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Tribute To Graffiti: 50 Beautiful Graffiti Artworks. Advertisement Street culture and graffiti are well-known for being provocative, appealing, bold and uncompromising.

Tribute To Graffiti: 50 Beautiful Graffiti Artworks

Originally used by gangs to mark their territory in some urban area, graffitis have now become a rich medium for unrestricted expression of ideas and statements. In fact, creative designers and artists across the globe use this form of art to deliver their message and showcase their work. Probably the most prominent graffiti artist is Banksy1, a famous pseudo-anonymous British artist whose works focus on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. His art has appeared in cities around the world; it’s worth mentioning that Banksy does not sell photos of street graffiti or mount exhibitions of screenprints in commercial galleries. In this episode of Monday Inspiration series we are presenting a tribute to street art and graffiti — over 50 examples of beautiful and impressive graffiti artworks. Graffiti Art Michael.jh3. 25 Places to Get Free PSD Files for Designers.

As a professional designer or developer, it is vital to discover locations from where you can obtain useful resources for your client projects.

25 Places to Get Free PSD Files for Designers

One of the most necessary resources for a visual artist is PSD files. PSD (Photoshop Document) are files that are used to stores images with support for imaging options. These files can be customized anytime and are a useful resource for designers. In view of the fact that most of project work is accomplished via Adobe Photoshop, free pre-made PSD files can be really handy. These files enclose imaging information spread on multiple layers that can be modified by a designer.

In addition to graphic designers, web developers also need things like flags, custom forms, symbols and other custom-shapes to use in their web design projects. Unnecessary Knowledge. Lots of Jokes - Did You Know? Q.

Lots of Jokes - Did You Know?

Why do men's clothes have buttons on the right while women's clothes have buttons on the left? A. When buttons were invented, they were very expensive and worn primarily by the rich. 15 Awesome Inspirational Quotes by Celebrities and Famous People. Let these words of greatminds inspire you and help you to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.

15 Awesome Inspirational Quotes by Celebrities and Famous People

(Image Source) (Image Source) (Image Source) (Image Source) (Image Source) (Image Source) (Image Source) Wiki for Led Zeppelin – Kashmir. New York – odskočna deska in (pred)zadnja postaja. You Gotta See This Unlikely Duo Have Their Viral Susan Boyle Moment. From Susan Boyle to Jeremy Lin, we are now primed to be surprised.

You Gotta See This Unlikely Duo Have Their Viral Susan Boyle Moment

Simon Cowell‘s Idolatrous UK show Britain’s Got Talent had a real viral moment last week that’s climbed to 6 million views on You Tube in the last six days. I’ve gotta say, this is a classic hustle. The unlikely duo. 5 Ways To Hack Your Brain Into Awesomeness. Much of the brain is still mysterious to modern science, possibly because modern science itself is using brains to analyze it.

5 Ways To Hack Your Brain Into Awesomeness

There are probably secrets the brain simply doesn't want us to know. But by no means should that stop us from tinkering around in there, using somewhat questionable and possibly dangerous techniques to make our brains do what we want. We can't vouch for any of these, either their effectiveness or safety. All we can say is that they sound awesome, since apparently you can make your brain... #5. The Rolling Stones Tour 2013 - up for new projects: 2013 dates, new studio sessions, major documentary. StumbleUpon. Popular Quotes. Artistic Photo Editing of Everyday Built Environments. Erik Johansson takes photo editing and manipulation to new levels with his ever-growing collection of creative, innovative and amazing scenes of altered architecture and unbelivable built environments, distorted objects and twisted imagery – all while preserving an eerie photo-realism from the original photographic subject.

Artistic Photo Editing of Everyday Built Environments

Given his emphasis on constructed objects, the care with which he crafts every detail of each image and controls the overall composition, it is perhaps no surprise that this photographer’s background is not in the arts but in computer engineering and interactive design. Most Interesting Libraries of the World - StumbleUpon. The Royal library Black Diamond at the waterfront of Copenhagen owes its name to the black granite from Zimbabwe used for the facade of the building. The name was used by the public first and has been adapted officially later. Design by the Danish architects Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen. Lucid Dream Guru - Master the Art of Lucid Dreaming - StumbleUpon. Sisi življenje v barvah, d.o.o. The Cherub Speaks…. » Človek Človeku da in Človek Človeku vzame Življenje v cvetlični skodelici . Ana Somnia - lights out!

Most Incarcerated. Making of a Shade Video. The Six Most Beautiful Butterflies. The Most Beautiful Butterflies: Blue Morpho Butterfly Calling the forests of Central and South America its home, the Blue Morpho Butterfly is one of the world’s largest butterflies.

The Six Most Beautiful Butterflies

Prijava. Bob Dylans Love and Theft. By Kevin Cenedella(February 2012) I remember the night I bought Bob Dylans "Love and Theft".

Bob Dylans Love and Theft

My friend and I had driven to Blacksburg, Virginia from our small college in Radford. It was a Monday night. This particular store stayed open after midnight on Mondays so you didn't have to wait until the next morning to buy new releases.