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Introduction to Sound Production

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Weathervane Music – Episode Index. ShedTheMusic. Shure Webinar: Microphone Techniques for Mobile Recording. AFFORDABLE SOFTWARE FOR PRODUCERS AND MUSICIANS. Videos. Shure Webinar: Microphone Techniques for Mobile Recording These days, most people carry a portable recording studio in their pocket.


Mobile devices and tablets have more processing power and onboard storage than most desktop computers did a short time ago. With the right app, you can record your masterpiece anywhere you choose. With all things audio, however, your end product is only as good as your gear. The built-in microphones on most mobile phones and tablets are woefully lacking. Microphone Techniques for Mobile Recording Whether you’re a podcaster, songwriter, or just looking to get better audio for your home movies, join Gino Sigismondi and Thomas Banks of Shure for an informative webinar on all things mobile recording.

Related videos Made with MV88: Warehouse Samba Video sampling and synchronized audiovisual counterpoint create a fusion of contact improvisation and musique concrete. Warehouse Samba – Behind The Scenes Behind the Scenes of "Warehouse Samba" by Gabriel Shalom. Maps - sounds of the world. BBC Sound Effects - Research & Education Space. Browse By Category: Music, recorded. Digital Collections, Available Online, Audio Recording. Collection.

Digital Collections, Available Online, Audio Recording

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. Audio and Ringtones. Mic University by DPA Microphones - Tech Talks, Guides and Insights. Modern Recording Techniques. The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library. Below is a list of multitrack projects which can be freely downloaded for mixing practice purposes.

The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library

All these projects are presented as ZIP archives containing uncompressed WAV files (24-bit or 16-bit resolution and 44.1kHz sample rate). For maximum mixdown flexibility, the contributors have made every effort to provide audio ‘raw’, in other words without additional effects or processing (beyond treatments printed during tracking/editing). When importing the tracks, just make sure all the files start at exactly the same moment in time within your DAW’s timeline. (Download problems?) In addition to the Full Multitrack packages, there are also many quick-download Edited Excerpt versions (usually featuring the song’s biggest chorus) which provide ‘bite-sized’ mixing assignments well-suited to classroom use. As well as the multitracks hosted directly on this site, I’ve also included links to a few other decent downloads I’ve discovered on other sites.

Introduction. Compressor Attack and Release Times Explained - Audio Issues : Audio Issues. I’m going to tell you a secret no one in the music business wants you to know.

Compressor Attack and Release Times Explained - Audio Issues : Audio Issues

Learning how to properly use compression is hard. Everybody thinks they understand how to use a compressor way before they actually do. Sure, they know what all the knobs are for, but most of the time they’re either recalling presets, dialing in the same go-to settings for every song or just spinning knobs until something cool happens. It’s hard to hear the subtle differences between different attack and release settings—especially without knowing what you’re listening for. That’s why we put together a guide on everything you need to know about attack and release times, complete with audio samples and examples of when to use different settings. Compressor Controls On a technical level, the controls of a compressor are pretty simple. The Threshold setting determines when the compressor actually begins compressing. The Ratio setting determines how much the compressor reduces or attenuates the signal.

iZotope - Pro Audio Essentials. Audiomovers. Who is behind the scene?


Igor Maxymenko - product designer / product owner Audiomovers Listento - product owner/designer. Igor has over a decade experience as a product manager/designer in Waves Audio Ltd. He worked on several award winning product released by Waves such as Tracks Live, MultiRack, SoundGrid, Digigrid, CLA 2A, CLA 76, CLA 3A, Puig Child, PuigTech and many more. He designed part of a factory presets for Waves Element and Codex synthesizers. Music technology - KS3 Music - BBC Bitesize. Recording Music - KS3 Music - BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize. Learning Synths. ACX. How to Create a Cheap, Battery-Powered Production. If you work at an after-school music program, maybe this dilemma will sound familiar: Your students want to learn how to make music, but maybe not the kind they find in their school's classical, marching band, or choral curricula.

How to Create a Cheap, Battery-Powered Production

The Music & Youth Initiative came up with a cost-effective way to get powerful, contemporary music-making tools into the hands of students. The battery-powered workstation the group devised has everything students need to create modern pop, hip-hop, R&B, or other current music, and it will cost just about $1,000 total. Music & Youth is not new to such endeavors. For 15 years, the organization has been launching and supporting music programs for children in low-income neighborhoods. Their Music Clubhouse locations even have full-fledged recording studios on the premises. Music & Youth's Mobile Studio assembly video. Fitting all this power into one small workstation was a feat of clever engineering. Recording a podcast with a guest. Women's Audio Mission.

Audiotool - Free Music Software - Make Music Online In Your Browser. BlokDust. Home - Auto Voice Tune & Harmony - Voloco. Acapella - Pitch Perfect. Music Maker. Sing & collaborate with friends — Mixcord. Dha Re Dha - Sumkali. Theremin - Play your own musical synth with delay, feedback & scuzz. Waviator. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik - Immersive Studio Experience.