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Gustav Klimt Jewelry · How To Make A Wooden Bracelet · Jewelry on Cut Out. Gustav Klimt Jewelry · How To Make A Wooden Bracelet · Jewelry on Cut Out. Forget Flower Crowns! Here’s How to DIY a Choker. To quote Taylor Swift, “I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?”

Forget Flower Crowns! Here’s How to DIY a Choker

Personally, flower crowns will always have a special place in my heart, but given that Taylor Swift and her squad mates Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt are donning chokers more and more, I would say this ’90s throwback accessory is back in style. In this DIY, we’re going to show you three easy and very inexpensive ways to make your old friend, the choker. CLASSIC ’90s STRETCH CHOKER Raise your hand if you wore at least one of these bad boys every day in elementary school.

(I raised both of my hands.) Materials: — 1 yard stretch cord (you probably won’t need this much, but having extra never hurts)— scissors— tape Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. All done! Fold the stretch cord in half and tape the loop down on a flat surface. Take the piece on the left and loop it over the right piece.

Take the piece on the right and loop it over the left piece. Remove the tape from the chain and tie the loose ends around the loop. 1. 1. Clover Charm · How To Make A Charms · Jewelry on Cut Out + Keep · How To by Pam. Dogeared 'Karma' Beaded Pendant Necklace. Teaspoon To Necklace. Totally Tubular Statement Necklaces. On one of our last trips to New York, we stumbled upon these insanely beautiful necklaces by Pepper Cotton.

Totally Tubular Statement Necklaces

Using a handcrafted netting material and gorgeous crystals, they’ve created otherworldly bits of wearable goodness. But, their pieces start at $125 and only go up. While we totally support a splurge if you can swing it (they’re made by two artists, after all), we couldn’t resist trying our hand at a DIY version. With help from tubing, clasps, and sprinkles (yes, sprinkles), we created a whole bunch of tubular necklaces, inspired by the folks at Pepper Cotton.

Materials:- 1/4 inch plastic tubing – cord ends – clasps + loops – filling! For the tubing, any local hardware store or Home Depot should have tubing for you to use. To close off one end of tubing, attach your cord end using glue. Now it’s time to fill! Close off the end of your necklace with another cord end. A lovely look even for a regular Thursday at the office. Repeat with sprinkles (can you say Candy Necklace 2.0?) Daisy Necklace. DIY Friendship Necklace. As soon as Lauren and I saw this editorial in Flare Magazine, we knew we had to recreate these awesome, friendship bracelet-like necklaces.

DIY Friendship Necklace

We promise they are super easy to make and the perfect way to pass the time during those long summer roadtrips. Vintage Baby Clothing: heart knot friendship bracelet valentines. I was feeling very uninspired this year when it came to making any Valentine's. I knew LM really wanted something to give to her cousins and a few friends, so I was just going to have her pick out some Valentine's at the store (which seriously would have been just fine ). But, as I was falling asleep late last night all of these individual thoughts that were floating around in my head suddenly collided and I knew what I wanted to do - heart knot bracelets! So if you need a very extremely last minute Valentine idea, here you go...

DIY Basics: 4 Fresh Ways to Make Friendship Bracelets. Nothing says summer like a fresh friendship bracelet!

DIY Basics: 4 Fresh Ways to Make Friendship Bracelets

Whether you’re reliving your days as a summer camper or simply love wearing a stack of handmade goodies on your arm, we think you’re gonna love these 4 simple ways to make friendship bracelets. Best of all, all 4 of these can be made with just a handful of materials. Materials:- waxed cotton cord (turquoise) – embroidery floss (lavender + violet) – gold tube – rhinestone chain – wooden buttons – brass ring – gold round studs Tools:- needle nose pliers (for studs) The materials of this can be found at most craft and jewelry stores. Necklace with 3 beads and knots. Hot Air Balloon Necklace · A Pendant Necklace · Jewelry on Cut Out.

Gobi. Diy Birds Nest Pendant · How To Make A Bird Nest Pendant · Jewelry on Cut Out. Sweet Bow Bracelets · How To Make A Beaded Bracelet · Jewelry on Cut Out. Turn Clothespins Into Wirework Jewelry! (No Tools Needed.) I have seen various ways to use clothespins for jewelry, but I don't think I've ever seen this particular idea.

Turn Clothespins Into Wirework Jewelry! (No Tools Needed.)

I was playing around with clothespin springs, and was delighted by this design. Aw, aren't they cute? In addition to such simple, one-bead pendants, there be earrings... There be fancy statements... And even more fancy statements! Best of all, the basic unit requires just a bead, a clothespin...five seconds...NO TOOLS. Resistance? Stretch apart the wire ends, slip on a large-hole bead, and let the wires snap back into place. String a chain or cord, and that right there is a necklace. You guys know I love convertible jewelry. Don't be scared to string them in groups! And do not neglect to try a statement or two. Caveat: there is a special trick to using larger beads, which requires one extra step. Use pliers to bend the two wire tabs up - just a bit. When you string on the bead, the wires will be straight across, and will slip in easily. Now you have the secrets and are good to go. Diy Necklace Ideas How To Make A String Bead Necklace · How To Make A Beaded Necklace · Jewelry on Cut Out.

DIY 3 Dainty Pearl Rings You’ll Wear All Spring Long. Rain Cloud Lariat · How To Make A Chain Necklace · Jewelry on Cut Out. Swirly Heart Studs · How To Make A Stud Earring · Jewelry on Cut Out. Beaded Tube Bracelet. I love this time of year and to continue this month's holiday theme, I have put together another DIY gift idea.

Beaded Tube Bracelet

My favorite handmade gift to give others is jewelry. Here, I show you how to make a beautiful and delicate beaded tube bracelet. The possibilities with color are endless. Use one color throughout or create a multi-colored design. Your loved ones will adore it! Pearl & Leather Necklace DIY. Flipping through the October 2011 InStyle Magazine, I came across Lauren Hutton’s picks and found this delicate pearl necklace from Calypso Sea and loved the contrast of the raw leather with the pretty pearls.

Pearl & Leather Necklace DIY

I went to my local bead shop to find some really great pearls but they were closed so I used the budget version from JoAnn’s and it turned out just as nice. * Raw leather cording… I used very fine leather cord for this & bought two packs but didn’t use it all.* Pearls* Bead reamer for plastic pearls or a pearl reamer for real pearls.* Scissors * Cut two strips of leather cord between 20″-30″ depending on the length you want and tie a knot about an inch from each end.

Spring Bling Week - Pearl Cluster Earrings - Happy-Go-Lucky. Hello diy / wish bracelets: Friends instagram: social thanks for reading SidebarLinkbar Subscribe Follow by Email My Heart happenings hello diy / wish bracelets: March 4, 2013 This is a really quick & easy DIY project, and makes a sweet gift for friends :) Supplies: - Alphabet stamps - Drawstring cloth bags - Cord (mine is from here) - Beads (I used Czech Glass from here) - Scissors - Gift Tags First I measured about 8" for the bracelet.

hello diy / wish bracelets:

On the wrist size and always cut down if too much is cut. String your beads in the center and tie a knot at each end of the beads. Switch up colors or whatever! Next, stamp your bag with whatever you'd like it to say. Take a gift tag and write a little note explaining the bracelet.