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Better Low Light Photography. It's easy to make sharp photos in broad daylight, or beautiful photos with golden sunset light.

Better Low Light Photography

But what do you do when the light gets really low and you still want to shoot? Here's a handful of tips to help you improve your low light photography skill. - Don't be afraid of high ISOs Way back in the old days DSLRs were a lot like film cameras, and digital sensor ISOs largely mirrored the quality of film. But for several years now, DSLR sensors have been capable of producing relatively low noise at unbelievably high ISOs. I regularly shoot in low light with ISOs upwards of 3200, 6400 and even in excess of 10,000, and still produce quality images that my clients find totally usable. . - Speaking of noise reduction… Notice that I mentioned noise reduction? P.E.T.’s Best Tips and Tricks for Photoshop Elements. Build Your Composition, Then Wait For The Light. Sunset Through Fog Over Monterey Bay, CaliforniaSony a7R II, Sony 24-70 f/4 ZA OSS, f/11, 1/15th, 100 ISO, Singh-Ray Neutral Polarizer One of the joys for me is waiting to see what type of light nature will hand me.

Build Your Composition, Then Wait For The Light

The great Minor White used to wonder “What gifts will be given to me today?” Light, to a degree, can and should be anticipated. The last act a photographer wants is to be scrambling to find a composition when great light arrives. To find the type of light that I like shooting, I work along the fringes of the day. The accompanying image was made from 3100 feet at central California’s Fremont Peak State Park. Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts - Digital Scrapbooking HQ. 200++ Photoshop Photo Effects. EmailEmail Have you ever wonder where is that photo effect tutorial you saw the other day and start searching all over the internet but couldn’t find what you saw initially?

200++ Photoshop Photo Effects

Honestly, i have. A Practical Approach to Landscape Photography on Vacation. My name is Ori Cohen, I am a semi-serious photographer, and a computer science PhD student.

A Practical Approach to Landscape Photography on Vacation

Last year my wife and I traveled to Switzerland, so I packed a Sony NEX-7, a Sony 16mm f/2.8, a Minolta 24mm f/2.8 attached to an LA-EA4, and a Haida ND1000 filter. I am sure everyone will have taken a vacation to a new country at some point in their life. I usually prepare a very tight schedule of the places we would like to visit each day, and we usually run from place to place in order to see them all.

There is a big downside to that, you don’t have enough time for ‘controlled’ landscape photography, i.e., setting up with a tripod at the optimum time of day in order to capture the best light at the best moment, and to get the best possible image. It’s actually quite the opposite from what a professional landscape photographer would do. Sky Photography Tips and Techniques. Relevant: bring out the best in your skies with the deal on Lightroom Made Easy How many beautiful nature pictures have we all seen with little or none of the sky-scape?

Sky Photography Tips and Techniques

You may think of the sky as only some unavoidable background for most of your nature photo subject matter, and the more blue it is, the better. Blog Archive Ten Basics for Better Home Photography - Centsational Girl. I’ve had a few emails recently requesting I write up a post offering tips for taking better pictures of interiors.

Blog Archive Ten Basics for Better Home Photography - Centsational Girl

I really don’t consider myself an expert by any means in the field, but I have learned over the years how to take a pretty good picture of a DIY project, vignette, or room reveal. I wrote an article last year about better blog images, and it was mostly about moving out of automatic settings and into manual mode. It’s a good read, and today’s post really piggybacks off what I wrote last year.

As decorators and home bloggers, we are constantly surrounded by gorgeous interiors, whether it comes from shelter magazines, other blogs, or the newest sensation, Pinterest. The bar continues to be set higher when it comes to photographing our projects and our homes. Street Life: Tips For Successful Street Photography. I'm a lover of street photography.

Street Life: Tips For Successful Street Photography

It's what inspired me to pick up a camera and shoot. It became fairly addictive. Street Photography Tips and Techniques. When you’re getting started the challenge is overcoming the fear of taking pictures of strangers.

Street Photography Tips and Techniques

Since telephoto lenses are not normally used in street photography, how can you stand a few feet from your subject, put the camera to your eye, focus, and click the shutter without getting nervous? A good street photographer is not only fearful in the beginning (this is a good sign of being sensitive) but they also don’t want to do anything which will change the how the subject is behaving. Four Reasons Your Photos are Blurry, And How to Avoid Them » Light And Matter. Why Are My Pictures Blurry?

Four Reasons Your Photos are Blurry, And How to Avoid Them » Light And Matter

It’s not uncommon for amateur photographers to bring home blurry photos at the end of the day. Unfortunately, though, when many people see a blurry image, they think “It’s out of focus!” , which is only occasionally true. Without knowing exactly why an image isn’t sharp, it’s very difficult to reliably avoid the same problems in the future. Below, I’ve listed the four main causes of blurry photos, how to identify them, and how to avoid them. 1. How to Take Better Still Life Photos. In photography there are as many mediums as there are people with interests.

How to Take Better Still Life Photos

When most are getting started with photography, they often start with still life, and with time they progress to landscape shots, candid shots, or portraits. You can learn a lot of the basics from still life photography, such as the use of shadows and light. This helps the photographer find the subject’s emotion. Tips for Using Natural Light in Still Life Photography. Harnessing light can be the most challenging aspect of photography. So you got a window, eh? Well, now what do you do with it? How you direct light will dramatically change the mood of your photos. How to Use Converging Lines to Enhance Your Photography. A Post By: Darren Rowse This is the last in our series of posts on working with lines in photography which we highly recommend you check out.

By Steve Coleman When framing a landscape shot one of the types of environmental features that many photographers look for and like to incorporate in their shots is converging lines. We’ve talked previously about how lines have the potential to add interest to an image – but multiple lines that converge together (or come close to one another) can be a great technique to lead your viewers eye into a shot. Perhaps the classic example (and one that’s probably been overdone) of converging lines are railway tracks. Depth of field: what you need to know for successful images. Controlling depth of field is the key to successful photography.

Managing what is in focus (and out of focus) is strongly linked to the enjoyment of the image and this varies greatly with relation to subject matter. Landscape photography, for example, uses a large depth of field, keeping the entire image in sharp focus from corner to corner. This invites the eye to explore fine detail and truly experience distances, from distant cloud shapes to the wet sand at your feet. 10 amazing still life photography ideas you should try right now. 10 amazing still life photography ideas, Nos. 1-2 3 High and low key Not all shots need to be exposed perfectly with all the detail captured. A high-key effect bleaching out the highlights can make the shadows in your subject come to life. Conversely, shooting low key can be just as effective. As in this shot of the cricket balls, the lack of detail lends an air of mystery. Image by Chris Rutter. 10 Tips to Get Started with Still Life Photography. Winter Photography Tips.

Digital camera effects from A-Z. 26 digital camera effects and techniques to help you get more creative with your DSLR. 53 essential photo ideas for winter. 44 essential digital camera tips and tricks. Our collection of top digital camera tips and essential photography advice will have you improving your photos in no time. Culled from experts and photographers who have been taking pictures for quite some time, they all agree that these 44 camera tips are essential knowledge for honing your craft. How To Get An Eye For Photography. Ah, the elusive photographic eye. Useful Photography Tip #58: Develop Your Eye. We often talk about cameras, lenses and lighting but rarely do we talk about what’s behind them–your eye.

Not the organ, no, the part of your mind that actually helps you see the world and share it with others. Choosing The Right Composition In Clutter. Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized Daily Macro View. Six Quick Composition Tips. Photography Tips on Travel and Landscape Photography - by Karl Taylor.