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Hi there, For all who have never heard of tape art before… first of all, yes, all artwork you see on this site is only made of brown packing tape, however, before I start to bore you with long explanations how I cut and stick layer by layer on pieces of Plexiglas, better check out one of the making-of-videos . The results and a lot of other artworks can be found in the gallery . Street Art – Stick Together: Since a good while a lot of great people from around the world are helping me to put up tape-works. Feel welcome to join the party. How? Find much more info about my street art project, how you can apply for a free little tape-artwork and what you can do with it at . | Max Zorn Street art Tape Art Amsterdam

| Max Zorn Street art Tape Art Amsterdam

cecile beau
Carlos Cruz Diez
Richard Prince
Paul-Armand Gette

Paul-Armand Gette

TL – Tu ne nous as pas tout raconté sur tes plages (pages ?) d’écriture avec Rrose, ni dit pourquoi elle emprunte ce prénom à la bien chère amie de Monsieur Marcel. Tu nous laisses entrevoir des choses et ensuite tu changes de sujet. PA – Il me semble que c’est la journée des reproches, donc je vais essayer de te répondre.
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