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Free Audio Books - Fantasy - Download mp3 and iPod format today! Bookshelf Porn: Archive. You Are A... 100% Quality Desktop Wallpapers. BallDroppings. - Turn yourself into an ugly dancer. 40 Fantastic Websites To Help Pass Time « TechWorthy. Warning: Reading this story may be hazardous to your productivity.

40 Fantastic Websites To Help Pass Time « TechWorthy

The Web sites within may divert you from the dull tasks in need of your attention and may cause you to goof off for hours instead. Oh, who am I kidding? You weren’t going to get any work done today, anyway. So you might as well waste time in style–and these sites will help you do it. Figuring that you’re already familiar with the Facebooks and YouTubes and Onions of the Net, we decided that any further serious undermining of your motivation to labor entailed digging up some obscure nuggets to commingle with the more familiar destinations. 1. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter–Stripgenerator is about comic creation, not clothing removal–though we wouldn’t claim that the two paths have never crossed. 2. FMyLife encourages people to send in anonymous real-life stories of worst-case scenarios that came horrifyingly true–things you’ll just have to read to believe. 3. 4.

HOME OF NEUROTICALLY YOURS, 4Y-RECORDS & MORE. Worth1000 Home. Welcome fans of

Worth1000 Home

If you're looking for Worth's amazing creative content, then you've rocked up to the right place! Just in case you missed the news, is now part of - and we've preserved all the amazing Worth1000 content here so you can search the archives to find old favorites and new contest art. We're delighted to have Worth1000's talented users and their treasure trove of imaginative and original content, built over many years, as part of our design community. But enough of that, we assume you want to get on with checking out some great design tips, brilliant creative contests, or even find some paid design jobs. We've got you covered: Design Tutorials Photoshop humans into zombies, stone statues, animal hybrids and more. Photo Hacks These contests invite participants to use their humour and technical skills in Photoshop to play with icons, objects and media imagery to create new concepts.

Enter Creative Contests. Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving. Packing all of your belongings into a U-Haul and then transporting them across several states is nearly as stressful and futile as trying to run away from lava in swim fins.

Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

I know this because my boyfriend Duncan and I moved from Montana to Oregon last month. But as harrowing as the move was for us, it was nothing compared to the confusion and insecurity our two dogs had to endure. Our first dog is - to put it delicately - simple-minded. Our other dog is a neurotic German shepherd mix with agonizingly low self-esteem who has taken on the role of "helper dog" for our simple dog. Neither dog is well-equipped with coping mechanisms of any kind. When we started packing, the helper dog knew immediately that something was going on. When the soul-penetrating pathos she was beaming at me failed to prevent me from continuing to put things in boxes, the helper dog became increasingly alarmed. Unfortunately for the helper dog, it took us nearly a week to get everything packed up. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapidians attempt a ritual dance to appease Calder's - and the city's - enlarged heart.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I'm a sculptor and I'm feeling like death, as you would too if you'd just flown into Grand Rapids at some ungodly hour of the morning, only to discover that you can't check into your hotel room for another three hours. As you would too, if you were a sculptor — as I am.” Grand Rapids is a tight-knit Dutch community of mostly affluent Dutch Republicans (plus some recent riff-raff), located in Dutch West Michigan. The city is nicknamed "G.R. " and is depicted on highway signs as Gd Rapids , Gd being an abbreviation of Grand, evidently. Gd Rapids is situated on Michigan's Gd River, atop several scenic and probably important Native American burial sites. History “There are no grand rapids in Grand Rapids, Michigan”~ Lyricists Marty Cooper and the Big Town Kazoos before stumbling onto a catchier tune about deer in Dearborn Alticor headquarters, formerly the Pantlind Hotel.

Government People. Loldogs, Dogs 'n. There, I Fixed It - Redneck Repairs. Daily Squee - Cute Baby Animals. Photos by: Hendy Mp.

Daily Squee - Cute Baby Animals

Texts From Last Night. Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?