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Belgian Royal Brides: Queen Marie José of Italy. Earlier this month, we discussed the jewels and the grandeur of the royal weddings of King Leopold III and Queen Astrid of Belgium.

Belgian Royal Brides: Queen Marie José of Italy

In our second post of a series on Belgian royal brides, we're taking a look at the wedding of Leopold's sister, Marie José, with a future Italian king. Just like her Swedish sister-in-law, the marriage prospects of Princess Marie José of Belgium had been the subject of heavy speculation in the press. She was the daughter of a reigning monarch -- an increasingly rare thing in post-WWI Europe -- and, even more significantly, she was a Roman Catholic. As early as 1923, reporters were linking her with Crown Prince Umberto of Italy and forecasting an imminent engagement. Marie José had been educated in Italy, subscribed to the right religion, and was royal, three important factors that qualified her to be Italy's future queen consort. 1. 1. Queen Margherita's Musy Tiara. The Stockholm Tiara. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Stockholm Wedding Tiara was given as a present when Prince Leopold of Belgium married Princess Astrid of Sweden.

The Stockholm Tiara

Maria Dolores FernandezCROWNS,TIARAS,DIADEMS The Stockholm Tiara Current Status: unknownCreated: K.A. Andersson, ca. 1926Materials: diamonds, pearl, platinumOther Forms: central element can be removed and worn as a pendant or broochChain of Ownership: Queen Astrid of Belgium (1926: wedding gift from the city of Stockholm); King Leopold III of Belgium (1935: inherited from his wife, Queen Astrid; status after Leopold's death unknown)Wearers: Queen Astrid of Belgium; Lilian, Princess de Rethy [as a brooch] Royal Jewels of the World Message Board: Italian Royal Jewels - Crown & Private property.

The Hesse Emerald Tiara. The Isenburg Floral Tiara. Titans of Tiaras: Robert and Louis Koch. In contemporary America, the phrase "Koch brothers" has divisive political implications, but in nineteenth-century Germany, the same label brought to mind glamorous, glittering royal jewels.

Titans of Tiaras: Robert and Louis Koch

Robert and Louis Koch founded their jewelry house in Frankfurt in 1879, and within a few short years, they were supplying jewels to the major royal and princely courts of Germany, as well as to foreign monarchs in Russia and Italy. Robert and Louis worked with the firm until their deaths in 1902 and 1930, and their descendants ran the company until World War II. Under different ownership, the firm closed for good in 1987. The Prussian Meander Kokoshnik. Once rulers of an entire empire, the House of Hohenzollern had a suitably grand selection of tiaras at their disposal at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Prussian Meander Kokoshnik

This tiara, the kokoshnik-style meander, supplemented the already impressive collection. It was created in 1905 by Koch, a German jewelry firm that created numerous pieces for the Prussian royal family. Inside the Vault: 7 Experts’ Top Picks. 8 Magnificent Jewels that Sold for More than $1 Million. The Luxembourg Diamond Floral Tiara. Pinterest. The Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch. The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Tiara Thursday: The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara. The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara is a variant of the classic fringe tiara design with exceptionally thin and even diamond rays lining up to make a smooth top line, the shape known as a kokoshnik after traditional Russian headdresses.

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Tiara Thursday: The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara

This version adds a handful of pearls at intervals along the top, which lends a little softness to an otherwise hard shape. Like so many other tiaras worn by the Japanese imperial family, we do not have much in the way of specific detail here. It clearly includes solely white stones, a feature of all Japanese tiaras. It also includes a mirrored necklace and a simple pair of earrings (possibly other matching pieces as well), forming a parure - a feature of many of the modern Japanese tiaras.

We can trace this one at least as far back as Empress Michiko, who used it during her years as crown princess. At the end of this month, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will pay a state visit to Japan, state banquet included. The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara. 600 × 400 -

The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara

The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara. JulieOh, those MANY royal tiaras!

The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara

Jewels on Film: Coronation '37. On The Tiarapedia: December 6-12. The Dutch Sapphire Necklace Tiara. Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: Princess Franziska's Diamond Tiara. Let's talk about wall of diamonds if there ever was one, one to rival Luxembourg's Empire Tiara and any other diamond wall out there.

Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: Princess Franziska's Diamond Tiara

For lack of any official or semi-official name, we are going to call this Princess Franziska's Diamond Tiara - and that sums up pretty much all the information we have about it. The tiara featuring an undisclosed yet obviously large number of quite large diamonds set in silver was a gift to Countess Franziska of Wrbna and Freudenthal (1799-1863) by her husband Prince Karl of Liechtenstein (1790-1865). The couple had nine children, two of them sons. However, neither of their sons married and died without legitimate issue. From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault. Crown Princess Katherine's Tiara. ‘Tis The Season: Engagement Rings that will Guarantee “Yes”

Holiday season means engagement season.

‘Tis The Season: Engagement Rings that will Guarantee “Yes”

In fact, more proposals happen in December than any other month, even February, despite Valentine's Day. For those thinking of popping the question before the New Year's champagne, Sotheby’s Diamonds has selected six engagement rings that will surprise and delight the most precious person in your life – and most importantly, guarantee a “yes.” Forget the bustling holiday crowds in midtown and drop by Sotheby’s Diamonds holiday boutique at The Surrey Hotel to find the perfect gift.

The collection will be available for purchase in the lobby, 10–24 December, 11am–7pm daily. Additionally, you are invited for a glass of champagne to ring in the holiday season on 11, 17 & 18 December, 6–8pm. – Ashley Flight Image: Roy Lichtenstein, The Ring (Engagement), 1962. Victoria Melita and the Strawberry Leaf Tiara. As we wind down the month of March, it's time for yet another glimpse at the glittering jewels worn by Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Victoria Melita and the Strawberry Leaf Tiara

So far, we've looked at a suite of jewelry with links to her maternal Russian inheritance, the tiara she wore on her first wedding day, and the meander kokoshnik that she wore during her second marriage. Today's piece is a bit different -- it's a diamond tiara that she wore frequently but that never really belonged to her personally at all. The Strawberry Leaf Tiara of the grand ducal family of Hesse and by Rhine started its journey across the channel in Britain. In early 1861, Princess Alice, the third child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, became engaged to Princess Louis of Hesse. Prince Albert, who was interested in jewelry, set about designing bejeweled wedding presents for his daughter; sadly, however, he died before the marriage could take place. Victoria Melita and the Strawberry Leaf Tiara.

Saturday Sparkler: The Hesse Turquoise and Moonstone Tiara. Some tiaras are famous because they've been worn at important events, and some are famous because they appear frequently in portraits, on television, or on currency. And then, there are tiaras like today's sparkler, which have become a part of history for slightly darker reasons.

In 1906, this tiara was made for Grand Duke Ernst of Hesse and by Rhine as a Christmas present for his newly-married second wife, Princess Eleonore of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich. (We’ve often discussed Ernst’s first wife, Victoria Melita, who had some serious tiaras of her own.) The design of the tiara, which is plays on the distinctive, traditional kokoshnik shape, was apparently a Russian creation. Even though the Hesse family is German, a Russian design makes sense; because Ernst’s sisters included Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, he had major links with the Russian imperial family. Svensk Damtidning on Instagram: “Åh så fint! Madeleines hyllning till Lilian - just nu på #princesslilian #princessmadeleine #nobel2015 #nobel”

King's Dinner Tiaras 2015. Untitled. Exhibition - Bejewelled Treasures: The Al Thani Collection. 21 November 2015 – 28 March 2016. Spectacular objects, drawn from a single private collection, will explore the broad themes of tradition and modernity in Indian jewellery. Sponsored by Wartski Founded 150 years ago in North Wales, Wartski is celebrating its anniversary by sponsoring this major exhibition of jewellery. Wartski is a family business specialising in goldsmiths' work, antique jewellery, Russian works of art and especially that of Carl Fabergé. Crown Princess Victoria at the Nobel banquet at Stockholm City Hall. Jewellery Sales: 16th-century treasures.

Luxury is a word associated with all that glitters in the jewellery world, but back in the 16th and 17th centuries the finest jewels were full of meaning and symbolism. Their intrinsic worth was in the craftsmanship rather than the materials, though the ability to commission a jewel of any description during this time was still only reserved for the titled and wealthy. Included in the Sotheby’s Old Master Sculpture and Works of Art auction on December 10th are some rare 16th and 17th-century jewels which portray a wonderful insight into what was important at the time.

Many are Spanish “devotional” jewels which are all lavishly decorated with fine chasing and enamel work depicting various biblical scenes. Elsewhere, an 18th-century British mourning ring is macabre in its representation of death by depicting an enamelled gold skull mounted under a coffin-shaped rock crystal stone. #AuctionUpdate A 25.87 carat sugarloaf cabochon sapphire from the family of Thomas Fortune Ryan sells for $5.1M.

#AuctionUpdate Originally made for the Duchess of Windsor by Suzanne Belperron, these cuffs+necklace bring $960K. #AuctionUpdate: The largest #diamond in tonight's sale, this 38.27 carat D / VVS2 / Type IIa stone achieves $4.1M. #AuctionUpdate: This Blue Diamond Ring was the top lot of our #SothebysJewels morning session, selling for $910k. Here's Diana wearing the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara for the first time at the state opening of parliament in 1981. Luxarazzi 101: Empire Tiara. Empire Tiara? Luxembourg? Fair enough, your likely confusion is all too understandable... Even though once upon a time Luxembourg had been bigger, it certainly was never considered to be an empire; and neither was the Duchy of Nassau which was once reigned by the Grand Ducal Family for that matter.

The whopper of the Grand Ducal collection is, however, still known by exactly this name, the (Luxembourg) Empire Tiara. Luxarazzi 101: Bavarian Ruby and Spinel Parure. Ein von Svenja (@mlle_cook) gepostetes Video am Ever thought the Empire Tiara was massive? Think again, cause you've might just seen a bigger gun: The Bavarian Ruby and Spinel Parure. Luxarazzi : Diamonds & Co: National Day Gala Jewels. National day is over and so it's high time to focus on the sparkliest of all national day events, the gala reception. Luxarazzi : Mystery Solved: A New Tiara for Stéphanie. Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: The Grand Ducal Tiara Collection. With National Day lurking around the corner - only nine days! Where did time go? Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: Nassau Rose Brooches.

Whenever the invitation requires a royal lady to get out her full regalia including tiaras and orders for a special occasion, brooches or pins to hold said order's sash in place are usually never far away. (Unless you are Queen Elizabeth II and continue to wear brooches for basically every engagement, something that most other royal ladies have long abandoned.) Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: Princess Stéphanie's Diamonds. Even if it sounds (and probably is) totally shallow, you know what one of the great things about nobles or rich people marrying royals is!? Right, the jewellery they get from their family. While what probably is their most important piece of jewellery, a heirloom tiara, has likely stayed with the Lannoy family even after the marriage of their now most famous family member, it seems that Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, a born countess de Lannoy, has gotten another few sparkly gifts.

Since her wedding in October 2012, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie has attended quite a few bejewelled events. Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: The Grand Duchess Adelaide Tiara. Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: Princess Ingeborg's Pearl and Diamond Brooch. Luxarazzi 101: Belgian Scroll Tiara. Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: Bavarian Ruby and Spinel Parure. Luxarazzi : Luxarazzi 101: Bavarian Lover's Knot Tiara. It's tiara time again, ladies and gentlemen. Loving the Lover's Knot Tiara on the Duchess of Cambridge? Here's another 1 you might like. Jewel purpose: when art shines. There was a sparkling aside to the autumnal art-fest that is Frieze week this year. Many high-end jewellers, recognising the art world’s penchant for fine jewels (not to mention the size of their bank balances) also took the opportunity to launch new collections; while October’s Pavilion of Art and Design (PAD) had a significantly larger jewellery presence than in previous years, hosting several art-jeweller collaborations as well as, for the first time, New York-based vintage jewellery dealer Siegelson.

There’s something of a love-in going on between the worlds of art and jewellery, as more and more artists unleash their creativity on a smaller, bejewelled scale. Artists creating jewels is nothing new: Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Lucio Fontana and Roy Lichtenstein are just a few of the celebrated names to dabble in “wearable art”. Frank’s Files – Big Rocks. Magnificent Jewels. The Savoy Tourmaline Tiara. Kate’s tiara hat trick. Glitteringly Royal. Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara. Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara. This Fortnight in Royal Jewels: November 20-December 3. Royal Jewel Rewind: A Decade of Crown Princess Victoria's Nobel Tiaras. Hashtag #sothebysjewels sur Twitter. #SothebysJewels hashtag. 3 Jewelry on Instagram: “MAJESTIC!!! □□□ #Emerald and #Diamond Necklace @sothebys via @artofdiamonds #sothebysjewels #bola3jewelry” Hashtag #SothebysJewels sur Twitter. Best tiaras & most expensive tiaras in Tatler - World's most expensive tiaras - Bystander photos.

Rules for wearing tiaras - most expensive tiaras - when to wear a tiara - jewellery rules. Royal tiaras - Duchess of Cambridge Lotus Flower tiara - Kate Middleton wedding day tiara - royal jewellery - most expensive tiaras & crown jewels. Queen Elisabeth's Cartier Bandeau. 7 Fascinating Facts about Queen Elizabeth II. The Dutch Sapphire Parure Tiara. On The Tiarapedia: November 29-December 5. Queen Victoria’s Fringe Brooch.

Kate and Letizia: the tiaras. The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. Saturday Sparkler Special: Queen Mary's Tiaras (Part 4) The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara. Queen Mary's Lover's Knot Tiara. Prince Michael of Greece on Instagram: “Maria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Countess of Barcelona, was the mother of King Juan Carlos. She is pictured wearing a fleur-de-lys styled diadem, which she inherited from her mother-in-law, Queen Victoria Eugenie of S. Saturday Sparkler: The Nine Provinces Tiara. Sunday Sparkler: Queen Alexandrine's Fringe Tiara. Tiara Timeline: The Norwegian Emerald Parure Tiara. The Chaumet Emerald Tiara. The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara. The Braganza Tiara. Raine Spencer's Diamond and Pearl Tiara.

The George IV Diamond Diadem. The Mountbatten Star Tiara. The Greville Tiara. Queen and Camilla in battle of the bling in Malta. Tiaras & Tuxes: The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, The Queen & Prince Philip. Tiaras & Tuxes: The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, The Queen & Prince Philip. The Queen attending the gala dinner during #CHOGM2015. The Battenberg Star Tiara. The Luxembourg Empire Tiara. Spotted: Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau in @MaisonBirks maple leaf brooch while meeting Queen Elizabeth II #MaisonBirks.

Jewels on Film: The Uncrowned Jewels (1987) Queen Letizia picks her favourite tiara for another royal outing. Jewel Detective: Romanian Coronation 1922.