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Data Visualizations: 11 Ways To Bring Analytics To Life. Data visualizations, used well, can help people make sense of large, complex data.

Data Visualizations: 11 Ways To Bring Analytics To Life

Learn how data visualizations are changing and best practices for making the most of them. 1 of 12 User demand for interactive data visualization is driving an evolution in the way that complex information is presented. Rather than accepting static pie charts and bar charts at face value, professionals and consumers alike want interactive tools that allow them to visualize, understand, and analyze data in an iterative fashion, whether at their desks, on the web, or on their mobile devices. Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science. Machine Learning And Human Bias: An Uneasy ...

Data storytelling skills take on key role in an... Open data summer showcase. Rise of the Data Visualization Competency Cente... How people engage with data visualisations and ... A little known hack from Japan to get your note... Designing Data-Driven Interfaces — Truth Labs. “Dashboard”, “Big Data”, “Data visualization”, “Analytics” — there’s been an explosion of people and companies looking to do interesting things with their data.

Designing Data-Driven Interfaces — Truth Labs

I've been lucky to work on dozens of data-heavy interfaces throughout my career and I wanted to share some thoughts on how to arrive at a distinct and meaningful product. Many people have already tackled this topic, so I'm going try and stick to the parts of our process that have the most impact. 1. An executive’s guide to machine learning ... Predictive Analytics in Practice. Steve Dale sur Twitter : "Data Storytelling DataStoryTelling.jpg (1331×914) #data... DataStoryTelling.jpg?utm_content=buffer5829d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter. Machine Learning Goes Mainstream II: Guesswork ... Disinformation Visualization: How to lie with d... Big Data. 50 great data visualizations. Data Science Central 50 great data visualizations by Mirko Krivanek on Thursday Interesting post.

50 great data visualizations

I think many of these visualizations are just pure art, but delivering no insight. The Iliad (whatever that means) Billionaires Population density Winning Lotto Numbers Click here to check the 50 visualizations. DSC Resources Additional Reading. A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute. Power to the new people analytics. The latest data and analytics buzz comes from the field of advanced HR analytics, where the application of new techniques and new thinking to talent management is becoming more mainstream.

Power to the new people analytics

The implications are dramatic because talent management in many businesses has traditionally revolved around personal relationships or decision making based on experience—not to mention risk avoidance and legal compliance—rather than deep analysis. Advanced analytics provides a unique opportunity for human-capital and human-resources professionals to position themselves as fact-based strategic partners of the executive board, using state-of-the-art techniques to recruit and retain the great managers and great innovators who so often drive superior value in companies. Some leading organizations we know are already using advanced HR analytics successfully in certain talent-management areas.

The insights have been surprising and at times counterintuitive. About the authors. Gapminder World Poster 2013. 12 data maps that sum up London. The Best Infographics of the Year: Nate Silver ... The Dawn of the Zettabyte Era [INFOGRAPHIC] The Internet Of Someone Else’s Things. The Internet Of Things is coming.

The Internet Of Someone Else’s Things

Rejoice! …Mostly. It will open our collective eyes to petabytes of real-time data, which we will turn into new insights and efficiencies. It will doubtless save lives. Oh, yes: and it will subtly redefine ownership as we know it. They say “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” but even if you physically and legally own a Smart Thing, you won’t actually control it. This is not a hypothetical situation.

As The Atlantic puts it: the smarter one’s things, the greater the possibility that they’ll be conscripted into schemes you never would have imagined and might not like. The fundamental issue here is that the Internet of Things will not have a standard set of open APIs for consumers. Techno-utopians like to argue that open systems always win, but that simply isn’t true, as the mobile era has shown. So are we doomed to a future of fifth-column Smart Things that we don’t really own, talking behind our backs to an array of siloed Stacks?

…Maybe. Made with Code_Google. 22 maps and charts that will surprise you. Tinder And Evolutionary Psychology. Editor’s note: Liraz Margalit serves as Costumer Experience Psychologist for ClickTale, writing analyses that incorporate theory and academic research into a conceptual framework that creates insights into online consumer behavior.

Tinder And Evolutionary Psychology

Mobile dating application Tinder has been criticized heavily due to its appearance-based matchmaking process, which many consider so shallow and superficial that it could only be used to facilitate casual sex. However, the app’s popularity continues to grow at an extraordinary rate: it is currently available in 24 languages and boasts more than 10 million active daily users. It was also awarded TechCrunch’s Crunchie Award for “Best New Startup of 2013.” The app’s runaway success cannot be attributed solely to singles looking for quick hook-ups. The counter-intuitive truth is that Tinder actually provides users with all the information they need to make an informed first impression about a potential long-term mate. How Does It Work? The Chat. Data Cleaning Tools. Best TED videos on Data Visualization « Big Data Made Simple. Welcome - 5 Reasons to learn D3 - Programming - O'Reilly. A recipe for data: lessons from EUDAT. Curate and Publish Searchable Databases with fr.

UK Data Explorer. If you have any questions or are interested in commissioning a data visualisation project, please contact James Trimble.

UK Data Explorer

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