas a evitar ciberataques. - Encuentra trabajo con Twitter e Infoempleo. The Fortune 500. INNOVATIONthroughIMAGINATION. ¿Eres un nuevo líder 2.0? Presentation/timeline. Business Strategies. Paper EMC UIM V4 3.pdf. 30+ Most Beautiful Powerpoint Templates And Designs. 30 Most Beautiful Powerpoint Templates And Designs It's no use if your PowerPoint presentation does not leave any impact on your audience.

30+ Most Beautiful Powerpoint Templates And Designs

Take inspiration by downloading creative PowerPoint templates to make make your presentation more valuable and eye-catching. This portal has a great collection of backgrounds, templates and more other useful tools necessary to create an outstanding presentation. Download the files and take full control over these templates. Younger, Less Educated Lead Job Gains Since September. December 4, 2010 by Dennis Jacobe, Chief Economist PRINCETON, NJ -- Gallup's monitoring of the U.S. employment situation, without seasonal adjustment, finds the jobs situation improving among many segments of the workforce, with unemployment among Americans aged 18 to 29 falling the most since September.

Younger, Less Educated Lead Job Gains Since September

Unemployment is also down among 30- to 49-year-olds and, to a lesser degree, among older age groups. Gallup's measure of unemployment is based on a rolling average, updated daily to take into account the most recent 30 days of interviewing, with each 30-day average consisting of more than 18,000 interviews. Gallup's November update found unemployment down to 8.8% from 9.4% in October and 10.1% in September. After 18- to 29-year-olds, Gallup finds the second-largest decrease in unemployment among those with some college education, down to 8.9% in November from 11.2% in September.

Learning to Speak the Language of Business. One of the basic elements of running learning like a business is to speak the language of business. Unfortunately, many learning leaders fall short here, which reduces their ability to communicate effectively with senior leaders as well as their own staff; decreases their prospects for success; and diminishes their prospects for promotion. There are really two aspects to speaking the language of business. First, you need to have the right focus.

Second, you need the right language. IEDI - Cartas. Scott Berkun Books. An Best Book of 2013. This behind the scenes story of 8th most popular website in the U.S., where everyone works from home, no one uses email and dozens of improvements launch to customers every day. “The Year Without Pants is one the most original and important books about what work is really like, and what it takes to do it well, that has ever been written.” OFFICE HERO 6.1 All-in-One Printer — Extended User Guide.

Customers. Do Good Investment Managers Give Away Great Ideas? It’s Entirely Rational According to New Study. In the competitive, performance-driven world of professional investment management, why would any rational manager share a potentially market-beating investment idea with rival fund managers? And are the ideas they do share any good? Several months ago, I wrote about SumZero, a relatively new private online community where buy-side managers “share actionable ideas with one another and grow their professional networks.” Gestion de projets.

Technology - Bill Davidow - What Happened to Silicon Values? Compare Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page to the founders of Hewlett Packard and Intel, and you'll find a paradigm shift as to how the tech industry treats its customers. PRNewsFoto/Silicon Maps, Inc. The Facebook IPO brought with it a flood of questions about how Silicon Valley has changed over the decades. I must be getting old because many people assume that I watched Silicon Valley evolve, and ask me to comment on the changes I've seen. They assume correctly. I arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area as a young engineer in 1959, before there even was a Silicon Valley.

Ditch the Cover Letter When Applying For A New Job, No One Reads Them Anyway. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. So, I'm actually interviewing candidates right now. It's not just job candidates that hate what HR database systems do to resumes — some of us on the other side of the table hate them as much, if not more. Pôle emploi. Les mé Hi, I'm Meredith. Make Me Want to Hire You. - StumbleUpon. The minute people find out what I do for a living, they want advice. I am a Human Resources Manager. Guia do Empreendedor - Economia. E3 - Innovation Unveiled: June 5-7, 2012. Business coaching. Emploi.

Web Surf with Purpose to Avoid Productivity Wipeout. Inicio - BIZBARCELONA. BUSINESS CHINA. Startup Weekend Madrid. Applied Cognitive Science: How Cognitive Science Can Improve Your ... Business. Business Graphics - Billion Dollar Business Graphics. I+D+i. Farzaan_ecw. Project Management. Groupon. Home - Experts from Korea and Peru show interest in Metro de Madrid infrastructure model - Spanish Railway News - Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles. EDHEC. Nial Fuller ~ Learn To Trade Price Action Forex Trading Strategies. Franchise.

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