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UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. In addition to the full Master's programme, the following short courses in Digital Humanities are also offered by the Department of Information Studies.

UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

Certificate in Digital Humanities. Get a master degree in digital humanities online. - I chose to study Digital Humanities because I was curious about the programme.

Get a master degree in digital humanities online

I have a bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Studies and wanted to expand my knowledge by studying more. New international online Master in Digital Humanities. Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities. Bibliografia geral – Humanidades Digitais. (atualização: abril de 2014) I.

Bibliografia geral – Humanidades Digitais

Debates gerais. Visualización de datos. Posibilite a los miembros de su equipo descubrir conocimiento oculto en los datos con Microsoft Power BI.

Visualización de datos

See the latest Power BI innovations, updates, and demos from the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event. Voyant Tools.   Vietnam-Era Prisoner-of-War/Missing-in-Action Database   This database of over 160,000 records is designed to assist researchers in accessing U.S.

  Vietnam-Era Prisoner-of-War/Missing-in-Action Database  

Government documents pertaining to U.S. unaccounted-for military personnel from the Vietnam conflict as of December 1991. The title of this collection is "Correlated and Uncorrelated Information Relating to Missing Americans in Southeast Asia. " The U.S. Department of Defense, Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) declassifies these documents and releases them to the Federal Research Division to make them available to the public.

In November 1992, FRD analysts began creating index records to facilitate searching of the original POW/MIA documents provided by DPMO. DPMO digitized the microfilmed documents and supplied the scanned images to FRD analysts, who began linking these digital image files to the online index records. Rossetti Archive. Introduction to the of the Rossetti Archive WE present here the fourth of four projected installments of the Rossetti Archive.

Rossetti Archive

The first installment (Spring 2000) centered in the 1870 volume of DGR's Poems and the pictorial materials most closely associated with that book. The second installment (Summer 2002) added to the first all the textual and pictorial materials that center in DGR's 1861 book of translations, The Early Italian Poets. Investigaciones sobre el Diseño de Imagen y Sonido. Analysing and understanding news consumption patterns by tracking online user behaviour with a multimodal research design. MARKUS.

Using the Databases. The Getty Provenance Index® databases contain 1.5 million records that can be used for a wide variety of research purposes.

Using the Databases

The research examples below show how the data can be used. For assistance searching the databases, and for more information about the Project for the Study of Collecting and Provenance see the following: Research Examples. Introduction to tools for all theatre actors - Operabase. Operabase has documented operatic activity worldwide since 1996, with over 500,000 performances on file.

Introduction to tools for all theatre actors - Operabase

It records the work of artists in over 900 theatres, and publishes season information to opera-goers in 23 languages. The majority of Operabase's information is provided free of charge. The public area contains access to the current, last and announced future seasons. China Biographical Database Project (CBDB) Social network analysis (SNA) provides an alternative to the factor-based approach in L.

China Biographical Database Project (CBDB)

Stone's discussion of prosopography. Charles Wetherell writes: “Conceptualizing community as collections of personal relationships … provides historians with a blueprint for evaluating when, how and why people in the past used kin and non-kin in the course of their lives. The findings of social network analysts that people need and seek emotional and economic support of different kinds, from different kinds of people, suggest new analytical imperatives. Microsoft Access Database Software & Apps. Ming Qing Women's Writings. Recent decades have witnessed strong interest in Chinese women's literature, history, and culture of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) periods among scholars, researchers, and students in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North America, Europe, and elsewhere in the world.

Ming Qing Women's Writings

Chinese women's writings constitute a significant resource for ground-breaking research. They have opened up critical perspectives and enriched our knowledge of many aspects of Chinese culture and society. Home. Harvard Dataverse. Full-text data from (COCA, COHA, GloWbE, NOW, Wikipedia, Spanish. Gutenberg. Spatial Data Repository - Welcome. Natural Earth. NYU Spatial Data Repository.

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers. Thank you for being a digital volunteer! It’s very important that this work is performed in a standardized manner, so please make the effort to read and follow these instructions. Also remember to check the GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS page. Smithsonian Digital Volunteers. Smithsonian Digital Volunteers. Fred Wiseman (1875-1961) was born in Santa Rosa, California, and after attending local schools he engaged in both the bicycle and automotive businesses. Wiseman won considerable fame racing Stoddard-Dayton cars on the West Coast as well as in the Chicago area. He became interested in aviation after attending the Wright brothers' homecoming celebration in 1909 and the first Los Angeles aviation meet at Dominguez Field in 1910. After these two events, Wiseman was convinced he wanted to learn to fly and so he returned to his home in Santa Rosa and persuaded Ben Noonan to put up $10,000 to build a plane.

Wiseman, along with J. 1900:Jun-Dec - Journals of William Brewster, 1871-1919 (inclusive) If you are generating a PDF of a journal article or book chapter, please feel free to enter the title and author information. The information you enter here will be stored in the downloaded file to assist you in managing your downloaded PDFs locally. Thank you for your request. Please wait for an email containing a link to download the PDF. Transcribe@Yale. 16197A5. The Drawings of the Florentine Painters. Digital Transgender Archive.

Stories tagged "churches" Ukrainian Village When you leave Cleveland for the suburbs, perhaps the last thing you expect to find is a slice of another country nestled along the streets. In 2009, the suburban municipality of Parma to the southwest of Cleveland officially recognized its… Shaker-Lee Synagogue In November, 1970, officers of Shaker-Lee Synagogue presented an $11,500 gift to the Jewish Welfare Fund Appeal for donation to the Israel Emergency Fund. The substantial gift fulfilled a pledge made by the congregation to its recently deceased… Digital Tool Builder Tutorial. Boston Research Map. Jamaican Slave Revolt. Omeka. Omeka Classic. Omeka Classic is a web publishing platform for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits. Download v2.7 Simple to Use Our “five-minute setup” makes launching an online exhibition as easy as launching a blog.

No code knowledge required. Cost-Effective Design Omeka Classic lets you focus on building content by providing the tools to change your site and to lower costs without sacrificing design and technical quality. DECS. Creative Decoding Tool. Real Time Data - Decoding European Creative Skills. Homepage. Sistema de información geográfica. En la imagen capas raster y vectoriales en el SIG de código libre QGIS. Un ejemplo de uso de la superposición de capas en una aplicación SIG. En este ejemplo la capa de la cubierta forestal (en verde) ubicada en la parte inferior, se encuentra superpuesta por la capa topográfica conformada por las curvas de nivel y por las capas de la red hidrográfica y los límites político administrativos. Mirador Viewer.

TEI: Text Encoding Initiative. ¿Qué es Reconocimiento óptico de caracteres (OCR)? Digamos que usted quiere digitalizar un artículo de una revista o un contrato imprimido. Digital_Humanities. Exploring Medieval Mary Magdalene. Cytoscape: An Open Source Platform for Complex Network Analysis and Visualization. The Emergence of the Digital Humanities (Open Access) The past decade has seen a profound shift in our collective understanding of the digital network. Gephi - The Open Graph Viz Platform. The Comédie-Française Registers Project - Comédie Française Registers Project. Kindred Britain. Six Degrees of Francis Bacon. Vilnatroupe. Visualizing Broadway. Dartmouth Dante Project: About Us. Debates in the Digital Humanities. Aprende a programar en Python desde cero. TEI: Text Encoding Initiative. UCL Defining Digital Humanities.

Defining Digital Humanities: A Reader. Texts, Maps, Networks: Digital Literary Studies – Northeastern University, Fall 2014. Digital Humanities - Jeffrey Schnapp. Eighteenth Century Collections Online: Part I. Eighteenth Century Collections Online contains every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom between the years 1701 and 1800; Part I includes 135,000 printed works, comprising more than 26 million scanned facsimile pages. While the majority of works in ECCO are in the English language, researchers will also discover a rich vein of works printed in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and Welsh. Full-text searching across all 26 million pages enables users to explore a vast range of books and directories, bibles, sheet music, sermons, advertisements, and works by both celebrated and lesser-known authors.

Researchers will also find rare works from women writers of the eighteenth century, collections on the French Revolution, and numerous editions of the works of Shakespeare. Education, Learning and Research Resources Online - Gale. Wikidata. Doctorado Online en Humanidades. Líneas de investigación - Comunicación y Estudios Culturales - Comunicación y Estudios Culturales / Líneas de investigación. Identidades, conflictos y reconocimiento - Doctorado en Humanidades / Universidad del Valle / Cali, Colombia. Descripción El Doctorado en Humanidades abre su segunda cohorte sobre el tópico Identidades, Conflictos y Reconocimiento, a iniciar acti­vidades académicas en agosto de 2008. Afianzando su vocación de cruzar miradas disciplinares y aproximaciones metodoló­gicas en torno a un mismo objeto de estudio, el Doctorado incorpora en esta ocasión, de una manera más decisiva, las perspectivas hermenéutica y fenomenológica y la historia como una de las disciplinas fundantes de las ciencias sociales y humanas.

Todo esto, aunado a la aproximación analítica del dis­curso, a la perspectiva de género y a las miradas ético-políticas, proyecta formar nuevos investigadores de procesos sociales, ficciones literarias y artísticas, fenómenos políticos y construcción teóricas de corte explicativo o normativo; en este caso, en rela­ción estrecha con las identidades individuales y colectivas, sus conflictos y sus formas y niveles de reconocimiento. Master of Science in Digital Humanities – EPFL.

Digital Giza. Harvard Library. The Oxford Friars Project. Neural Neighbors. Yale DHLab - Neural Neighbors: Capturing Image Similarity. Pushkin's Pugachev Rebellion. Beautiful Spaces. Imperiia: Mapping the Russian Empire. Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies.