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EDIT: EDIT:O 1. Photographic Review: Submissions. Direct Submissions: Source is interested in seeing new previously unpublished projects for publication and has an open and ongoing submissions policy.

Photographic Review: Submissions

We publish a variety of work but we would encourage you to see what kind of material we publish by looking at the material available on our web site. To give us focus, Source only publishes work made in the UK or Ireland - or by photographers from the UK or Ireland - on its portfolio pages. International work is covered through our book and exhibition reviews. To submit work, email a pdf with up to 8 images and contained within it up to three paragraphs of text that give a background to your new work along with your name, CV, contact phone number and web address.

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The Big Picture

Over the past three years, the Ashaninka and Madija say that they have seen more and more incursions on their territory from uncontacted tribes, defined by Survival International as groups who have no peaceful contact with mainstream society. The "Bravos," or "Braves," as uncontacted Indians are called in the region, carry out raids on other villages, putting the communities along the Envira River on permanent alert.