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Js13kGames Tutorial – How to Make a Text Game with HTML5 – Zenva. Most games focus on impressing you with beautiful artwork and graphic assets.

js13kGames Tutorial – How to Make a Text Game with HTML5 – Zenva

Computer and GPU performance is pushed further and further in order to render the most elaborated game graphics. But what if you could make games that leave the rendering and graphic asset creation aspects to the world’s most power GPU: your imagination? That’s when text games come into play. A text game uses the API of your brain to render it’s contents directly into your visual cortex, saving the developer lots of time, and giving the player the freedom to imagine (or “render”) the game content as they please, same as when reading a book.

This tutorial covers the creation of a text game and it’s inspired by and aimed to help those participating in the js13kGames competition, where the goal is to create a HTML5 game that’s 13kb or less. The total size of this game is 7.7kb zipped, so we don’t even have to bother with minification. The Game This game will be created using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Audigame. Home > New Tools for Interactive Fiction and Engaged Writing. It was a typical Tuesday in my seventh-grade social studies class.

New Tools for Interactive Fiction and Engaged Writing

Only, it wasn't. I couldn't coax students to stop writing. I made several announcements to save and export work to Google Drive and to put away computers. Students continued to pore through the books and online sources to learn more details about major battles in the American Revolution. The class bell did not seem to faze anyone. Twine CSS stylesheets. These are some CSS snippets that alter the Sugarcane format.

Twine CSS stylesheets

Insert them directly into a "stylesheet" passage in your Twine games to use them. They probably won't work with Jonah, though. I don't consider myself a graphic designer or web designer, so these are to be regarded solely as amateur efforts. View forum - Other Visual Novel Engines. Quickstart — Ren'Py Documentation. NaNoRenO 2017 -

Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories. Quest lets you make interactive story games.

Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories

Text adventure games like Zork and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Gamebooks like the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy books. You don't need to know how to program. All you need is a story to tell. Your game can be played anywhere. Le carrefour francais de la fiction interactive. Recipe for Love. Adventure Story Starters: Writing Prompts for Kids. Atelier comparatiste sur la littérature numérique. A2 et + : Ecriture créative avec Twine. Une semaine de cours « plus ou moins » intensive avec des ados… En recherche d’idées … De fil en aiguille, j’arrive au site de Jeux vidéo FLE, qui propose d’écrire un conte avec le programme Twine.

A2 et + : Ecriture créative avec Twine

Parfait ! Un projet qui mêle TICE, narration et tout ce qu’on veut mettre dedans ! Je vous conseille donc de lire l’article Twine et les contes, qui en plus de vous inspirer, vous rassurera sur l’utilisation du logiciel Twine. Dans mon article, vous devrez cliquer sur beaucoup de liens, n’en soyez pas effrayé.e ! 1erjourtws. Telescopic Text. Introduction to ChoiceScript. A basic guide to the ChoiceScript programming language.

Introduction to ChoiceScript

Please post on the ChoiceScript forum if you have questions about this document. What is ChoiceScript? ChoiceScript is a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice games (MCGs) like Choice of the Dragon. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Trying it out To begin, download the ChoiceScript source from GitHub, extract the zip file, and open the web/index.html file in Firefox. (You can also use the ChoiceScript github page to browse our files, file bugs, or receive notifications when we update ChoiceScript.) The Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels. Adventure Cow. Adding images to Twine 2 - Twine Forum.

HTML img tag. Twine Pictures, GIFs, and Background Images. First of all, I do NOT recommend hotlinking (simply copying and pasting the URL from a stranger’s site), because they could delete or change the image at any time.

Twine Pictures, GIFs, and Background Images

I recommend posting your images on your own site or an image host (like Imgur or Photobucket). You can use <img src= > to add pictures and animated GIF files to your project. When adding this code, make sure that you only use one angle bracket on each side, not two. The web address of the file needs to go after the equals sign, like this: Here is how to change the background image when using Twine 2’s default Harlowe format. STEP TWO: When you want the background image to change in a specific passage you will use the following code.

Twine - > webdoc > twine. h5ai 0.24.1⚡ JavaScript disabled!

twine - > webdoc > twine

⚡⚡ Unsupported browser! Make Your Own Games. Building an inventory in Twine 2 with the built-in Harlowe macros. If you're looking for an inventory system in Twine 2's default Harlowe Story Format, I have here a fairly simple system which I wrote for my incomplete Myst Jam twine game.

Building an inventory in Twine 2 with the built-in Harlowe macros

There are a lots of Twine code snippets available out there. The way to make an inventory outlined here is definitely not the only, or even the best, way to do it. I just wanted to write my own version, and keep it simple. Guides en français de Ren'Py + son utilisation dans le domaine de l'éducation. Détruire/Attendre. Sandbox Adventure. Twine : Petit tuto en français. Comme on l’a dit dans le précédent article, voici une petite aide pour vous permettre de vous lancer sur Twine.

Twine : Petit tuto en français

Comme on disait, Twine ça marche un peu comme un livre dont vous êtes le héros, mais là pas besoin de noter des choses sur un bout de feuille volante, qui peut néanmoins vous servir de marque-page. Ici on va utiliser des bouts de codes pour, passer d’une page à une autre, nommer des choses, donner des valeurs (argent, point de force,…), marquer la présence d’un objet dans son inventaire…. Le langage de Twine, ressemble beaucoup à du HTLM, mais rassurez-vous nous on y connait rien et ça nous a pas empêché de faire des choses sympa.

Twine guide. Twine - > webdoc > twine. Créer des histoires interactives avec le logiciel libre Twine : Tutoriel de l’EPN de la Bibliothèque Vaclav Havel (Paris) Twine : un guide pour les débutants. StoryNexus. Spring Thing 2015 by Aaron A. Reed. Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction. The 2016 Spring Thing Festival featured seventeen stories submitted by authors working across the spectrum of text games. Authors chose whether to place their games in the Main Festival, where they were up for ribbons and prizes, or the Back Garden, with looser entry requirements and no prizes. Main Festival Evita Sempai, by Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez a.k.a Rumpelcita - Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony, by Ben Kidwell and Maevele Straw - Ms.

Lojka, by Jordan Magnuson - Rough Draft, by Erica Kleinman - Shipwrecked, by Andrew G. Ananya & Olivia (final 2) “I Want to Write Video Games” “I Want to Write Video Games” Do you? Do you really? Be honest with me. I mean, I don’t want to shoot down your dream. There are lots of people who’ve done the research, who know exactly what they’re getting into when they say this, and who spend years earnestly pursuing their goal.

1. Getting Started. Welcome to TyranoBuilder! In this tutorial we’ll run through the steps to create your own high quality visual novels or sound novels by making a simple sample game! Install and Run TyranoBuilder If you haven’t already, purchase TyranoBuilder (Windows and MacOS versions are available) from the Steam Store at the below link: Complete the installation process via the Steam client, run the program, and when you see the below screen, we are ready to go! Easy! Twiny Jam - Make a tiny Twine (300 words or less)! I picked this theme because i feel like low word count is a way to feel less intimidated about making something (i get stuck a lot on the vague feeling that a project should have something More) + focus on each individual detail and why it's being included.

Get Twine here. Cynik. Portfolio Zombie – Begriffsgeschichte missmutiger Sklaven Talk,Text,Video El Bienvenido Print,Publikation,Risografie,Text. Tangaroa Deep. Your spotlight shines steadily forward as the shadow skates around your field of vision, then vanishes into the darkness. \n\n<div class="j"> ….what do you think that was, Doc? New species? </div>\n\n<div class="y">…I don't know, Jackie. Keep an eye out on the surface though, Whitetips like to follow boats, so maybe this one…"</div>\n\n<div class="j"> Sure. Try convincing yourself of that first, Doc. Twine-macros-variables-expressions.

Today we're going to learn about all the ways that your Twine game can be responsive to the choices of your reader, including "remembering" information from one passage to the next, and making the shape of your text contingent on what choices the reader has made. We're going to talk about macros, variables, and functions. Macros and variables A "macro" is a bit of pre-defined code that you get for free with Twine. Among other things, macros allow you to keep extra information in your game behind the scenes, and then change the way your story is displayed based on that information.

Modèle HEXACO. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Modèle des Big Five (psychologie) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Inklewriter. News and reviews from the annual interactive fiction awards. BIRDLAND. Secret Agent Cinder. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful: A neat reimagining, September 12, 2015Secret Agent Cinder recasts the classic heroine as a spy infiltrating the ball in a stealth mission. Accompanying are nicely drawn comics that take the place of elaborate descriptions. Some text is provided, but is spare and utilitarian. This game has a lot of neat tricks and does more with the images to supply necessary information than normal illustrated stories do.

The map and occasional orientation can be a tad confusing, but otherwise this is a unique and novel Twine with loads of personality that would have been a great IFComp entry. Creating Interactive Choose Your Own (Google) Adventure Stories. A fond childhood memory of mine was going to the library once a week to check out some of my favorite types of books – the Choose Your Own Adventure series. They were created by Edward Packard and were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

While the books are less popular today, the legend lives on in digital formats that are always appealing to students. Students choose their own learning adventures with interactive fiction. Writing Interactive Fiction With Twine (Melissa Ford) Amazon. Sans titre. Novelty - Visual novel maker. Interview – Soha Kareem. Plot Generator.

Twine, the Video-Game Technology for All. Novelty - Visual novel maker. Twine Archives - Porpentine's Mix Twine. Using Twine in Education. - Create and play text adventure games. HOW TO MAKE GAMES WITH TWINE. Make Your Own Games. Bulding an inventory in Twine 2 with the built-in Harlowe macros. Sub-Q Magazine - Interactive fiction lives here. The Interactive Fiction Database - IF and Text Adventures. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.