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Owlet BBC BASIC Editor. Laser Cut Sundial #3DThursday #3DPrinting. Agancz shares this great design for a laser cut sundial!

Laser Cut Sundial #3DThursday #3DPrinting

Download the files on: Every Thursday is #3dthursday here at Adafruit! The DIY 3D printing community has passion and dedication for making solid objects from digital models. Recently, we have noticed electronics projects integrated with 3D printed enclosures, brackets, and sculptures, so each Thursday we celebrate and highlight these bold pioneers! Have you considered building a 3D project around an Arduino or other microcontroller? Townscaper. PiNG Ressources Numériques. Medieval Leather Needle Case : 6 Steps.

We're going to start off with the Cap and one of the Circles.

Medieval Leather Needle Case : 6 Steps

Take your ruler and line it up along one of the width edges. Take a needle and mark .25 cm (.098 in) from the end (about 2 mm (.08 in) away from the edge) and then .5 cm (.197 in) until you reach the end. This should make the last needle point .25cm (.098 in) from the end. Now line up the ruler with both height edges and mark every .5 cm (.197 in) starting with the first and last marks along the width. Now take the Circle A and place it along the marked width of the Cap. We are going to repeat this process with the the Outer Tube and Circle B. We only want the Outer Tube and Circle B to be stitched together so when we stitch the Outer Tube and the Inner Tube together we want the Inner Tube offset higher. Toledo Atomchess : DOS haven.

Arduino + Ham Radio = Texting. Over on the Spectrum web site, [Dale] — a relatively new ham radio operator — talks about his system for sending text messaging over VHF radios called HamMessenger.

Arduino + Ham Radio = Texting

Of course, hams send messages all the time using a variety of protocols, but [Dale] wanted a self-contained and portable unit with a keyboard, screen, and a GPS receiver. So he built one. You can find his work on GitHub. At the heart of the project is MicroAPRS, an Arduino firmware for packet radio. Instead of using a bigger computer, he decided to dedicate another Arduino to do everything but the modem function. You can probably figure out the rest. Youtube. Markqvist (Mark Qvist) Tutorials. Home page. Gadgetoid/pi400kb: Raw HID keyboard forwarder to turn the Pi 400 into a USB keyboard.

ESP32 Internet Radio Is No Game. More than once, we’ve looked at a cool board like the TTGO T-Display and thought, “What can we build with this?”

ESP32 Internet Radio Is No Game

If you are [Volos Projects], the answer is a tiny Internet radio. He’s done a lot of other projects with the board including some games and a weather station. You can see the project in the video below. Of course, the core Internet streaming code would be useful with any ESP32, but the display makes for a good-looking unit. The code is available on GitHub. SnapOnAir BLAK RPI - PI ZERO PCB from ElectronicTricks on Tindie. Navettes à l'anis.

L'amélioration de cette technique de désalinisation de l'eau de mer est source d'espoir. Des chercheurs sud-coréens ont trouvé le moyen d’améliorer significativement l’une des différentes techniques de désalinisation de l’eau de mer.

L'amélioration de cette technique de désalinisation de l'eau de mer est source d'espoir

Dessaler l’eau de mer : un procédé plus rentable et plus écologique – Libération. Capim dourado. Syngonanthus nitens. APC (Atari Punk Console) The Pankraz Piktograph Draws Lifelike Portraits with Only a Camera and Two Stepper Motors. Inspiration for the Pankraz Piktograph The traditional portrait has existed for thousands of years in various forms, including sculptures, paintings, and with the advent of cameras, photos.

The Pankraz Piktograph Draws Lifelike Portraits with Only a Camera and Two Stepper Motors

Yet the format has remained largely unchanged as people simply snap a photo and possibly get it recreated physically at a later date or just share it digitally. Inspired by other automatons such as Patrick Tresset's Paul the Robot, Felix Fisgus and Joris Wegner teamed up to make their own drawing robot called the Pankraz Piktograph that could be used at fairs and trade shows to provide an innovative take on the regular selfie box/photo booth concept. It was also intended to showcase ideas in STEAM subjects and demonstrate the team's technical know-how.

How it operates. SPACEFILLER – constructing algorithmic playgrounds. RetiredWizard/PyDOS: DOS-like OS for RP2040 basic microcontroller boards. The Micro:Bit Yo-yo : 3 Steps. Before mounting the micro:bit on the yo-yo, there is some programming to be done!

The Micro:Bit Yo-yo : 3 Steps

You can copy the provided .hex file directly to the board or copy the code to mu-editor and compile it from there. from microbit import * import math import music fullImg = Image( 5, 5, bytearray( [ 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9] ), ) display.on() while True: a = accelerometer.get_values() strength = math.sqrt(a[0] ** 2 + a[1] ** 2 + a[2] ** 2) if strength > 2000: display.on() music.pitch(int(strength), duration=-1, wait=False) else: music.stop() sleep(1) What does the code do? Simple! We continuously poll the accelerometer for the current measured acceleration in all axes. Nanosaur. — story. — uxn. Catalogue en ligne La Mémo. Il n'est nul besoin d'être Saint François d'Assise pour parler aux oiseaux.

Catalogue en ligne La Mémo

A l'instar du Gaston de Franquin, causer le merle noir ou la sitelle torchepot est à la portée de tous pourvu que l'on se munisse d'un appeau. Mieux : on pourra même lire l'excellent ouvrage de François Morel, le pape français de l'« appeaulogie », ornithologue passionné et ingénieur pointu. Parler aux oiseaux est avant tout un guide pratique. Après un bref survol historique, François Morel s'attarde sur quelque 80 espèces d'oiseaux, chacune affectée d'un seul et unique appeau.

Viking head icon, SVG and PNG. Tinygs-webapp. Meganetaaan (Shinya Ishikawa) Chapelier Fou. The original Furby from Tiger Electronics was a huge phenomenon at the end of the 1990s.

Chapelier Fou

In this article, we are going to replace a Furby's electronics to transform it into a USB-controlled puppet. The blue-eyed brown-bellied cute horror The little beaked Mogwais looked quite alive and faked learning processes pretty well. As electronic talking toys were still a novelty back then, its capacities were grossly over-estimated, especially among children. For instance, the microphone is limited to sensing the noise level to talk back when you talk to it, it is actually unable to differentiate noises, let alone interpret speech.

In reality, the technology was already old. As widely-available customer devices with audio capabilities, Furbys have been quite popular in the circuit-bending community. Wireless All Sky Camera : 6 Steps. Update: If you need to change the way the capture works, you might have to make changes to the C++ source and compile it on your Raspberry PI.

Wireless All Sky Camera : 6 Steps

To do this, follow PeterD192's detailed instructions in the comments. Update 2 (Nov 11th 2016): I have set up a GitHub page with an install script to make things easier for everyone: If you use it, you shouldn't have to use any of the following instructions. Original Instructions: In order to capture images with the camera, we need to run a program in the terminal. ZWO provides an SDK in order for developers to communicate with the camera. OpenCV to capture the image of the sky (You can get a compiled version here) Sunwait to calculate the civil twilight of your location. Habiter sans posséder. Les Machines Singulières accompagnent Steve Waring. Cuttle - Design tool for digital cutting machines. Quel micro choisir en 2021 ? Hier nous avons fait un petit sondage pour savoir avec quoi notre communauté a débuté le podcast.

Voici les résultats : Bullerjan, poêle à bois, poêle, poele Bruno shop - Bespoke Synth. Phoboslab/q1k3: A tiny FPS for js13k. FeteCodeCreatif/creature. Apremont / paysage · GitLab. Asasiwe Paysage Programmer. Comment ça marche ? Publié en Mai 2021, le décret de suppression du KBIS supprime le recours aux extraits KBIS (Registre du Commerce) et D1 (Répertoire des Métiers) dans les démarches administratives des personnes morales.

Le dernier blog. Livecodelab. - Free and Open Source Android App Repository. Partie II. Paramétrer la Debian Jessie. A tutorial to upgrade NXT pocket C.H.I.P to Debian Buster. The purpose of this tutorial is to walk through the required steps to upgrade NXT chip (or pocketchip) from debian jessie to debian buster. CHIP – POCKETCHIP : améliorer la base – – Le Blog. Nmtui apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y && init 6 apt-get install openssh-server apt-get install dnsmasq hostapd echo interface=wlan1 > /etc/dnsmasq.d/access_point.conf echo except-interface=wlan0 >> /etc/dnsmasq.d/access_point.conf echo dhcp-range=,,1h >> /etc/dnsmasq.d/access_point.conf echo dhcp-option=1, >> /etc/dnsmasq.d/access_point.conf echo dhcp-option=3, >> /etc/dnsmasq.d/access_point.conf echo auto wlan1 >> /etc/network/interfaces echo iface wlan1 inet static >> /etc/network/interfaces echo address >> /etc/network/interfaces echo netmask >> /etc/network/interfaces.

DFRobot - Quality Arduino Robot IoT DIY Electronic Kit. LingDong-/fishdraw: procedurally generated fish drawings. Metatron's Dilemma: Culturally Relevant STEAM Game Design : 6 Steps. Metatron The ArchAngel has lost the source of his power from a cube that contains five three-dimensional objects—tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedrons—that are the basis for everything in the physical world and as a blueprint from which all life springs. These objects are dispersed in artist John Biggers’, "The Quilting Party," overseen by three forces: family and the morning and evening stars (see below). They can also be found in M.C. Depthai_hand_tracker/examples/robot_control at develop · karaage0703/depthai_hand_tracker. Fabguru. For the fab9 world contest in Yokohama Japan, I decided to make a tongue drum from scratch. This is a nice compact drum with 12 tones.

The design I found on the Internet, so I just had to draw and machine the resonator box in the right measurements. Promo, destockage de bois sur mesure (parquet, panneau bois, tablette...) - La Boutique du bois. Mongoose OS Documentation. A 12-minute guide to turn your device into a mobile-controllable, updatable, remotely manageable, secure, configurable product. 1. Download and install mos tool# Mongoose OS uses mos tool for various tasks: building firmware, flashing firmware, managing device, provisioning device on cloud services, and so on. 2. Start mos tool# Alyssaxuu/screenity: The most powerful screen recorder & annotation tool for Chrome □ Metavision for Machines. Pico Checkmate by Krystman. REVOLT. Finger Light Magic - OpenProcessing. 1日でできる!小学生の自由研究テーマ一覧. Scottbez1/AS5600Knob: Cheap 3D Printed Absolute Encoder Knob. How a Fantasy Coin is Made - Shire Post Mint's Process. Coins are simply bits of metal that have been impressed with a design and are used as a medium of exchange.

The basic process is that a "die" is created with a negative impression of the design. Two dies are then pressed or "struck" with the metal blank between. A fantasy coin is made in a few basic stages: design, engrave, blank, stamp, and finish. Flipping Coins – Shire Post Mint. ASSP Rouen. EL TALLER DE ROLANDO-EL HÁGALO USTED MISMO EN SU MÁXIMA EXPRESIÓN-ENCUENTRA TODO LO QUE BUSCAS PARA HACER LO QUE TE GUSTA-REPARACIONES, CARPINTERÍA, TORNO, DOBLADORA DE TUBOS, HERRAMIENTA ELÉCTRICA, MUEBLES, HERRERIA, SOLDADURA, TODO GRATIS.

Disco Elysium: Game Boy - csb. Adapting the entirety of Disco Elysium was a bit out of the project scope, but a vertical slice of the game would be perfect. Disco’s mechanics are easily communicated and the world is a single neighborhood. Functionally it might have more in common with point-and-click adventure games, featuring no combat and an eclectic series of items to collect. The skill check system takes a page from tabletop games by relying on a roll of two D6 dice plus the character's stat, and writing interesting bespoke outcomes for the possible outcomes. The project really came about while looking for something to create with GB Studio, a development tool for Game Boy. Notably, GB Studio constricts projects to what would actually be achievable on the Game Boy, and even allows projects exported as a ROM to run on real hardware.

Comment faire du papier d'amadouvier - Martine Gautier. Papier/Machine — fablabo. Hic et nunc. TinyML in MicroCosmos. Map of the Internet — Halcyon Maps. Rapsberry Pi makes this film camera digital. Store Energy in a Magnetically-Levitated Flywheel to Power Electronics Without Batteries. Books. Taille d'épargne. Canon Creative Park. Mechanical Puzzles for Do It Yourself Fans. Puzzles et casse-tête en bois gratuits à fabriquer construire soi-même plans solutions.

Arteludes. Passion Casse-Tête. Ordinateur de bord pour voiture de collection. Jonmatthis/freemocap: Free like Freedom. It’s Linux – But On An ESP32. Youtube. Card Stock & Paper Dragonfly Droid Glider : 9 Steps. Ableton Live Macropad Launcher. Befinitiv's Digital Film Cartridge Adds a Raspberry Pi to an Old Film Camera — with Great Results. Boutique de casse-têtes et jeux de Logiques. Giant Board packs Linux into the size of an Adafruit Feather #Linux #Adafruit #Feather #SBC @groguard @microchipmakes. Got Wood? - Make Wooden Gadgets. DIY JigSaw Puzzles (Free Patterns, Stencils, and Templates) – Patterns, Monograms, Stencils, & DIY Projects. Esp8266-upy/m5stack-u097 at master · mchobby/esp8266-upy. L'élevage du ver à soie : intérêts et mode d'emploi. Détails : comment convertir une image vers Pico-8, avec ImageToPico8 ImgToP8 - Anto80.

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