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Alternative schooling

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What If Medicine’s First Principle Were Also Education’s? Source: Public domain image from Creative Commons Primum non nocere, First, do no harm.

What If Medicine’s First Principle Were Also Education’s?

As part of becoming a doctor, students at most medical colleges must take an oath, derived partly from the ancient Hippocratic oath, in which they declare their understanding that the first principle of medical practice is “do no harm.” Of course, many medical treatments do, necessarily, entail some harm; so what this principle means in practice is that any potential harm to a patient must be balanced against the projected benefit for that patient, and there must be good evidence that the benefit will outweigh the harm. article continues after advertisement. Plato - Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion... (27) John Holt interviewed in Pullman, WA. Mandatory Cafeterias for the Young! The Radical Self-Reliance of Black Homeschooling. Teacher Liberation. The Expansion of School Choice in Toronto. Since the 1950s, there has been a remarkable increase in the amount of choice Canadian school boards offer to parents and students.

The Expansion of School Choice in Toronto

The change has not proceeded at a steady rate, and the arguments and political forces behind it have varied over time. However, the pressure has been relentless. Neighbourhood schools teaching a fixed curriculum, defined centrally, have given way to a variety of schools with different courses, programs, cultures, languages and pedagogies. This is particularly true in big cities like Toronto, where transportation is relatively easy and the diversity of communities living close together is greatest. This article explores some of the history and politics that lie behind Toronto’s expanded options for students. The diversity of Canadian society makes pluralism an important notion in theories of citizenship and schooling. Alternative schools take root. Opinion Journal: Why School Choice Matters. Sugata Mitra: Kids can teach themselves. @HERE - High School Education Re-Engagement Program.


@HERE - High School Education Re-Engagement Program

It stands for Regina Public Schools High school Education Re-Engement. DeVos Backlash Sees Parents Threatening to Homeschool Kids. Among the initial opposition to Betsy DeVos' confirmation this week as education secretary were calls on social media by parents, including liberals, to start homeschooling their children.

DeVos Backlash Sees Parents Threatening to Homeschool Kids

That reaction to DeVos — a billionaire school-choice advocate who has never worked, attended or sent her kids to a public school — reflects how polarizing her nomination was. It also comes layered with paradox. That's because DeVos, whom the Senate confirmed Tuesday to head the Education Department, is herself a big proponent of homeschooling. Oh the irony! Are leftists seriously threatening to homeschool their kids in protests of Betsy DeVos?

Homeschooling educational motivational podcasting. The Hidden Privilege Of "Unschooling" Windsor House School. Democratic Education: What Happens When Students Decide What They Learn at School?

Windsor House School

– A six-minute video from Sandy Martinuk that looks at how Windsor House supports the new BC curriculum through democratic education and students’ self-directed learning.Windsor House: What Really Matters – a 16-minute documentary by Sherry Sakamoto and Terry Martyniuk of Pacific Spirit Productions. Jerry Michalski – What If We Trusted You?

Movements around the world are finding new ways, flipping the model, building practices and institutions based on the initial gesture of trust. Building on trust, we are rediscovering how to be citizens in civilization together. Dr. Dr. At Brooklyn 'Free School,' Students Control Their Education. School is optional: Ken Danford at TEDxAmherstCollege. SEED Part One – Notes from the Field. Ariel Fielding: How did you come to SEED, and why?

SEED Part One – Notes from the Field

What was it that drew you there? Luciano Iacobelli: I graduated from the Faculty of Education in 1980, and for about eight years I supply taught, not really wanting to settle into the teaching profession. I had a problem with mainstream education and mainstream schools, even back then. Alpha Alternative School. Alternative Education. The philosophical roots of "alternative education" derive from 2 related but conflicting educational traditions.

Alternative Education

Education, Alternative Progressive Tradition One is the modern progressive tradition represented by American philosopher John Dewey and his followers in the US, by the post-WWI New Schools Movement in Great Britain, by the Steiner (Waldorf) schools on the European continent and, in the 1960s, by the Hall-Dennis (Committee on Aims and Objectives of Education) and Worth (Commission on Educational Planning) reports for Ontario and Alberta.

This tradition stresses both the need to accommodate curriculum and teaching to the stages of child development and the gradual integration of the child into adult society through planned experiential learning. Within the tradition, education is also viewed as a major vehicle for social reform and for the broad dissemination of democratic principles and practices. See also charter schools. Aboriginal students find success at Ottawa alternative school - Indigenous - CBC. Breaking the cycle: Inside a high school that is reimagining indigenous education. Breaking the cycle More than 150,000 children were forced into residential schools — a system designed to strip them of their identities.

Breaking the cycle: Inside a high school that is reimagining indigenous education

As Madeleine White discovers, a new generation is trying to reimagine indigenous education. Watch the video to meet the students, principal and support workers who are determined to make Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School a success. 86158 2016 17 Public List. CORNWALL ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL - Home. Ranch Ehrlo Society. Most youth coming to Ranch Ehrlo have had little success in school.

Ranch Ehrlo Society

Frustration and failure have often led to anger or withdrawal. As a result, they are no longer interested in learning. To meet this challenge, we offer specialized education which stabilizes youth’s behaviour and builds academic skills. The Independent Schools Branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education accredits the educational programs of the Ranch. 40249 AEP. University of Regina Library Authentication. In order to access the Library's online or electronic resources off campus, please log in using either of the methods below.

University of Regina Library Authentication

If you are unable to log in, please contact the Library Systems Dept. at 306-585-4015 or the IT Support Centre at 306-585-4685 or email Distance Education students without a Photo ID or Library barcode number, please call the UREAD office at 1-800-667-6014. Most electronic resources are governed by licence agreements which restrict use to the University of Regina community and to individuals who use the Libraries' facilities. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure these products are used for individual educational or research purposes only.

Systematically downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions of information may result in loss of access to these resources by you or the entire University of Regina community. Homeschooling: A Comprehensive Survey of the Research. Children's Natural Ways, published. Alliance for Self-Directed Education. Self Directed Learning, Unschooling, Child Centered, Democratic Schools. Liberated Learners.